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  1. Scam? 99€ 3D printer

    I mean I payed 160€ for the same model a year ago and the parts are probably worth less than 50€ its just a bunch of motors and an arduino. Worst case scenario, Ebay always helps the customer.
  2. Scam? 99€ 3D printer

    Welp guess I'll tell you if it was a scam or not in 10 days.
  3. I dont personally know much about Lubuntu but I have used Xubuntu on laptops with 1gb of ram no problem, Honestly whatever the OP prefers since they seem to be similar OS's
  4. Scam? 99€ 3D printer

    So I just saw this ad on ebay https://www.ebay.es/itm/282940521154#shpCntId, its a a prusa i3 printer for 99€ from Germany?!?!?!?!? I recently bought the same model for 160€ about a year go but 99€ seems too good to be true. I mean with ebay and paypal theres not much to be lost?
  5. DIY solar setup for under $100

    Buy some used deep charge batteries and solar panels, for 100$ you cant do much.
  6. Which Antenna?

  7. The original software is native to W95 so I would recommend XP or earlier, Good luck!
  8. Which Antenna?

    impressive range for an internal antenna!
  9. Which Antenna?

    What antenna are you using?
  10. Which Antenna?

    I'm just looking for an antenna to receive airplane comms from about 20km with a semi-direct LOS, Just a couple trees in the way. I made a dipole antenna for this but have had limited success. Any ideas on directional 120mhz antennas or maybe how to make a yagi one?
  11. RTL-SDR | NOAA / ADS-B Help

    I was about to post about this, I own a bunch of those RTL DBT USB units and they work great, however, the range is limited with the default whip antenna, I recommend a Yagi antenna with a low noise amplifier for listening to satellites and as far as the ADS-B frequency range I recommend a J-pole or a Dipole antenna.
  12. I don't see why you had to correct my previous post but sure. Apparently, the Unit shown in the picture is referred to as "submaster" by some documentation. I agree on the unit being too old to try scavenging free software or any for that matter, you can probably find cheaper DMX controllers online for under 100$. I recall using a DMX Starville master 3 a couple years back for basic shows.
  13. Mod flip phone to relay audio to my computer?

    So you want a flip phone to wirelessly transmit constantly to your PC?