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  1. Microsoft programs, not running the CERN collider research center
  2. I personally streamed with obs with your exact same setup. Had no issues but some slight frame drop on intensive games like PUBG on epic settings.
  3. I recently bought an Acer Aspire 7 with ani7 6700HQ, 8GB of ram, a GTX1050 and 1TB SSD for well under 700€. Pretty much depends on your current deals but a graphics card like a 1050 and a CPU like the 6700HQ should be more than enough. Ram is slightly low but it is easily upgradable.
  4. Banned for copying "I'm not racist" lyrics
  5. Banned for protesting my anti-SJW protest.
  6. Banned for trying to be a social justice warrior
  7. Banned for being wrong along with another mod, do I need to provide CIA FBI Evidence?
  8. Banned for posting something useful just to prove me wrong
  9. banned for not posting a useful post in 4 hours
  10. banned for having 777 posts (my favourite plane)
  11. Banned for being world power by 2020
  12. I recently picked up a b250 board for 40~$ (mini itx) check out amazon for deals
  13. To be honest with you Garcia DIY's videos are MUCH more complex as he makes the parts himself and is trying to replicate the Tesla powerwall with smaller more "fragile" 18650 batteries which require balance leads etc. A 12v battery bank can much more easily replicate this with off the shelf parts for a similar price. As previously said you will need to carefully design the system to your own needs so its essential to understand how much power you need and when. After that, you can start looking at solar panels, charge controllers, batteries and inverters suitable for your power load.
  14. Little Update! I recently presented the project along with a self-sufficient solar plane I designed in a Spanish robotics competition and actually came first! I got to showcase the project on national television and met a bunch of cool people like the co-founder of Arduino (Video he made with me will be up on the Arduino channel soon). I also interchanged info with a bunch of people that were interested in the project so I might be able to get some sponsors onboard with the project. I'm just finishing my finals next week and as soon as I'm done I'll start designing V3 hopefully getting it closer to 2x2cm.
  15. I recently won a raspberry pi 3B+ at a competition and after succesfully getting moonlight to work on it and stream games from my PC i have decided to do something different. Im trying to create a webcam livestream but with a catch, it will be set up in a remote location with no electricty and will need a GSM connection. Any tips on doing this and trying to avoid people stealing it? I was thinking a simple solar panel with a usb webcam and a GSM module all in a metal box but im not completely sure. I have no experience with the RB pi 3B+ but I do have basic Linux and Python Experience.
  16. sure, I just need your social security number and photos of the front and back of your credit card (make sure the three numbers on the back are visible, its just a date dont worry)......
  17. Try bare minimum, cpu, 1 ram stick and the IGPU output.
  18. Thanks for the help! will order a new bios chip tonight see if I can get the old board fixed since it had more features and obviously was full atx
  19. Had to do a frsh install since moue would not work but everything is good now, thanks!