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  1. Thank you guys for your help!
  2. LG 27UK650 27 inch 4K UHD HDR 10 Height Adjustable IPS Monitor (3840 x 2160, 2x HDMI, DisplayPort, 350 cd/m2, 5ms, AMD Freesync) White https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0798QLW64/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RCRzCbF7HHJ7J
  3. Hi! I’m really stuck on which cpu I should get. First off I only play games on a 1080p monitor ( I know that my setup is overkill but I will get a new 1440p or 4K display ) and I want to play on max settings. I have a GTX 1080 TI Strix OC and a i7 4790. Now to the juice I have heard that the i7 is not as good because it’s not capable of hyper threading however the i9 shows minimal performance boost in FPS but will it’s extra 8 threads help in general? so I have no idea and is it worth to splash out another £100 to future proof my system and I will not go to ryzen as I would prefer intel. Many thanks!
  4. Abzilla

    I9 9900k vs I7 9700k

    I will also have plans for overclocking
  5. Abzilla

    Dx 12

    Hi all, a bit of a silly question but i have the Asus ROG strix 1080 TI and on the box it sayis it supports DirectX 12 but in games i am running on Dx 11, is there a way to download it or enable it? Many thanks!
  6. Hi all! My friend wants a gaming pc but wants help with finding all of the parts but I am not 100% certain with what parts he should get, I’m thinking on the line of an i5 with a GTX or Radeon gpu, he says that he will mostly play BO4 and Fortnite *facepalms* but still wants room for future upgrades. many thanks!
  7. Wouldn’t a 3Gb gpu be a bit limiting? And also would I have to buy windows 10 or is there a way to get it for free?
  8. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz 6-Core Processor £149.53 @ Aria PC Motherboard Gigabyte - B450M DS3H Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard £73.06 @ Amazon UK Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) DDR4-2400 Memory £52.38 @ Aria PC Storage Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive £34.99 @ Amazon UK Video Card MSI - Radeon RX 570 8 GB ARMOR OC Video Card £179.49 @ Amazon UK Case Cooler Master - MasterBox MB510L ATX Mid Tower Case £44.99 @ Box Limited Power Supply Corsair - CXM (2015) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply £42.64 @ Amazon UK Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total £577.08 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-01-03 00:41 GMT+0000 i have made this the only issue is that I don’t know too much about the Ryzen and Rx scene as I am more of an intel and Nvidia person but as he is playing less intensive games and is on a tighter budget ADM would be better
  9. I have no preference nor does my friend
  10. Hi! i am going to get a 6Tb Hdd to upgrade my 2 1Tb Hdd but i have heard that if i move everything over it would mess a lot of programs up due to the path being moved and i was wondering if there was any way to make it still work after the move, my windows and user folders will stay on my SSD. Many Thanks!
  11. Hi all! i have been looking at Z390 mobos and i have seen them going up into the £400 range, whats the actual benefit of paying £400 when i could get for £120-£200. i know that there might be more features like more Sata cables and ports but is it really worth that much more? Many thanks!
  12. this is just an idea but maybe you buy a cheaper LGA 1150 board and save for a newer LGA1151 and get a whole new pc upgrade because the 4th gen and previous CPUs are getting slightly outdated, I am not saying that is defiantly true but its just my opinion
  13. Abzilla

    whats the difference?

    Hello all! Hope that you had a great New Year! What is the difference between a DP cable and a HDMI cable? Does the DP cable give higher fps or is it just support for 4K resolution. (my monitor is 1080p) My specs are: GTX 1080TI Asus ROG Strix OC (monitor) S27D590C
  14. Hi all! i saw this Vengeance pro 16Gb PC3-19200 2400Mhz Ram and I saw that my CPU doesn’t support it but I have heard that people use it with my CPU, I have the I7 4790 ( not K ) with a H81M-S2H Mobo, I am just not sure, even pcpartpicker is saying that it should be ok but I want other advice. Many thanks!
  15. Abzilla

    GTX 1160 in a laptop!

  16. Abzilla

    GTX 1160 in a laptop!

    could you provide a link for authenticity?
  17. Abzilla

    Minecraft WTF is wrong with you?

    minecraft will never get old!
  18. Hi all, hope you had a good Christmas! I am having a issue where my utilisation doesn't go over 65% and usually dips into the 30-50fps range, this is because i believe that my ram is bottle-necking my whole rig as It runs at a whopping 800Mhz ( in images ) and it doesn't support XMP profiles so if i replace it with a ram module kit that supports XMP will that fix the issues? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HyperX-HX318C10FRK2-16-Memory-Module/dp/B00J8E8ZOC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1545843292&sr=8-4&keywords=ram+ddr3+16gb
  19. Abzilla

    Would this fix my problem?

    Yes but my current ram doesn’t support XMP and I am hoping that the new ram will enable the XMP profile and let my CPU and GPU work harder because they don’t go over 65% utilisation during load
  20. Abzilla


    Hi, does anyone know any website that shows previous Black Friday deals so I can see a more predictable price for the Boxing Day sales. Have a good Christmas!
  21. Hi! i have a i7 4790 with a GTX 1080 TI Asus ROG OC Strix and i think that my cpu is limiting my GPU's performance, i was wondering if there was any possible way to see that. Many thanks
  22. i just played gta for around 20 mins blowing a bunch of stuff up and i was barely going over 60% utilisation
  23. Abzilla

    How to enable XMP

    i have downloaded it but i don't know where to find that, what is it under?