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  1. I mean, I guess I could use some free computation
  2. hit me up if you've got some OG dank lettuce

  3. Gotta take the edge off

  4. gotta give the ladies mah digits, thanks HTC, although im 99% sure I won't win
  5. Hi y'all, so the other day I decided to turn on lucid virtu i-mode to conserve power on those large overnight downloads when lo and behold my bios bricked. Now I've tried re-flashing the bios to no avail, so I was wondering if there are any solutions to this problem, or should I just send it back for a new bios-A chip?
  6. I dont think they did sufficient research or maybe they just didnt give a f***, but. If consoles are a more social form of gaming, why did they essentially kill sharing games and buying pre-owned games? I don't think anyone wants to pay an additional fee for a game that has already been paid for... Plus Kinect 2?! did anyone have fun with kinect?
  7. if you cant describe infinity numerically, how else can you describe it?
  8. Can you accept the friend request, or do I give it to someone else?
  9. Some infinities can be larger than others i.e. the sum of all integers in an infinite series is larger than the largest number in that series.