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    Aviation Enthusiast


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    i5 6500
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    MSI z170-a PRO
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    8gb Kingston
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    GYGABYTE G1 GTX 1060 6GB
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    S340 black
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    toshiba 240ssd, 160gb WD
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    Seasonic 430 eco
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    1 Samsung 24" 1 LG 24"
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    RHA 750i
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    Windows 7

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    Spain / Switzerland
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    Computer Hardware, Gaming, Servers, Robotics & Karts, Aviation
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    Self tought IT technitian, Currently a student and working in IT repair after school hours.
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    Student / IT technician

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  1. Remote Installations

    Team viewer?
  2. Website scam

    im sorry to hear, good thing I did some research before trying
  3. Website scam

    I just found some facebook posts about the page and they all say its a scam
  4. Website scam

    Yeah what I thought, showed up on facebook ads
  5. Website scam

    Ill wait and see what everybody else thinks, The prices are that cheap from a flash sale but you never know.
  6. Website scam

    I'm currently looking at buying some electric scooters and I found this web page but the prices seem too good to be true, I mean 18€ for an electric skateboard and 99$ for a normally 1000$ scooter. I'm pretty sure its a scam but I'm just asking in case I'm missing out on some deals... I can find any scam reports either.
  7. Are we banned off twitch yet?
  8. and those plants in the back at 6:33
  9. Intel covfefe lake box art!

    Forget about the cooler, just as long as intel include some rgb Leds on the cpu it'll be fine
  10. Intel covfefe lake box art!

    I think @LinusTech should design a cooler for intel as they seem to be doing so well in the diy cooling region
  11. Acess Point and the Modem in the same room.

    there should be no issues with interference but you might as well disable the wifi on the router if you dont use it.
  12. Hard drive stuck in drive bay

    might seem obvious make sure no screws at all are holding it in (check every side) You might need to use some elbow grease to take it out but be careful as abrupt movements can damage the disk
  13. Acess Point and the Modem in the same room.

    if you will be using the access point for all your devices you might as well disable the router's wifi and use it as a modem unless you want 2 networks.
  14. Takes a sip* "Ah yes, this is some fine 1999 Dom Perignon"
  15. When you see linus making love to the display port on the monitor