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Posts posted by Donut417

  1. 36 minutes ago, greenmax said:


    That’s why I prefer tipping in cash. A lot harder for the tax man to track hard currency. 

    On 2/15/2020 at 2:00 PM, Mr Nobody said:

    commodities that can be purchased with real dollars, a

    But the US Federal government doesn’t tax goods, with the exception of fuel. Use tax is collected by state governments which is called sales tax. If the IRS does start taxing this currency as income. How long before states start taxing virtual goods with sales tax? 

  2. 2 minutes ago, GoodBytes said:

    , the issues listed, do you have them? I

    No because I no longer use Windows. 1903 fucked my previous machine pretty bad. Moved to Linux. Really haven’t had to many issues. I will admit I’ve had some. But figured out how to correct them. 

    Also my issues existed since Windows 10 was released. It never ran right for me, even after multiple reinstalls. My laptop was the same had issues. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Bombastinator said:

    I dunno.  They still might actually be using it as ground but are doing something funky with it to make effectively better shielding for the two wire.  The only difference between the various CAT 8 wire systems really is how the electromagnetic shielding is set up.

    No the wire is ground but all electric wires terminate back at the electrical panel. Generally the hot connects to the breaker, the neutral and ground connect to the same or possibility separate bus bars. Watch way too much Ask this old house. Romex(electrical wire) has only a shielding that protects from electrical shock. Besides that there are no shielding that protects data communication. That’s why coax is the better standard. RG6 has shielding that protects the RF signal. But Moca is expensive compared to power line networking, which is why more people use power line.  

  4. 1 minute ago, Bombastinator said:

    Don’t know how they’re using ground.  It’s ground.  They may have thought of something clever though.  So T3 perhaps.

    In the US all the ground wires connect back to the panel. Because they are all connected to the same bar, I guess they figured they could carry data. That’s if everything is done correctly of course. 

  5. I myself have had sim cards go bad. The only thing that sucks for me is TMobile charges for new sims. But its a real possiblility that the sim just died on you. Id have to concur with @kirashi, get with your carrier and get a new sim. 

  6. 1 minute ago, dizmo said:

    Mmmm not too sure about that. It'd require a massive investment of time and resources.

    Not only that...saying that doesn't change the fact it's true, does it?

    If game devs can region lock keys, so can Microsoft. Because many of the keys are from other regions. Secondly they can black list retailers and sites that dont follow their rules, so just make it so you have to buy it from them directly. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Sir0Tek said:

    No issues with XP/Win7 updates? It's just that you're no longer remembering it.

    I''m sure MS does quite some inhouse testing previous to any release but with the myriads of combinations out there it simply fails every now and then, I am not surprised. They should just open up their OS and allow cutting-edge users to use the OS freely with reports before they release hardened updates to those who use it on a paid licence. 

    No its a fact that when the new CEO took over that he pretty much laid off most of the Windows testing team. They are not doing testing like they once did. Also I am remember correctly. The only issues I ever had with a WIndows update was related to a service pack. Which is to be expected. Never had any issues under XP or Windows 7. Hell I dont remember having issues under Windows 98 as well. Not to the extent they have now. Every month there is an article about people have issues. Never seen that with any other verisons of Windows in the internet age. 


    2 minutes ago, dizmo said:

    Maybe they wouldn't be so cheap if so many people weren't getting their Windows codes from Reddit or eBay...

    Well they can put a stop to that. They choose not to. 

  8. 19 minutes ago, dizmo said:

    It's pretty impossible for them to test their updates with every single hardware configuration.

    Honestly, I'm more surprised that they don't have more issues than they do.

    Well considering in the past they had a pretty decent track record of testing updates. Id say they are just being lazy and cheap. Windows XP and 7 never really had too many issues with updates. Nothing like WIndows 10 does. I dont understand why people say Microsoft cant do proper testing when they did so in past versions of Windows and there were shit loads of hardware configs back then as well. 

  9. Just now, Dominol2005 said:

    speed test site is like not loading, at all, ping rises to 4000-8000 when gaming, and the router menu is showing 100-800 kb/s


    High ping is sorta normal on LTE, though thats a lot. Its an issue with your hotspot or T Mobile. If the router is reporting those numbers then its most likely not your PC. Wireless issues are hard to track down. Even with getting good signal strength, there still could be interfrence from some sorce. Contact T Mobile and they can take you thru hopefully some troubleshooting. If that doesnt work, I guess your going to need a new hotspot. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Dominol2005 said:

    300kb/s spikes, thats my problem

    Im guessing its some kinda of network issue like I have said. It could very well be an issue with their network. 


    Does this happen on all devices on your network or just one? If its all then its T Mobile's issue or an issue with your hotspot and outside of your control. If its just one device then it would be an with that device directly. What I got from your orignal post is its an issue for all devices. So thats when you start looking at the thing that all the devices are connected to. The Hotspot and T Mobile. Either way, contacting them is the best bet, they can at least check for you to see if there is a problem. If not, then you might try replacing the hotspot. I for one rather call the ISP before spending money needlessly. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Dominol2005 said:

    @Donut417 the thing is i live in like 3k village where 50% of people are 60+ (which is sad) we have 2 towers (and 2 new ones, thats why we have LTE+ here) so I don't think its the case, also the problem is only the pc, right now im having download speed of 113 mb/s, and still I get only 30mb/s even though there are only 2 devices and the second is my phone.

    Well thats the thing about LTE, is not reliable. LTE like all wireless standards has never lived up to expectations. Also how do you know those towers are for T Mobile. Here in the US we have 4 big providers currently not to mention not all towers might be used for cellular purposes. Id contact your provider to see if there is maybe an issue on their end, just to be sure. Because generally if you dont get Full speed on Ethernet then its not an issue on your end. I mean it could be the hotspot device directly. But its going to be hard to say. 


    If you know someone close by with the same service you can try testing their connection to see if they have the same issue. If that helps you narrow it down. But as it stands, there are limits to what LTE can do. Id be glad that your getting 30 Mbps. Thats acutally not that bad. There are people in rural areas of the US that only get 3 Mbps via aDSL. 

  12. Just now, Bombastinator said:

    Yeah yeah everything is a “turd” except the one thing you want to promote.  You really seem to like that word.


    I used to work at BK. So...... Ive seen how most of that food is prepared and preped. The chicken is meh. Unless its fesh off the broiler. Now the Tendercrisp on the other hand is a pretty good sandwitch. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, leadeater said:

    Government does if they so choose to and have the support from the people

    Have you need seen what has been going on here in the last 3.5 years? We are the most divided we have been since probably the civil war. Also, how are those people going to get reelected without the support of their corporate overlords? The mineut the supearm court made Citizens United legal, the govenrment no longer needed the support of the people. Corporations own our government, we as citizens know that and we have to live with that. 


    6 minutes ago, leadeater said:

    We use to suffer under the monopoly of Telecom, for decades

    We had that issue at one time too. The DOJ took a sludge hammer and broke up the ma bell. Guess what? Its pretty much rebuilt its self. 


    The only way to fix the issues in the US. If for the governmnet to take over the internet infustrure. The issue with this is, our Federal Government is incapable of taking on this task, the only thing they know how to do is destroy. Need us to bomb the living shit out of someone? We can do that. Need us to fix something, dont bother asking. State governments are not much better. SHIT, somehow they used the wrong concrete on i75. Now we are probably going to have to pay to replace that concrete. Our governments are so fucked in this country, the last thing you want to hear out of someones mouth is "We are from the government and we are here to help". 

  14. 5 minutes ago, jagdtigger said:

    According to netmarketshare its at ~88%, not that it would matter to MS as long as it owns the majority of the market.



    Here it shows the high 70s. The fact is they are loosing market share. Eveutally they will start to care. By that time they will likely be screwed. Like they were when they decided mobile mattered. 

  15. 1 minute ago, leadeater said:

    you the people come before a business

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.......... My side hurts from laughing so hard. When have the people ever mattered in this country? Probably not since the good old days of George Washington. 


    3 minutes ago, leadeater said:

    market competitive issue

    Dont need to be compeditive when cities signs a 100 year exclusive rights agreement with a cable company. Lucky ours was only 25 years and has expired. But guess what? No new ISP's will enter my city, they say we are not large enough. Again you cant force a business. Thats un American and is seen as socialism or communism. We wont have that here. Its like my city lost its grocery store. People are complaining that the city's doing nothing. What is the city to do? They cant force a person to build a grocery store here. Same way the city cant force Comcast to deploy fiber. 


    9 minutes ago, leadeater said:

    Free market can and should be slapped when necessary,

    The government doesnt have the legal authroity. Title 2 has been repealed AND ISP's are not legally utilities. They operate with in the current letter of the law. As long as they do so, they cant be slapped for anyting. The FCC learned this the hardway. 

  16. Just now, leadeater said:

    Yes I actually do and I know they have enough money to do it. Sure not all at once, but the fact is dumping money in to a dead technology like DOCSIS is a literal waste of money. It made sense for a while to get the capability up to deliver at least adequate connections speeds but now it's time to dump it and move on.

    As long as Cable Labs continues pushing out revisions its not a dead standard. Secondly you have no clue how businesses opperate in the US. Theres this little thing called the free market. Businesses expect no government interfrence or very little and there only job is to make money for the shareholder/stakeholders of the company. They have no oblgiation to do anything out of the kindness of there hearts. 


    Would it pain you to hear that AT&T in my area only opperates copper and when they did offer service to my address it was only 6 Mbps aDSL. Or the fact they only hit a top speed of 18 Mbps in other parts of my city. At least Docsis provides better services than that. 


    3 minutes ago, leadeater said:

    egally classified utility does not actually mean it is provide by the government.

    ISPs are not a utility in the US. If they were they would be regulated like all utilites over here. Like how DTE is for power and natural gas, they are a private for profit company but they have a legal monopoly for the most part. BUT they are regulated for electric and gas services. ISP's dont come close to this. The only way I know of public money being used here for better internet infustructure is if the community builds it themselves. Which is illegal in many states. 

  17. 6 hours ago, GamerBlake said:

    Or does anyone know what the average download & upload speed is in the US? o_O

    You have Comcast. Comcast can only us 5Mhz to 42Mhz on the coax for upstream so, its pretty limited. While Docsis 3.1 will allow them to increase this, they have not started these upgrades. Probably due to cost. The fastest upload they offer is about 45 Mbps and that ONLY on the gigabit tier. 


    6 hours ago, GamerBlake said:

    is there any way to increase my upload speed?

    No becuase Comcast doesnt want to. As it would cost a lot of money and require a large amounts of hardware changes at each of their centeral offices. Ive read they would have to replace a large number of networking gear. And as @Lurick pointed out, the next Docsis standard is on the horrizon and will provide symetical services. BUT dont expect Comcast to be deploying that for some time. Ive heard they reduced their upgrade budget a bit due to Net Neutrality being replealed.