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    i5 6500
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    MSI z170-a PRO
  • RAM
    8gb Kingston
  • GPU
    GYGABYTE G1 GTX 1060 6GB
  • Case
    S340 black
  • Storage
    toshiba 240ssd
  • PSU
    NOX Urano 600w
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    1 Samsung 24" 1 LG 24" and 1 Dell 19"
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    RHA 750i
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    Windows 7

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    Spain / Switzerland
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    Computer Hardware, Gaming, Servers, Robotics & Karts
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    Self tought IT technitian, Currently a student and working in IT repair after school hours.
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    Student / IT technician

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  1. The 2015 is cheaper and better
  2. yeh, just hide it somewhere and im sure the linksys router is fine. You can always try a powerline connection or buy a new usb ethernet adapter.
  3. didnt even know what it was, glad its gone anyways
  4. us an old router to convert wifi to ethernet
  5. new cpu-mobo and ram
  6. oh thanks, its 46€ plus shipping, probably what ill buy
  7. anything cheaper?
  8. I cant afford it though
  9. these are way over my budget though, any cheaper?
  10. as cheap as possible but 45€
  11. I have been running a generic 650w second hand psu for about 3 years and after putting 12v into the usb socket im confident its dead. All my electronics where fried so I want to play it safe and get a new psu. What is the cheapest I can possibly get? I was currently looking at the corsair vs 450. Power consumption I need is at 400w, May you also link it from the website. https://www.pccomponentes.com/fuentes-alimentacion/cpu-4-4pin#price-asc-0 Thanks
  12. I can already see that swaggggg money coming off those thumbnails
  13. i mean microsoft lol.
  14. lol, on a serious note though im fine on 7, I aint never movng to 10 until windows or steam stops supporting it lol
  15. og here using Windows me