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  1. So for the past years of my life everytime, I was wearing metallic headphones or touched any metallic part of a PC or peripherals while being barefoot I got a VERY nasty shock, even using a MacBook or any metallic device. I have had my house tested for ground and done it myself, I have switched power supplies twice and always hade the same issue. I just measure the voltage from my headphones to the floor and it's over 55v AC, my usb ports show a similar issue. My house voltage is also 240v.
  2. I am gonna stay with the chassis design however I think I am going to try and reduce as much weight as possible on the wheels and ailerons. the minimum weight is 50g
  3. I agree with your first comment and I designed them for esthetics (dumb me) but the wheels are as enclosed as the restrictions allow. To be honest I doubt aerodynamics are the main factor but Weight is the issues. I will try printing the PLA parts in a lower density.
  4. I am currently engineering my v2 version of my f1 in schools car, it is a small scale car powered by a co2 cartridge designed to go down a 25m track, my current version does 25m in under 1.4s, however, I would like to shave off another 0.3-0.2s I believe my main issues are the bearings (only ceramic hybrids) and the weight. It weights about 70g I believe. I have attached pictures of the model and the one I am currently designing to be CNC'd. Will taking material off the side of the body underneath improve speed, any tips? https://i.gyazo.com/d10bb98329a639e96fbd9d942d0da553.png https://i.gyazo.com/dd0c44a7416831d6905dab4849031632.png https://i.gyazo.com/b4f70659cfef30fe55607dee724c5fd3.png As you can see on the second model the front wing has a little funnel to direct the air into the under slot, should I place the wheel as high or low as possible?
  5. yeah
  6. The first cable is a molex and is not used for much nowadays, the cpu goes int to top of your mobo close to the cpu
  7. My most honest opinion would be to bin the HDD, I'm sure your cousin would not have liked people looking at his stuff. However, you can use any software like john the ripper to access it. Best Regards, Julian
  8. Anyone Involved in this F1 In Schools thing?

  9. Yahoo's leaked account info was around 500 million affected users right?
  10. Do you want to create a Hosting company or just make yourself a server
  11. id pay 400$ for that.
  12. Could well be, Im just saying the storage as IOS bugs sometimes dont allow the phone to turn on.
  13. Charge plug looks visually intact and I cleaned it with contact cleaner, I also has the phone at 100% storage capcity
  14. So just as my computer has decided to destroy all its components my phone has quit on me too.... So about a month ago my iphone 5c would not turn on so i hard reset and after a couple tried it worked, Now I have been trying to turn it on for about 4 hours.... I have tried hard reset, Cleaning the lighting connector, Yes the cable works, and have tried unplugging the battery, itunes will not detect it and it will not get any charge after hours. Any help?
  15. My bad I thought It was older. Try overclocking anyways, its fun