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    I7 4790
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    H81M S2H
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    16GB 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Asus Strix ROG 1080TI OC 11Gb
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    H440 2015 Edition
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    2 X 1TB HDD 1 120GB SSD
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    1 27 inch Samsung curved
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    RAZER BlackWidow Chroma V2
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    Razer Abyssus
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    Razer Kraken
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    Windows 10
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  1. Hi, I just bought the KD65AG8BU Sony Tv, what would be the best hdmi cable that is actually affordable?
  2. hi, what is the best ram and motherboard for an i9 9900k that won't limit the CPU, even during overclocks. also i have a GTX 1080ti ROG strix OC, realistically i don't need anything over 32gb of ram.
  3. Abzilla

    Could it be?

    you will probably get a cable
  4. Don't take what i say with 100% certainty but i have heard that the liquid in your cooler can't get cooler than the room temperature so it won't really help, all it will do is reduce the time for the liquid temp to increase, once again i'm not 100% certain but if i were you i'd go with the NZXT 360mm if you're gonna overclock but if you wont just go with the 280mm
  5. Hi, i am looking for a new i7 4790k and I would really appreciate if someone could tell me any good batch numbers that i should look out for. Many thanks
  6. I personally would recommend the razer Blackwidow v2, solid keyboard
  7. The cpu is at max performance and goes up to 100% and stays there most of the time
  8. Thanks man I will do the upgrade
  9. So you reckon it’s worth upgrading the cpu?
  10. The 2060 is better than the 1660
  11. The gpu usually runs at 10% or less most of the time and I am running gta 5 vanilla no mods
  12. Well gta 5 is a good example, it does drop down to 45fps quite a lot and the temps are pretty good, the cpu is liquid cooled and doesn't get above 50c and the gpu doesn’t go over 60 and I am 100% sure that the hdmi is plugged into the correct socket
  13. Hi, this is post is here because it’s a bit of all components. So I have a GTX 1080Ti Asus ROG strix OC (really high end 1080ti) with a i7 4790 not overclockable, 16gb of ddr3 1600mhz ram and my games are struggling to play high settings at 1080p which is really frustrating as I paid around 1k for my gpu during the bitcoin craze last year. I am thinking about upgrading my motherboard, ram and cpu to something quicker like a i7 9700k and some new gskill rgb ram. Do you think this will solve my problems?