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    Abzilla reacted to Princess Luna in Top gaming keyboard?   
    Depends on what kind of keyboard you like, micro, full, with macro keys or not, if RGB is a thing and so on...
    there simply isn't an all around 'best' keyboard, just different tastes.
    I personally use a Corsair K70 LUX RGB with MX Browns and really appreciate it.
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    Abzilla reacted to Hip in 960gb SSD for 70$   
    We have right now the Kingston 960GB SSD in germany for 88 Euro sale price. This is very cheap. I wouldn't trust a chinese shop over this lol
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    Abzilla reacted to kelvinhall05 in 960gb SSD for 70$   
    Complete BS, I can't remember how it's done but LTT made a video about how these SD cards/SSDs fake capacities.
    It's probably only 128GB or maybe 256GB.
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    Abzilla reacted to Spotty in 1080 ti under performing   
    What games? What FPS are you getting?
    CPU & GPU temps?
    Monitor plugged in to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
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    Abzilla reacted to chckovsky in 1080 ti under performing   
    My first guess would the locked i7 not delivering enough single thread oomph.
    Spotty is asking the right questions.
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    Abzilla reacted to Drunk.EU in 1080 ti under performing   
    sounds like a cpu bottleneck to me. 
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    Abzilla reacted to Drunk.EU in 1080 ti under performing   
    Definitely, i actually had the same issue with my 3570k and the 1080.
    I switched to 8600k and the performance difference was clear. My GPU was getting to 100% on all the titles as well after that.
    Previously it was around 40-50% tops.
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    Abzilla got a reaction from LukeSavenije in Another which card question   
    The 2060 is better than the 1660
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    Abzilla reacted to LukeSavenije in Another which card question   
    the 1660 ti is slower too... just to add
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    Abzilla reacted to LukeSavenije in Another which card question   
    I'd get either a vega 56 or a 2060
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    Abzilla reacted to Spotty in 1080 ti under performing   
    Should definitely be getting more than 45FPS in GTA V at 1080p.

    Any crazy mods in GTA V like super duper extra realism mod with 8k textures or something?
    DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) disabled in Nvidia control panel (3D settings)?
    Both sticks of RAM detected and showing 16GB in task manager?
    No background tasks eating up resources?
    Have you reinstalled display drivers? (If not, use DDU and install the latest from Nvidia website for your card).

    Try running MSI afterburner while you play the game and keep an eye on the CPU & GPU usage in games. See what usage % they're at. Ideally you will want the GPU to be at or near 100% most of the time.
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    Abzilla got a reaction from Morgan MLGman in Does this monitor support Nvidias new g-sync to freesync thing?   
    Thank you guys for your help!
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    Abzilla reacted to BobVonBob in remain loyal to 7700K?   
    At least at current time a 7 year old i7 is still perfectly fine for most tasks, see my build in my signature. Maybe if core counts start skyrocketing and stuff actually uses those cores you might fall behind, but as it stands you should be good.
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    Abzilla reacted to Spotty in remain loyal to 7700K?   
    Is the 7700K meeting your requirements? If so, stick with it.
    If not, why isn't it able to meet your requirements? What would you need to be able to meet your requirements? Is the cost of changing worth the benefit?
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    Abzilla reacted to fasauceome in Silicon Lottery loser?   
    If it's not stable, it's not stable. All core turbo without oc is like 4.2 so I'd say it's at least a slightly decent uptick.
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    Abzilla reacted to DaMainMan in 9700k bottlenecking my 2080ti?   
    Why not upgrade to 1440p?
    In all honestly, a 2080ti is a horrible waste of money for 1080p. Upgrade the resolution and it will solve all issues
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    Abzilla reacted to VegetableStu in GPU for Designer (also kinda gamer)   
    okay good, you should be able to make do with cards lower than Quadro/Radeon Pro.
    Lumion recommends 6GB and more for VRAM if you're doing 4K, so your floor would be either a 1060 6GB or an RX 570 8GB (and even at that both GPUs would run most games at medium around 60fps). you could start from there, but if you're looking to max out that budget of $1200 then look to see if you can get a 1080ti (go lower from there if it's more than $1200)
    as for whether to get an RTX card, that'll depend on whether you'd be able to wait for hardware D12 DXRT / Nvidia RTX support from your viewport and rendering plugins. Keep tabs on Vray and 3DSmax and Unreal (maybe the rest too). here's just the choice between buying early or buying only when it's fully supported down the road.
    (as for which RTX card to buy, performance wise they're similar for the price (e.g. (for raster work) a 2070 performs slightly above a 1080 and costs about the same))
    sanity check on the amount of system and GPU RAM being used on your heaviest project so far before you commit to one though
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    Abzilla reacted to Glenwing in whats the difference?   
    Both are the same, up to their maximum limit (which is different depending on the device). If you want to run at a certain resolution/refresh rate combo that is above the limit of HDMI, then you have to use DisplayPort. If not, then they're both the same.
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    Abzilla reacted to MysteriousAeon in How do I play my games if I build a rig with no CD/DVD   
    External optical drives.
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    Abzilla reacted to ZacoAttaco in GTX 1160 in a laptop!   
    Nice find, make sure you update the post with the below quoted guidelines for the forum.
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    Abzilla reacted to Akshat Sharma in GTX 1160 in a laptop!   
    Here's the link- https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/pd500220
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    Abzilla reacted to NelizMastr in GTX 1160 in a laptop!   
    If they use the 11xx name at all, it'll be a rebranded card. It's either that or a placeholder for the TBA Turing chips for laptops. Wouldn't expect them until after CES though. 
    Btw, this doesn't meet the tech news posting guidelines, so it'll be moved by a mod sooner or later.
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    Abzilla reacted to Akshat Sharma in GTX 1160 in a laptop!   
    In the product overview page of Lenovo's legion series of laptops(mainly Legion Y530, Y7000P), GTX 1160 has been listed as graphic card.
    The listing has to versions of the GTX 1160 which maybe is similar to the current-gen GTX 1060 card.
    Link to the website- https://support.lenovo.com/in/en/solutions/pd500220
    Lenovo's maybe preparing for the launch of GTX 11** series cards and just couldn't wait for NVIDIA to announce them. 
    Personally, I think these might be just current-gen(GTX 10**) rebranded cards but, you never know what OEMs can do. Let's see if NVIDIA does launch the GTX 11** series cards in January or these are just speculations. Might launch them in the second quarter to steal the AMD launches' thunder.
    By the way this product page was last updated on 10/11/2018 so, NVIDIA has probably notified all the OEMs of the new GTX 11** cards' launch around 1-2 months before this listing as they would have to internally first decide on the which products to update.
    Please correct any grammatical mistakes if you find any, English is not my first language.
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    Abzilla reacted to Arika S in Stocks?   
    if you have to ask us, you're not ready to invest in stocks
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    Abzilla got a reaction from Pascal... in Minecraft WTF is wrong with you?   
    minecraft will never get old!