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  1. Update!. Sorry for the alck of updates I have been very busy but a lot of stuff has happend, all the parts have arrived and I have 25 swithces programmed and working, The LCD's have arrived and I am currently prgramming the second one. I also want to add that I will not be using the rotary switches fro the DC input as link2fs has a limit of 50 switches (originally only 25 but I got 50 working) and they will take too many inputs. I will also be using mobiflight for all the remaining inputs. I am currently finishing wiring the switches, writing the lcd code and will shprtly start making the mcp
  2. so if I disable DHCP?
  3. SOftware wise, is ther anything to do?
  4. so they are useless? like completely useless?
  5. They only have DSL in and ethernet out.
  6. Here in spain all our routers are Modem+router combo units, I have around 5 of them from over the years and theya re all broadcom based units but nne of them are DD-wrt supported, what should I do with them? I was wishing to use them as repeaters.
  7. 1060 gb for sure, the fact the hard drivews where al lost would be nice so the fbi/nsa dont get suspicios about a user deleting petabytes of stolen files.
  8. Exactly what I thought, Thumbnails are total clickbait
  9. Trust me its very simple, ask me if you need any help or want me to start you off
  10. What do you want the html for though?
  11. Html is the easiest language ever, Dreamweaver can make code with graphical interface
  12. I do too but its what I have, it also depends on wealth. An iphone 4s can be obsolete for someone wich owns a 7 and perfect for a less wealthy less demanding user
  13. tough luck man...
  14. I had an iphone 4s until a couple months and am now using an iphone 5c, it depends what you need the phone for. A 5s is not obsolete for a simple phonecall or sms and some browsing but will lag in games..
  15. wot in memeation.