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  1. FSX/PMDG flyers?

    Just looking for some people to fly with, I fly the 777 and the 737 PMDG on IVAO for Vryr but I can adapt to anything. I'd rather simulate everything and fly on ivao/vatsim but I don't mind messing around. Hit me up!
  2. Building a satellite

    Yes indeed, I'm using this TX on purpose though since I anything above 25mw is strictly illegal in Spain and I don't even own the license for anything under that. However, the next version will feature a more powerful chip similar to the c1011, If you watched the video I'm currently using a cheap SDR radio to actually receive the signal. I will most likely need help, there's a lot of stuff to do and a lot that can go wrong haha! I'll keep you updated but don't expect major updates until end of may since I'm currently working on other stuff and exam season is arriving, Next step, however, is PCB optimisation (try and make it smaller and neater), increase radio power, work on the code and maybe even add a couple more sensors. Thank you all for the help and support though! really appreciated.
  3. Sub-1000€ Editing Laptop

    Unfortunately I can only find the 15.6 inch version in amd https://www.amazon.es/Acer-Swift-SF315-41-Ordenador-portátil/dp/B079NGP1WW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1521848456&sr=8-5&keywords=acer+swift+3 is it any good?
  4. Sub-1000€ Editing Laptop

    What about this? https://www.amazon.es/Lenovo-Ideapad-320-15IKB-Ordenador-portátil/dp/B079ZLRHV3/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1521844884&sr=1-1&keywords=portatil
  5. Sub-1000€ Editing Laptop

    She wants windows though
  6. Sub-1000€ Editing Laptop

    Yeah, Cant make her change her mind though. She works in 2 places.
  7. Building a satellite

    Update! SMD Pcb arrived yesterday and I finished soldering it, Took some time but was easier than I thought and I'm pretty happy with the result. Now I just need to do some more testing on it and continue programming. Anyways here are some pics comparing with the older version and with a 1 franc coin for size.
  8. So after lending my mother every single laptop I have ever had, I think it is time she finally gets her own, She does photo editing on Photoshop and some other editing work but nothing too complex. Budget is around 700 - 1000€, SSD is mandatory and 8GB of ram, preferably a dedicated GPU and around 15". Any tips? Also must be in Spain. Here are some spanish siites: https://www.pccomponentes.com/portatiles https://www.amazon.es/ https://tiendas.mediamarkt.es/portatiles-medianos
  9. Not really car related but more like kart related, making this inertia vehicle and thought I'd show some pics. Anyways here is the initial design and the chassis, next step is making the suspension, dual hydraulic line and steering. Fusion 360 Design Welded Chassis (not me in pic btw)
  10. Building a satellite

    @straight_stewie @iHDCool Well, Im just studying high school right now but to be honest I look at too much stuff online haha. I doubt anything would happen if I sent this up without permission but I don't want to risk a 10k € fine so I'm trying to go legal first. Thanks! The rules are slightly different in Spain though. 4e22f886-257f-46e1-ab44-b50a4a05c5bd.mp4 Here is a test video with some simple accelerometer correct heading, temperature and altitude, pretty happy with it so far even though it's missing a lot of things. I actually tested it out with 1 solar panel and it worked fine too. Next step is including RTTY for more data but let me know what you think. I also invite any of you to make up some code for this if you wish and i'll test it out for you. Now I just have to check and order the smd version and order it with the donation PCBWAY made.
  11. Building a satellite

    Hahaha, I'll start a gofundme to go to America for the launch! It would probably be cheaper to launch the actual thing to LEO. I don't mind dealing with paperwork for a 20g payload even though its a bit excessive, I'll definitely have to travel through since I live 5km from the closest airport and 20km from the largest in Spain right now. I'd also rather launch it here than in Switzerland since regulations are even worse there.
  12. Building a satellite

    To be honest this first design is just to make all the connections and at least one if not many will be wrong. I already found 2 errors in the red protoboard I designed upon assembling it. Luckily you can fix them with jumper wires but thats why V2's exist haha. Some of the lines in the design are not even straight but ill go over it again tomorrow to make it look a bit neater and have more equal spacing and fix the 90º traces. Thanks!
  13. Building a satellite

    The worlds worst designed PCB ever! V1 will be ugly but hopefully, it will work lol, it measures 35mm x 48mm and its still missing the magnetic sensor in the bottom right of the pic (thus the empty space). This is gonna be a bitch to solder. Please let me know if there's anything I'm doing wrong since I'm just making this PCB without much previous experience. Thanks.
  14. Building a satellite

    Thanks, to be honest the current pcb is kind of useless and is just a proof of concept, ill call this half done once I actually get the smd version working!
  15. Building a satellite

    mainly due to cost, works fine for what I need though