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  1. Between the two laptops, the new one will probably give you a better gaming experience with it's 1050ti (vs the older 960m which is about equivalent to a 750ti). But, unfortunately the newer model only seems to come with a very mediocre TN panel, where as the older model actually comes with a decent IPS panel. So basically the new model has a more powerful GPU, but a terrible screen and it's a bit more expensive, where as the older model has a better screen, lower GPU perfomance, and a lower price (you can get the i7, 1TB model for $800 USD off amazon, not sure what the price is for Canada). If you want a better screen with a 1050ti, I'd defiantly recommend looking around a bit more. Maybe check out HP, Lenovo, MSI, or Asus.
  2. I'm glad i stopped using g2a long ago, they seem pretty shitty and have no respect towards the industry. And out of the handful of games a bought from them 2 were revoked from my steam account months later, probably because they were bought with stolen credit cards.
  3. So I'm not very familiar with production monitors, but just from searching around a bit I managed to find this: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&sku=210-AHCI https://www.amazon.com/Dell-U2413-LED-Lit-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B00BN2BIUK/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1486072895&sr=1-2&keywords=dell+u2413 The amazon page says its being discontinued, but it is a FHD monitor with 99% Adobe RGB for under $500.
  4. There's also a 660ti and 660ti SC for $60. And if you want something really cheap there's a 650 for $40.
  5. ...I still game on my Dell U2414h, but then again I'm not some wannabe pro CS:GO player. And besides, your not going to find two IPS Gaming monitors for under $200. It's overall a really good deal.
  6. If it has AMD or NVidia graphics, you can use Rivertuner/MSI Afterburner and if its Intel graphics you can use Dxtory. Just google how to limit the FPS using these programs. It's fairly simple. I use Afterburner on my desktop and Dxtory on my laptop. Both of them will do the job.
  7. I got an open box Galaxy S5 for $175 from Ebay recently. You can get them new for about $200 to $220.
  8. I also got this email today and it seems legit. The website linked in the email, www.gtx970settlement.com , is the same as the one in this Anandtech article: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10532/nvidia-gtx-970-settlement-claims.
  9. So apparently you have to change your main email ID for this to work. Newegg wouldn't accept the promotion despite them already having my edu email from signing up for their Student Benefits Program.
  10. The wait for this game is killing me, some streamers already have early copies and I still have to 3 weeks till I can play >.<
  11. Don't know why, but in the entire year of having Vessel, I haven't had any major issues :/, maybe I'm just lucky or it's because where I live. My free year is ending this month and I think I'm still going to pay for it. $3 a month is not that much at all and I also watch a bunch of SBFP on Vessel along with LTT videos. If vessel does crash and burn like people think is going to happen it won't affect me much, but I still kind of want them to stay around as an alternative to the monopoly that is Youtube.
  12. The GPU will probably do fine in GTA5, but I don't know how the CPU will perform.
  13. If you get the i3 you can use Intel Quick Sync in OBS to offload the encoding to the iGPU.
  14. At least you acknowledge that it's a first world problem . I'd just be happy that it's not locked to 30fps like VVVVVV. That games is cool, but I cannot get past some of the levels with that enormous delay.
  15. Sounds like its more of an issue with Monitor, not the game.
  16. The GTX 660 can display up to 4k 60hz over Display port, and 4k 30-24hz over HDMI, so you should be fine. Unless it only has a VGA port, then its capped 2048x1536 Reference: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-660/specifications
  17. The smart pistol wasn't even that powerful against other players, but you could kill adds so fast that you were always one of the first to get your titan.
  18. Ya, I don't need them either and I wanted a small keyboard which is why I got the Quickfire Rapid.
  19. I have a Quick Fire Rapid in Browns. Its a nice keyboard, but it doesn't have a lot of fancy features like other gaming keyboards.
  20. This is what I don't get about this chart, only the Seagate 3TB drive has the ridiculously high failure rate. The 4TB is even lower than WD drives and the 1.5TB is only a few percent higher than the WD 3TB. So should this chart tell you to just avoid the 3TB, plus it doesn't even have any 1TB or 2TB drives on the chart which are by far the most popular drives for consumers. I know Linus has already covered that this chart means nothing for the average consumer, but I just so annoying that I keep seeing it pop up.
  21. Wish LG would make a Gsync version of this monitor. Or Nvidia to start supporting Freesync, which is unlikely.
  22. That's fine then, I didn't know you were willing to buy used. If that's the case either the 390 or 970 would do fine, just find which one you can get a better deal on.