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  1. Imagine a modular gpu with expandable VRM's and memory and shiz... wow ps: gonna finish like google ara
  2. should be fine, reseat the cable and it should work.
  3. What motherboard is it and where is it plugged in, USB or with a dedicated connector?
  4. Windows 7 takes years too boot

    everything works fine, the install is 10 months old. The disk is kind of full, I install a lot of programs for work so im unsure which one it was.
  5. Windows 7 takes years too boot

    Nope its a frech install. I dont have any time to restore it to Nope, Windows 7 works fine and all my programs work on here. windows 7 all the way. Thanks for trying to take me to the darks side though
  6. I recently noticed that my pc takes over 5 minutes to boot on my toshiba 204gb ssd compared to the 20s it used to take, I honestly cannot remember what I did to my pc before I did this but is there any obvious reason why this may occur?
  7. just got confirmed, center core ran out of fuel on touchdown and missed the target.
  8. Why does linus and Barnacules follow you haha?

    1. CDHoward
    2. CDHoward


      Well, I bollocksed this up.

    3. Julian5


      those are just files?

  9. It sure was successful but its kind of obvious that it crashed, elon would have updated otherwise and the video shows it.
  10. Update. Unidentified source says core over shot drone ship by 100 feet, you can hear at 34:10 "Center core defect on shutdown" on video Center Core didn't land. 38:29 : 'we lost the center core'