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  1. AHHH. No there are competing standards. Qi is just popular but its not the only one.
  2. And that is the only reason I like the US. Legally we can own our own modems. Hurray for regulations. Though support for customer owned equipment varys ISP to ISP. Meaning you may get firmware updates, or they might have tested the modem on their network or they have not. Comcast has a list and every thing on that list has been tested to work.
  3. Its not that bad if you have multiple peoople in the house doing some of these services. For example my parents pay for internet and part of the Hulu/Disney+ service. I cover the rest of the Hulu/Disney+ service, because we have the no ads version of Hulu and I pay for Netflix and Prime. Parents portion: Xfinity 200/10 $83 + taxes and fees Hulu No ads + Disney + package $12 My portion Prime $119 a year Hulu/Disney $6 (I pay the diffrence due to the no ads package on hulu) Netflix :$16 Floatplane: $3 If we had TV from Comcast the cable bill would be over $120 not to meniton box rental fees. I calculated it up and we save a bit of money. When we had cable and internet via Comcast it was at one time $160 a month. So if you add it all up we are still saving a bit.
  4. Where the fuck do you live where the ISP equipment is free? Comcast will charge your ass $14 a MONTH for a fucking gateway. Always buy your own.
  5. A standard cable is not a charging standard. How many wireless standards exist? How many fast charging standards? Doesn’t address those issues.
  6. You mean like what has happen to electric cars? I have seen 3 separate charging cables at least. Though there adapters that converts between standards.
  7. Plex pass gives you Live TV DVR and hardware transcoding I believe.
  8. Public roads are government maintained. Here in Michigan some are cities responsibly and others are the county. Some HOAs are ran by corporations, and in some cases they have to maintain the roads. Also you pay taxes regardless. Here in Michigan the city and county get parts of the property tax. Also organizations like the school district get a chunk as well. HOA or no HOA your still paying taxes. Doesn’t matter if the HOA maintains your street or the city. The government always gets its due.
  9. No they generally are not. Many times they are owned by greedy ass corporations. Local Governments like HOA's because then they dont have to offer services to that area. HOA's are in charge of maintaining some roads, they do snow removal and other things. The government saves money because they dont have to offer those services to those people. Not all of them. Generally they could just be a neighborhood that decided to start something. Many are not gated, there are several around me, no gates, no armed gaurds. The only thing that true about most HOA's is they are ran by NAZIS wanabees. Id never live in one of those hell holes.
  10. The EU reminds me of an HOA. Those fuckers are always over reaching. Ticketing and towing people on Public roads, which is illegal for them to do because those are maintained by the government, meaning only the police have a legal right to ticket or tow. But they dont seem to care. What would be funny is if Apple made an EU version of the iPhone, but just to be dicks, the EU version was a generation or two behind the rest of the world. So they are in compliance with the EU regulations, but are just being dickish with it. Thats what I would do and it would be legal because the EU cant control products sold in other parts of the world.
  11. The EU is on its way to becoming the next US. I mean we be over here telling the rest of the world how to live. And we are hated for it. The EU, is not trying to do that. Its not going to end well. The fact is if the charging standard is an issue Apple users will presure Apple in to changing the standard. The fact is Apple users probably dont figure there is an issue. We have mulitple devices in our home. Some use Micro B, Some use Type C, I have an iPhone so I have Lightning but I use a wireless charger in my home and have the cable out in my car. We have two cheapo tablets that use the round barrel connectors. So........ seeing how not all devices use type C, maybe we can stop the blatant over reaching.
  12. That probably explains the issues your having then. You have an old car, you have to expect some repairs. Parts to eventually wear out. Thats why i ended up leasing a new car, only had 17 miles on it when I rolled it off the lot. Yeah I have a car payment and limited to 12K miles per year, but I dont have to worry about major repairs. Also with as little as I drive, I only managed to put 9K miles on it in 1.5 years.
  13. Its intergrated on the MSI motherboard. The MSI drivers didnt work quite right. Intel no longer has a driver listed. The Microsoft ones didnt work either, big shocker there. At first the NIC would not reconnect when the computer was woke up from Sleep. Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver and it just wouldnt work period. So I gave Microsoft the big FUCK YOU. This is after one of their shitty updates took out my moms computer, luckly I was able to recover that one. I just took it as Microsoft doesnt care about people runnning older hardware, but like I said, Ubuntu works great on both my older machine thats a Plex server and my brand new daily driver.
  14. The tracking isnt the issue. Quality of the updates are. Every creators update its always fun to read all the issues people are having. If your on older hardware, go fuck your self becuase your at Microsofts mercy and their piss poor quality. Windows 10 never ran on my Ivy Bridge setup right, it had bugs galore. When 1903 refused to work with the intergrated NIC I said fuck this. But the fact is a Ivy Bridge setup is still a valid setup even in 2020, It could do all the games I wanted to play and then some. It was just starting to seem a bit slow, but still very usable. Now my Ivy Bridge setup has Linux on it and does transcoding for Plex and does a great job of it. Guess what? The Intergrated NIC works just fine in Linux...... Something Windows 10 couldnt seem to accomplish.
  15. That’s why I gave up on Windows. Because I don’t seem them improving it in the future.
  16. XPx64 was Windows Server 2003 with the XP shell on it. It was slow because it was a server OS being used as a desktop OS. And the 64 bit part was kinda shit implemented. Microsoft says Windows 10 will be a rolling release. Meaning they will discontinue support for older versions as new versions were released. But Windows 10 won’t ever die. Unfortunately.
  17. RG6 is the current king. RG11 is generally not used in the home. But Coax can carry cable, internet and Moca signals. So it is useful. Also its useful in OTA TV as well. Your freind might want to invest in some Etherent at this point as well, the walls are open its a great oppertunity to get it in the walls now.
  18. Modems don’t do NAT. A standard modem offers 2 connections. One from your ISP ( telephone wire, or Coax for example) then a Ethernet out. That you would connect to a router. What YOUR referring to is a gateway, a modem and router in one box.
  19. Or you do what I did and move to Ubuntu. It runs more stable than 10 ever did for me. It also gives me options for updating and restarting, rather than do it without permission.
  20. I had a legal copy of XPx64. It was a horrible slow OS. It worked but it was clunky at best.
  21. Just wanted to point this out. Some manufactures White List cards in the BIOS. So if you put a WiFi card in thats not on the list the Laptop might not even boot. Thats why you should see if they have a list of WiFi adapters thats known to work.
  22. By old I ment something like Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge. I dont really consider 6th gen products to be that old.