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  1. WIred broadband. LTE/5G is going to disapoint you. Because every wireless carrier pretty much uses carrier grade NAT. Thats what happens when you run out of IP addresses. Basically set your expectations lower, then you wont be as disapointed. Dual band is going to be better. BUT 5Ghz doesnt do as good on the range and it wont penitrate walls that well. If your having issues with 2.4 Ghz range due to distance from the gateway then 5Ghz isnt going to be much help. Though 5Ghz is faster. Im guessing your using one of those 4G/5G Gateway's? If so see if it has a bridge modem and if it does just buy a decent router. But again its LTE internet, set your expectations accordingly.
  2. Most routers can’t do Gigabit. So your not going to find something easily. Maybe look at enterprise gear. I don’t even think PFsense can do 10Gig.
  3. 3. Don’t forget the ground wire. The newer units can use all 3 wires, from what I have read.
  4. Considering the NSA was caught with equipment in a AT&T datacenter a few years back this does not surprise me.
  5. Your pretty fucked in that case. Because IF I remember correctly there are Linux distros that might work, but with Linux there is always some level of tinkering. Kodi and Plex are the best options. However Plex doesn’t have a desktop App. So Kodi would be the best solution. But you still need an OS. Should also add that app support for like Netflix or any other streaming service won’t be available in Plex. There might be ways to install in Kodi but that will require tinkering.
  6. Donut417

    Frontier Internet

    Still surprised they haven’t gone out of business. They were dumb and bought all the unwanted areas from Verizon and inherited lots of debt in the process. All I have to say with all I have read about them..... Good luck.
  7. Not everything supports Linux. I learned that recently when trying to watch Criminal Minds on CBS.com, the DRM they use don’t work with Linux. It probably never will. Doesn’t matter what browser and DRM has been enabled in the browser. Seems this started in early January. So I guess that Laptop I was going to buy is most likely going to be a MacBook Pro. Because I won’t touch Windows and MacOS has a bit better support. Don’t get me wrong Ubuntu is great and I’ll continue using it on my desktop. But I can at least buy a machine that the powers that be will support for those little things I need to do.
  8. There nothing you can do about the NAT issues. That’s the problem you will face with double NAT, because even if you port forward on your network , you still can’t port forward on the ISPs end. I have heard of some using a VPS as a VPN server and tunneling out, but that’s beyond my expertise. Speed wise, that’s how wireless is. Seen it many times in WiFi and with my phones data. You also have to consider this. Your using LTE and then WiFi, most likely speed issues are related to WiFi. But wireless is unpredictable. So many things can cause issues with it.
  9. Check out specs and reviews over at Smallnetbuilder.com because your going to need to the LAN to WAN throughput and the WAN to LAN Throughput. That will tell you if the routers in question can do 1 Gbps NAT.
  10. OK, first of all the CM1200 is a standard cable modem, Not a modem/Router, the reason it has 4 Ethernet ports is for Link aggeration so you can get more than 1 Gigabit per second if Spectrum would ever upgrade to that. Secondly from what I have read, Spectrum has SHIT support for customer owned modems. Basically if it provisions thats about the support level your going to recieve. Basically what Im saying is you need a router, now if I remember correctly the Google mesh system offers 2 Ethernet ports per unit. So if you connect one to the modem and the other port to your solar city thing you should be fine. How it should be: CM1200 > Router > All your devices.
  11. Fact, all wireless carriers use Carrier grade NAT. They dont have enough IP addresses. Theres not shit you can do about your NAT type. Opening up ports doesnt give you more speed. What your getting is about the limit of LTE can probably provide in your area. LTE is not the fastest kid on the block, if you want that you need Coax or Fiber internet. What opening ports will do is allow you to host games and host servers. Seeing how you cant port forward due to Carrier grade NAT theres not much more to say. Also I would like to add that wireless providers generally have a soft limit on data usage. As in you use X amount in a month they may "Deprioritize" your traffic if there is congestion and thats on an unlimited plan. Not sure what AT&Ts limit its or if they have one but its based on congestion on the tower. Range extenders can cut your bandwidth in half, its just how it is. Thats why its suggested you dont use them unless you really need coverage.
  12. Id upgrade. You dont want to lower your security standard. WPA2 was already cracked once.
  13. Not sure. But to be honest it’s a bit of a drive to get to either of those places. Generally when the county does it they have on at our city hall which is less than a mile away. Plus the county takes all kinds of waste not just e waste.
  14. The only way I know we can recycle batteries is through our county. They only do hazardous waste twice a year. So then you have to store the shit. Most people don’t want to do that. If you don’t make it convenient and free then it’s not going to happen.
  15. Here in the US its not uncommon for people to use their personal devices for work. As many dont want to have to carry two devices.
  16. The fact is its probably a nautrally occuring Virus. Keep in mind due to Global Warming the polar Ice Caps have melted. There has been micro oranisms found in Ice core samples.
  17. China wont hand over one of their own. Also, this hacking is acutally the Chinese government doing it. So..... they definatly are not going to hand over government offical(s).
  18. They have 5G but not everywhere. 600 Mhz is not aviable every where. Thats what Im saying. T Mobile already stated that 600 Mhz will be low band 5G. Im a T Mobile sub so I keep up to date. What I was pointing out is T Mobile does have "Home Intertnet" as in internet that they expect to compete with wired broadband. The OP could look in to that, as it would have a Modem or gateway supplied by TMobile. Which might be a more elligate solution compared to using a phone.
  19. T-Mobile does have home internet. It’s just not in all areas. Not sure if they use 600Mhz and or do 5G with it at this time.
  20. That’s every where dude. When I left samsclub in 2015 they were still using XP. When my buddy worked for a call center they did first level support for sears/ Kmart. Guess what..... they were still using Windows 3.11.
  21. Moca adapters are what your talking about. The bonded adapters are rated for 800Mbps. But they are half duplex like WiFi. And these adapters are kinda expensive.
  22. That’s the thing 5G is new. What you have is low band 5G. Which is great for distance but will not perform as good as high band 5G. That also being said 600mhz is also very new. Hell in some areas TV stations are still using it to broadcast TV. My area for instance has just begun the frequency switch over for TV stations. Once that happens TMobile will switch on its 600 MHz transmitters. You will have to wait for products to be released.
  23. And they can check all the devices connected to your network and change any setting they choose. Hopefully all the employees are ethical. Oh and I remember when the rental fee was $3 a month, now it’s like $14. So good luck when they raise it again and again. Because they will.
  24. There are X amount of IPv4 addresses in the world and about 7.5 billion people liviing on the planet. Many people have multiple devices. So........ lets just say x and y dont equal to something nice. IPv6 would pretty much have enough addresses for eveyr one with no issues in the forseeable future. To be clear IPv6 has been out for more than 20 fucking years and by this point should be used across the board but sadly its not.
  25. Its aginst the community stanards to get you around any type of security or polcies the school put in place. My guess is the copy right holder of the media made the school put those restrictions in place.