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  1. People are still using it. Over all Microsoft has lost market share in recent years. The Writting is on the wall for them. Its just about them not being dumb and reading it.
  2. Have you need seen what has been going on here in the last 3.5 years? We are the most divided we have been since probably the civil war. Also, how are those people going to get reelected without the support of their corporate overlords? The mineut the supearm court made Citizens United legal, the govenrment no longer needed the support of the people. Corporations own our government, we as citizens know that and we have to live with that. We had that issue at one time too. The DOJ took a sludge hammer and broke up the ma bell. Guess what? Its pretty much rebuilt its self. The only way to fix the issues in the US. If for the governmnet to take over the internet infustrure. The issue with this is, our Federal Government is incapable of taking on this task, the only thing they know how to do is destroy. Need us to bomb the living shit out of someone? We can do that. Need us to fix something, dont bother asking. State governments are not much better. SHIT, somehow they used the wrong concrete on i75. Now we are probably going to have to pay to replace that concrete. Our governments are so fucked in this country, the last thing you want to hear out of someones mouth is "We are from the government and we are here to help".
  3. https://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share/desktop/worldwide Here it shows the high 70s. The fact is they are loosing market share. Eveutally they will start to care. By that time they will likely be screwed. Like they were when they decided mobile mattered.
  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.......... My side hurts from laughing so hard. When have the people ever mattered in this country? Probably not since the good old days of George Washington. Dont need to be compeditive when cities signs a 100 year exclusive rights agreement with a cable company. Lucky ours was only 25 years and has expired. But guess what? No new ISP's will enter my city, they say we are not large enough. Again you cant force a business. Thats un American and is seen as socialism or communism. We wont have that here. Its like my city lost its grocery store. People are complaining that the city's doing nothing. What is the city to do? They cant force a person to build a grocery store here. Same way the city cant force Comcast to deploy fiber. The government doesnt have the legal authroity. Title 2 has been repealed AND ISP's are not legally utilities. They operate with in the current letter of the law. As long as they do so, they cant be slapped for anyting. The FCC learned this the hardway.
  5. As long as Cable Labs continues pushing out revisions its not a dead standard. Secondly you have no clue how businesses opperate in the US. Theres this little thing called the free market. Businesses expect no government interfrence or very little and there only job is to make money for the shareholder/stakeholders of the company. They have no oblgiation to do anything out of the kindness of there hearts. Would it pain you to hear that AT&T in my area only opperates copper and when they did offer service to my address it was only 6 Mbps aDSL. Or the fact they only hit a top speed of 18 Mbps in other parts of my city. At least Docsis provides better services than that. ISPs are not a utility in the US. If they were they would be regulated like all utilites over here. Like how DTE is for power and natural gas, they are a private for profit company but they have a legal monopoly for the most part. BUT they are regulated for electric and gas services. ISP's dont come close to this. The only way I know of public money being used here for better internet infustructure is if the community builds it themselves. Which is illegal in many states.
  6. You have Comcast. Comcast can only us 5Mhz to 42Mhz on the coax for upstream so, its pretty limited. While Docsis 3.1 will allow them to increase this, they have not started these upgrades. Probably due to cost. The fastest upload they offer is about 45 Mbps and that ONLY on the gigabit tier. No becuase Comcast doesnt want to. As it would cost a lot of money and require a large amounts of hardware changes at each of their centeral offices. Ive read they would have to replace a large number of networking gear. And as @Lurick pointed out, the next Docsis standard is on the horrizon and will provide symetical services. BUT dont expect Comcast to be deploying that for some time. Ive heard they reduced their upgrade budget a bit due to Net Neutrality being replealed.
  7. Like I said, the infustructure is already on the poles. Do you expect a corporation to just replace it all? Verizon acutally tried, and you know what? Shareholders figured out that Fiber didnt have the same ROI as the old ass copper they had on the poles already. Also, Verizon also figured out that Wireless gave them a much better ROI. Then they stopped deploying FIOS in most areas. Remember Internet service is a business here in the US, its not provided by the government. The government has little control over ISP's. Remember Title 2 got revoked, the FCC doesnt have hardly any authroity over ISP's. States seem to do very little as well, with the exception of the few who are trying to uphold Net Neutrality, or the few that support muni broadband. No business is going to spend a lot of money on upgrades if it doesnt bennfit the bottom line. Comcast gets away with it because they have data caps and dont expect someone to leverage their connection to the max. They keep upstream so low that streaming is not really an option and with Net Neutraltiy dead they can go back to throttling services. Comcast has been shown in the past throttling Bit Torrent traffic. In my area we have a bunch of older poor people. Which means most are probably on the cheapest, slowest connections they can get, if they have itnernet at all. Comcast charges $83 just for 200/10 service, its like $129 for Gigabit, all capped at 1TB.
  8. Their grilled chikcen is terrible. Especially if its been sitting for a while. Looks like a dehydrated turd.
  9. Last I checked they dropped to 77 or 78% market share. They used to have a 96% market share back in the day. So........ it seems their bets are not paying off. Apple is eating that market share now and to a lesser extent Linux.
  10. My guess is its a congested tower. Because it seems like you have good signal from the tower so thats the only thing I could think of. I see it here in my area with T Mobile as I live 2 miles from Detroit Metro Airport, lots of people using phones around this area due to needing to be picked up and stuff. Id contact T Mobile and see if they can do anything, they might be able to do something due to you having a business plan.
  11. Verizon FIOS uses GPON, Last I heard 30 customers share a line. On Comcast 128 people share a line, other cable providers could be more historically nodes would carry 100-300 customers. On top of that I think Comcast only provides 2Gbps of bandwidth per node. Thats why Docsis connections tend to slow down more. Also technically all internet connections are shared. Its just a matter of where.
  12. The issue is the US is a vast ass country. Running Fiber is not feasable in many areas, corporations expect a ROI and quickly. Remember most of our infustrure is privately owned. Also, the issues with Docsis are due to the bandwidth being shared. However, each new version of Docsis has been pusing Fiber closer and closer to the customer. Comcast for instace is doing Node +0 as far of their Docsis 3.1 upgrades. This will eliminate any equpiment after the nodes. Which means no more AMPs and that also means more Fiber has to be ran to the area because the signal cant be sent as far, so more Fiber and more nodes and that also means less subs per node. I think the number now is like 128 people per node. But the fact is the Coax already exists on the poles and they are not going to pay to upgrade that all to Fiber. They will milk this copper for as long as they can. Hell in my area AT&T is milking the copper for all they can with their 18 Mbps service, compared to the 1 Gbps service you can get with Comcast. Only way Fiber is being ran is if the government pays for it, or I should say the tax payer. In some states its illegal for local governments to build out a network. Because the telecoms wrote those laws. With the lack of support from our elected officals and the fact people fear government invovment in the internet, which is part of the reason Net Neutrality got repealed. We will have to deal with what we got. I for one have not had really any issues with my Docsis connection. It works well enough for my puproses.
  13. Could be a WiFi issue. It could be the tower your connected to is congested. It could be a lot of things. Im not sure what T Mobiles policies are in your country. Here in the US they have 50 Gig threshold on unlimited data before they start depriotizing packets, though I think thats more for phone data. There home internet I dont think has any restrictions. Can you conect to the router via Ethernet? Then run the test again. This will tell you if its a WiFi issue.
  14. To my understanding to move data across an ISP's network hardly costs a thing. When the data goes to another network thats when it gets a bit complicated. Theoredially there should be an equal amount of data going out and going in. That would theoredically cancel out any need to pay. Though there have been issues. A good example of this is Comcast VS Level3. At one time Level 3 was the provider Netflix was using. Comcast found that large amounts of data from Level 3 were being dumped on their network. Most of it being Netflix traffic. The amount of data Comcast was putting on to Level3's network was not equal by any means. Comcast attempted to make Level 3 pay, Level 3 claimed that the data was requested by Comcast customers and they were not going to pay. So for a while Comcast throttled Netflix traffic. Until Comcast and Netflix came to an agreement. Netflix agreed to give Comcast a boatload of money and Comcast would not only stop throttling them but provided a direct connection to the Comcast Network. Also Comcast implmented Caps and Overages. This was to stop familes like mine from cutting Cable, it didnt work, but we do on some occasions come close to the cap. 1TB seems like a lot of data until you have 3 adults in a house and a lot of streaming happens. So now Netflix pays and the customer pays even more. Its a great starategy. I think this is another reason caps exist on residential connections. They dont want people using the service for comerical means. Streaming can make people money and I would consider it a business in some cases. There hopes with the low upload rates and the data caps is that those people will pay more for a business class connection.
  15. So glad I jumped ship last year. The more and more updates I see having issues. The more and more Im thankful for Linux. Im honestly suprised they havent done anything to improve the quality of their updates. Its almost like they are getting much worse over time. What the hell are they thinking?
  16. Yeah thats not happening no time soon. Game Streaming is not viable with todays Internet Infustucture. Simple as that. Plus add bandwidth caps. Publishers would also probably get the squeeze from ISP's. Comcast already put the screws to Netflix, got them to pay out boatloads of cash for Comcast to keep there service working fine on the Comcast network. So I hope publishers are ready to bend over and take it up the ass by ISP's. Possibly this will happen. But they wont be streaming only, they are not that stupid. Did movies and TV shows go to streaming only? NO. Yes streaming service figured out they needed exclusive titiles, Netflix has The Witcher, Amazon has Jack Ryan, etc. But much of the content is aviable on multiple services. Cable and Satelite TV still exist and SHIT you can still pick up TV over the air. None of that is going to change any time soon. Same thing applies to games, they will offer the streaming service and the ability to buy the games. The only diffrence is, you will pay probably a lower price to stream quite a few titles each month BUT pay more if you want to actually make a purchase. Marvel is owned by Disney, Disney has two streaming services. Pretty much most of the Marvel and Disney content has been pulled from other platforms. Sky most likely didnt want to pay the price to keep the content, as generally these agreements are made for a set period of time. Id imagine Disney will expand its services to other countries eventally. ALSO, Comcast recently purchased Sky from what I have read, Maybe Comcast didnt want to pay Disney for the right or Disney decided its going to start offering streaming in other regions. The only reason Disney Plus is not everywhere is because Disney still have on going agreements with distributors. Once those agreements expire then they can decide how they want to distrubute their content.
  17. I recall the last Shuttle burning up due to the protective titles following off during launch.
  18. This is a big concern.
  19. Never eaten at Chick-fil-a. KFC is shit though. Checkers, yes Checkers aka Rallys has better chicken. SHIT the WALMART Deli has better chicken.
  20. Then its a driver issue or Windows being WIndows. Hard to say. I had numerous issues with Windows 10 on my old i5 3570K machine, had to swtich over the Linux. Id first update your drivers. If that doesnt work, consider reinstalling Windows.
  21. You need to test your ram then. Might have a bad stick or two. I beleive the tool is called Memtest86, you make a bootable USB for it and boot your machine with it. It should test your memory and see if it fails. If you do get a failure then your going to need to test each stick indvidually to see what stick(s) have issues.
  22. I have the same ISP. If the OP is using one of their gateways, that wont be possible. As Comcast does not issue standard cable modems. Which is why some of us buy our own.
  23. Satellite internet has always been shit. Until they can prove this is better I’ll just toss this in the shit category. It won’t compete with Coax or Fiber and I doubt it will be better than 4G/5G.