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  1. Places like the EU pay higher taxes. But higher taxes means universal healthcare, free college, and just generally better services from the government. Here in the US we pay minimal taxes and it shows. Our roads and other infustructor is falling apart, our healhcare system is shit and we have so much student loan debt its coming out of our eyeballs. Yeah we get cheap goods, but thats because the US has no manufacutring any longer and we basically sold our soul to China. I wouldnt call us privleged over here. Our priorities are not straight and many people in the US are suffering due to that.
  2. No. Because you would have to prove all of those deductions. The more deducations you have the higher chance of an audit. Aduits are pretty painful from what I have read. They will litterially go over your entire financial history. But be sure you wrote the stuff off correctly. The IRS is probably one of the most feared parts of the US government. They DO NOT require court authrotization to take your assets. If they feel you owe money, they can just take it.
  3. USB networking products are Meh at best. The issue possibly here is this is a single band device only. 2.4 Ghz, and that band has a lot of shit that can cause issues with it. Cordless phones, Baby monitors, Microwaves, blue tooth, and any other devices that use 2.4 Ghz. While distance could be an issue, 2.4 Ghz does have pretty decent range and it does go thru walls pretty well. First thing I would do if you have an Android device, download WiFi analyzer. This will show you all the networks in your area and what wireless channel they are on. Pick the channel with the least amount of wireless networks on it. If thats not the issue, try updating the drivers for the device. Third I would also try changing USB ports. For example if this is in the back ports move it to the Front USB ports, computer cases are made of metal generally and can and will block WiFi signals. 4th buy a better adatper.
  4. Some of us just dont like WIndows 10. And Linux is not as main stream as Windows and MacOS.
  5. Legally employees and executives can’t not be held accountable for companies not following the law. Legally under the law a corporation is an artificial person. The only way to hold management responsible is to prove they committed a criminal act. Which is not that easy to do most of the time.
  6. Inflate prices? Probably not. Go out of stock? Most likely. My employer is having similar issues. We produce products in China and the factories have been down for a month. Thankfully we have inventory on hand, but it won’t last forever. While they are trying to move production to another country. We are going to end up running out.
  7. If it’s Verizon Fiber I’d go that route. If it’s Verizon DSL is go for Xfinity. Speed wise I would say 75 to 100 Mbps would be fine.
  8. You can try a tracert to see where your packets start having issues.
  9. No ISP supports customer owned routers. All they do is guarantee it up to the modem, period. So this is not a charter specific issue. Generally they don’t support any customer owned equipment. My ISP Comcast tests retail modems to ensure compatibility and provides the software updates. But if you call in with an issue 9 times out of 10 they blame your modem if you own it. When you use your own equipment it’s up to you to figure it out.
  10. Donut417

    AX vs AC

    AX is a better standard. BUT your not going to really bennifit much from it if most of your devices are AC wireless. Also, the standard is not 100% complete. They are looking to add 6Ghz in to the mix with AX and that has not been implemented yet. Current hardware will NEVER have 6 Ghz support. My opinion when WiFi standards is this. Wait 1 to 2 years after its released. Why? 1) Market penitration. Your waititng for devices makers to put WiFi 6 radios in devices. This way you can upgrade your devcies as well. 2) To make sure all the bugs and shit is worked out.
  11. Charter shouldnt care about what router you have. Modem yes they care, Router no. Any router should work on like any ISP. Its the modem where you get the support issues.
  12. I work as a picker/packer for another company. And yes, Amazon packaging needs some work. When I pack a box at the job, I pack it so when UPS drop kicks the fucker across the warehouse it still gets to the cusotmer safely. Amazon uses so little packing material its fucked up.
  13. Amazon will be rolling that out everywhere eventually. They are trying to cut out UPS, FedEx and USPS here in the states. They want to also roll out One Day delivery.
  14. Doubt NAT is due to the OP's hotspot devices acting like a router and the fact that the ISP uses carrier grade NAT on their network. WiFi extenders dont have any NAT at all and dont effect the connection that way.
  15. That’s why I prefer tipping in cash. A lot harder for the tax man to track hard currency. But the US Federal government doesn’t tax goods, with the exception of fuel. Use tax is collected by state governments which is called sales tax. If the IRS does start taxing this currency as income. How long before states start taxing virtual goods with sales tax?
  16. That because it cost toooooo much money to do so. The ISP expects a ROI in a reasonable amount of time.
  17. No because I no longer use Windows. 1903 fucked my previous machine pretty bad. Moved to Linux. Really haven’t had to many issues. I will admit I’ve had some. But figured out how to correct them. Also my issues existed since Windows 10 was released. It never ran right for me, even after multiple reinstalls. My laptop was the same had issues.
  18. No the wire is ground but all electric wires terminate back at the electrical panel. Generally the hot connects to the breaker, the neutral and ground connect to the same or possibility separate bus bars. Watch way too much Ask this old house. Romex(electrical wire) has only a shielding that protects from electrical shock. Besides that there are no shielding that protects data communication. That’s why coax is the better standard. RG6 has shielding that protects the RF signal. But Moca is expensive compared to power line networking, which is why more people use power line.
  19. In the US all the ground wires connect back to the panel. Because they are all connected to the same bar, I guess they figured they could carry data. That’s if everything is done correctly of course.
  20. From what I have read the newer adapters use 3 wires, at least in the US. Hot, Neutral and the ground. That’s how some of them get faster speeds.
  21. I myself have had sim cards go bad. The only thing that sucks for me is TMobile charges for new sims. But its a real possiblility that the sim just died on you. Id have to concur with @kirashi, get with your carrier and get a new sim.
  22. If game devs can region lock keys, so can Microsoft. Because many of the keys are from other regions. Secondly they can black list retailers and sites that dont follow their rules, so just make it so you have to buy it from them directly.
  23. No its a fact that when the new CEO took over that he pretty much laid off most of the Windows testing team. They are not doing testing like they once did. Also I am remember correctly. The only issues I ever had with a WIndows update was related to a service pack. Which is to be expected. Never had any issues under XP or Windows 7. Hell I dont remember having issues under Windows 98 as well. Not to the extent they have now. Every month there is an article about people have issues. Never seen that with any other verisons of Windows in the internet age. Well they can put a stop to that. They choose not to.
  24. Well considering in the past they had a pretty decent track record of testing updates. Id say they are just being lazy and cheap. Windows XP and 7 never really had too many issues with updates. Nothing like WIndows 10 does. I dont understand why people say Microsoft cant do proper testing when they did so in past versions of Windows and there were shit loads of hardware configs back then as well.
  25. I am buying one. Probably only 16 Gigs of Ram version. But I think thats what I want for my next laptop.