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    AMD FX-8350 (4.6 GHz)
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    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
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    8 GB Kingston HyperX (Red)
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    2 x 7950 XFX Core Edition
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    Superlux HD668B
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. They both have to convert the 5V of your USB output to 9ish Volts DC to have enough juice to power the camera. Both should work just fine, as long as they have the correct voltage. I'd just get the less expensive one.
  2. C/Y mount Contax Zeiss glass is what you would expect from Zeiss, but obviously not cheap. There's a good thread on the reduser forums here: http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?92044-Contax-Zeiss-Survival-Guide . If I were to build a set of lenses for video I'd be looking at finding some and adapting. Cheap compared to cine lenses but more expensive than a new lens from Nikon/Canon.
  3. Yeah, I would have checked it there if I had a USB mini-B cable. Too bad mini-B is the worst connector in the world and nothing should ever have it, except one of the most popular USB mics for some reason.
  4. iEatBalls

    Broken Blue Yeti

    I bought a Yeti from a local swap meet today for $60; which I thought was a pretty good price. I tested it when I got home and all the pickup patterns have zero input volume except for the bi-directional one. The mic also seems to be stuck at max gain because it just peaks even with slight handling noise, or breathing. Turning the gain knob doesn't do anything at all. Any thoughts on what the cause of this might be? The Yeti has 3 capsules, not sure which ones are activated in which modes though. Could it be the wiring from the capsule to the circuit board or the capsules themselves or even the pcb components being damaged? I'll probably open it up and see what it looks like, but not sure what to even look for. I did send a support ticket in to Blue but since I paid cash, no receipt and not original owner I'm probably SOL.
  5. If you can afford it, I would be choosing between a Hero 5 Black and Yi 2 4K. The GoPro will be somewhat waterproof without the waterproof case, so the audio coming out of the camera will be slightly more bearable.