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  1. Just remember people laid down their lives for your ability to vote. So not doing it is like saying their sacrifice was for nothing. I always vote, even if I don’t like the candidates. Plus here in Michigan we get to vote on state constitution issues, county and city issues. Most of the time that’s what matters in the voting booth.
  2. Google gets news from major news organizations. Those organizations are pro Democrat or pro republican. At least in the US. That’s just how it is. That’s why it’s hard to read the news.
  3. No. Comcast has shit upload. 10 Mbps is the normal rate in my area if you have service under 1 Gbps I think. If you do get Gigabit service its 45 Mbps. Comcast doesnt have more than 4 upstream channels in any area I have read. Yes. Even if you buy stuff, if Comcast decides they no longer want to support it, you have to upgrade.
  4. My question to people woudl be, do you have a cellular phone? If so, im sure some government instution is hacked in getting data. Personally Id be less concerned with Law Enforcment and more concenred with hackers breaking in. Many of these IOT devices have shit security built in. Also I think it depends on which Ring products your talking about. If you talking door bells, who the fuck cares if the police have footage of outside your home. Thats the point of having these cameras, is if someone breaks the law in front of them, you give the footage to law enforcment and they break their foot off in the criminals ass. Truthfuly if you want something to be fearful about, think about how the NSA or CIA is using the data from these devices. Thats a bit more on the scary part.
  5. Yeah I was looking at those. But if I’m buying one I’d want to use Ethernet. The issue is they are only 100Mbps ports. That could be an issue if I decide to upgrade to a 4K TV, I’ll likely digitize the movies and use Plex. I’ve read a 4K stream can be over 100Mbps. I was looking at one of the Amazon boxes and it had Gigabit Ethernet. Though I just don’t know what available now days in the streaming market.
  6. Price is based on what the market can bear. In poorer conuntries they charge less because thats market demand. In richer coutries they know they can get a higher price for it. Plus consider that most people dont buy Windows directly. They generally get a computer that has it preinstalled. OEM"s get Windows licenses for cheaper than retail cost.
  7. Your opperating at 100 Mbps, so their is your problem.
  8. It does if the keys are stolen or some one is reselling the same key multiple times.
  9. Outside Korea and a few cities, 5G is pretty much non existant at this time. I think the standard has just gotten its certification. So its going to be a while before we start seeing wide spread 5G. On top of that, its hard to say how wireless providers will treat 5G. Will it be like the earily days of 4G where you have low caps and high overages? Will they have unlimited? Who knows.
  10. Yep. Make sure that it doesnt look damaged. Because it looks like someone got pissed and put their fist thru that screen pretty hard.
  11. Not an expert, BUT I use Plex. When it comes to Plex, your files need to be formated in a way that the streaming device understands. https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-4k-transcoding-and-you-aka-the-rules-of-4k-a-faq/378203 The link is to the rules about 4K on Plex. It might give you more of an idea. BUT basically you need to see what the Fire Stick supports. Im not 100% sure how Atmos works, or the format it uses. If the Firestick doesnt support it, then your out of luck with streaming it. "The fifth rule of 4k is To direct play 4k, your entire playback chain must be compatible with both the VIDEO and AUDIO codecs of the content you are trying to play. 4k bluray ripped content typically includes HD audio (ie lossless truehd/atmos), which must have a compatible audio player (ie a truehd/atmos compatible receiver)" Thats from the forum post at Plex. So you just need to verify that every thing in line has support. Make sure the video is in the proper format. ALSO just be aware that in some cases 4K streams can hit over 100 Mbps of usage on the network, so hopefully you have a solid network connection to the Plex server and the Firestick. GOOD LUCK.
  12. I just learned that you can install and use diffent versions of the Kernel. Was having issues with the latest Kernel and my Linux install locking up when using Chrome. Went back a few updates and use a Kernel that worked. Kinda nice to be able to do that. I use Linux mostly because Im sicken and tired of Windows 10 and Windows 10's bull shit break everything updates. At least with Linux you get a few more options and your not forced to update your system.
  13. Donut417

    2 monitors

    Just wanted to say. Once you do this, you will never go back. Hell I want to add a 3rd monitor. Its a fucking addiction.
  14. I think he is refering to the electronics that drive the monitor. You need to know what parts you need, so you need to know if you need any of the electronics or just the panel.
  15. Thats the thing about Windows 10. You can easily download the media creation tool from Microsoft. OR you boot up to Windows, before loging in restart the computer and hold shift while its restarting. That hopefully will get you to the built in recovery manager in Windows 10. From there you can perform a reset of Window. Either with keeping your files OR doing a complete reset that will delete everything.
  16. If your talking LAN IP. There are a few ways. Generally on the device itself, you can set the IP. OR in some cases you can create a IP reservation in your routers DHCP server for the device. As for the VM config, If the VM is running Pi Hole then it will need a static address. Though Im not sure how VM's work that well, Im not sure how IP's are handled for VMs. If your talking WAN IP, then you need to talk to your ISP.
  17. Not on mine. But my mom also had a 2nd Gen Firestick and it did nothing to hers when we reset it. I can try that, but I wont hold my breath. Also, I notice Plex runs really slow on the Firestick compared to the 4K Roku sticks we have on other TV's. For example using the Guide on the 4K Roku's you can just smoothly scroll thru. While on the Firestick, you can go so far and then it has to catch up. The only reason I have invested in a Roku is MPEG 2 support. I notice that the Roku's have to transcode Video and some times audio when watching OTA TV.
  18. I have an Fire TV stick. Second gen I think. It has become slow and will lock up in some cases. Restarting it seem to fix it temporarily. Mainly I use Prime video, Netflix, Hulu and Plex. But I got YouTube and twitch installed as well. Part of the reason I stuck with the fire stick is due to MPEG 2 support. I use an HD home run with Plex. And Plex is the only way I can watch live tv. Should I look for a different product? I was looking at one of the Amazon boxes that does 4K and has Gigabit Ethernet. As the router is in my room. But I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Or if I should consider a different product. To be clear I don’t have a 4K, not yet anyway, maybe in the future.
  19. Just a bit of an update. No lock ups yet and I’m still using Chrome. So I’m guessing a Kernel issue. I’ll update further if anything changes. Thanks for the help.
  20. I have Ubutnu Mainline Kernel Installer installed. I was able to get to Grub and decided to use Kernel 5.3.0, thats what I orginally upgraded to and it seemed to work. Kernels 5.3.1, 5.3.2 are also installed. Its kinda cool that you can swtich Kernels like that. Well considering I had to restart 4 times to day and 3 of them were holding the power button..... I dont think I can hold out that long. Hopefully 5.3 keeps working. Ill just forgo any more Kernel updates till I hear about 5.4.
  21. I’ve choose to leave the machine running with nothing open. If it works after a few hours then I’m going to have to go back to Chromium.
  22. I have tried using Firefox. The UI makes me want to stab my self. Plus I have a lot of stuff attached to my Google account. Which is why I used Chrome l.
  23. I just performed an Update command in the command line. Recent I remember it did a kernel update. Looks like some graphics related items updated. So I wonder if that caused the issue. Just as you posted your last reply the screen went black. I’m wondering if it’s driver related. I might be fired off LTS to the latest release. Due to the GPU being tooo new.