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  1. OurMine Are Back!... ( Read the description )

    A lot of verified Youtubers have been attacked, Chief Pat, Nickatnyte, iijeriichoii, But most tech YouTubers are seemingly fine. Mostly the really popular ones, or gaming ones, and this is not an April Fools. Like renaming 1000s of videos instantly? Renaming them for a joke? Even Linus would not go to that extent.
  2. Which (Intel) CPU Should You Buy?

    Well I hoped that the Spreadsheet would have gotten updated, and I didnt read the title of the video. >.<
  3. Which (Intel) CPU Should You Buy?

    Where are the Kaby Lakes?
  4. DT 990 Premium 250+amp and dac OR?

    Perfect for my Music needs. And headphones with onboard Audio is fine for me, although I wont mind investing in the Fulla down the line. Thanks!
  5. DT 990 Premium 250+amp and dac OR?

    I'll be getting myself the 990s, I have a slew of questions. Ill be gaming and listening to music on my PC, Mobility is not a concern. Motherboard: Asus Strix Z270G 1) What AMP and DAC Combo should I get for the headphones? is a FiiO EK10k enough? 2) Do I even need a DAC or and AMP is the Motherboard Audio enough? 3) Or should I be getting a Sound Card? 4) Or should i just avoid all this and get the 32ohms version? Is there a difference? (I like to go loud) I am also open to suggestions on other good Headphones. In this price range. My shopping is done from Amazon.in so they tend to have the wonkiest of prices.
  6. Best Headphones Under $100

    I was thinking the Cloud 1s or 2s but okayyyy.
  7. https://teespring.com/stores/linusmediagroup No Ugly Christmas Sweaters here? When and where will they come?
  8. GPU clock speed stuck

    It happens when your overclock is really wonky, its a failsafe, restarting the computer helps.
  9. Dual Channel RAM

    Your motherboard, if bigger than mITX, will have four slots, two of different colors. Getting a RAM kit and installing them in the same colored slots will run the ram in dual channel. Which is slightly faster. And since there are four slots, dual channel can be done twice. If you get only one stick, but it in any slot. If you get two sticks of the same exact ram or a kit, put it in the same color slot. And double that for 4 sticks.
  10. Feenix Gaming Bundle Giveaway

    Roccat Tyon + CMStorm Devastator + CM Storm Sirius C
  11. AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I have a GTX 970, Freesync monitors are cheaper...
  12. Cloud 1 or Cloud 2?

    What about Software like Razer Surround? The demo version did help with CS, But i could not notice a difference with other games.
  13. Cloud 1 or Cloud 2?

    Lmao, Just searched up the extension. But do you have any reply to solve my dilemma?
  14. Cloud 1 or Cloud 2?

    My current headset, the Cooler Master Sirus-c recently started giving me issues. So i ventured out to find the perfect headset for my needs, and I found them:- The HyperX Cloud II But, on reading reviews and talking to people who own the headset they said that the 7.1 surround card is shit, and it was a bad inclusion. They said that Kingston should just get rid of the sound card. But Kingston already had, with the OG Clouds. But then the problem arose that no Surround sound. I need surround sound for extra immersion and CS:GO, So i found a trusty little USB sound card, The Roccat Juke. So, I reach out to you guys asking weather this solution is good (Cloud 1 with Juke), or the sound card is not that bad on the Cloud 2, Or is their another headset that can fill my desire? Price range about 80$-120$ also all my shopping is done on http://www.amazon.in/