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  • Birthday 1996-11-21

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    England, Grimsby.
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    Computers, Counter Strike: GO
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    Intel Core I7 5820K
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    MSI Krait SLI Edition X99
  • RAM
    2X16GB Corsair DDR4
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    Asus 1080 8GB OC
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    Cooler Master Master case pro 5
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    Samsung sm951 256Gb M.2, 2TB Seagate barracuda.
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    RM850I fully modular 80+ gold
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    Asus ROG swift x2
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    H100i V2 GTX
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    Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire
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    Corsair M65 Pro RBG
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    Sound Blast xonar DGX 7.1
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    Windows 10
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  1. XeanWolf20

    O2 Network down in the UK

    O2 network has stopped working in the UK Express.co.uks topic Sky.com’s topic
  2. XeanWolf20

    I am getting ready to build a new Gaming PC

    Hey dude, so firstly your windows it doesn't matter the version Home/Pro to see the major differences see the 1st video below. You can also get a MUCH cheaper windows 10 key of ebay https://goo.gl/bLwFZ7. for the CPU good choose there is no need to spend extra on something you don't need. Cooler Personal preference me personally I would go with corsair or NZXT but great choice other wise. RAM 10/10 exact ram as i have but mine are slightly faster but doesn't really do much the speed of ram that is 3000 is fine more is not needed as you will be able to see from the 2nd video below. Motherboard again perfect no issues with that at all. SSD Great no issues good size you won't need to worry to much about space with windows and programs but installing games on it not a good idea unless you need the speed for loading if you want to find out how to set up downloads/Documents/pictures and the rest to make them go on the HDD see video 3rd video below. For the HDD me personally I would go for more because more games are getting to be 50+GB so 1TB will go fast i would recomend any of these https://goo.gl/yWSsSz this is a seagate I have one and it's great not fast but not slow and never had issues. If you want a bit more speed https://goo.gl/kePSsL this is the same brand seagate but it's a HDD and SSD combo. 1080 is good choice but you may be bottle-necking it with the CPU, you may find it better with a lower GPU 1070/TI as the 1080 will not be able to performer to 100% because of the CPU. Some ideas https://goo.gl/96uNBX exact same but the 1070TI version of the MSI duke. On amazon at the time of me making this the 1070TI is cheaper by £10 and it's faster. Case great choice again personal preference. PSU Great choice i have the exact same BUT you do not need 850 for what you have a 650 for your setup 550 would be fine but the extra 100 for future proofing. Keyboard and mouse is again personal preference so great choice. Monitor Again great choice but you may of noticed it is FreeSync and that's AMDs version but you have Nvidia card I would go for something that is GSync to work with your card but they are more expensive so for it being cheaper keep the freesync.
  3. A video that will be linked later is stating that NVidia is "gimping cards", or making them run slower then they was before. ALL of the tests show a 5-1 FPS difference in benchmarks. HOW does 5 FPS mean that they are being gimped. IT DOESN'T. They may of updated something on the new RTX that MAY of ruined a extremely small performance hit but to say they are gimping WTF, of cause it is possible but they have never done this before as far as I know. But would they really need to. The 1080TI is an insane card as it is. Loosing 5 FPS might possibly not even be a drivers fault it might be something else software on the PC running in the background or something with the hardware they was swapping in and out cards so something could of happened you can't say after test 3 card on 5ish game that they are gimping! LINUS HELP can you do some ACTUAL investigating on this?
  4. Hey I’m looking for a laptop for uni, I need one with at least a 1060. I’m doing a computing course and we are doing motions graphics, editing and other demanding things. I would like a portable laptop same size as a razer blade 15 2018 so a thin and light. Specs I’m looking for: new 8th gen 6 core i7 1060 or better 512gb+ ssd(not sata) 1080p 144hz or 4K not fussed Good keyboard and trackpad 30-40 degree C ideling, and max of 80 under load or better! my budget is about £2000 but obviously the lower the better, I have looked at blade 15 2018 but temps are way to high, and looked at others but I’m not sure, any suggestions would be great.
  5. XeanWolf20

    Clipboard Program

    Hey so I was looking for a program that could help with copy and pasting, so if you hold CTRL and hold 1-9 and then press C it would copy it to that key so if you have to 2 things to copy, IE first name and second name, you can CTRL + 1 then C on the first name and and the same for second name but change 1 to 2 and then it's saved there so you can have up to 9 things saved to clipboard.
  6. XeanWolf20

    h100I GTX Cooling

    OK So when I stress test my CPU my CPU gets to about 70-80°C but the water stays at 36°C. I'm not sure why it's not increasing with my CPU. I'm not sure if my cooler is actually doing anything. 5820K @4.5 1.325V H100I GTX MSI X99A Krait
  7. XeanWolf20

    Overwatch FPS dropping

    Temps are fine, in the 70s and power is fine, it's pluged in
  8. XeanWolf20

    Overwatch FPS dropping

    I dont know why that posted twice......
  9. XeanWolf20

    Overwatch FPS dropping

    Ok so update, tried something if i capped it ingame at 60 it would stay at 60 and be fine, if i went to 120 it would be fine too, when i went to 144 then it dipped to 60, when i make it cap to 143 it doesn't drop?????????????????????????????
  10. XeanWolf20

    Overwatch FPS dropping

    Ok so update, tried something if i capped it ingame at 60 it would stay at 60 and be fine, if i went to 120 it would be fine too, when i went to 144 then it dipped to 60, when i make it cap to 143 it doesn't drop?????????????????????????????
  11. XeanWolf20

    Overwatch FPS dropping

    So I laptop that has a 7700HQ, 1070, and it gets like 200+FPS then drops to 60, it was being capped at 60 and it didn't happen, I'm thinking something is forcing it to 60 then realizing it shouldn't be. I have Vsync off in game, on the Nvidia experiance thing, GameDVR is off and gameBar. I still don't know why it's doing it any help please?
  12. XeanWolf20

    PC not turning on.

    Look at main rig for the spec if you need it. In my signature.
  13. XeanWolf20

    PC not turning on.

    Hey so I was watching YouTube then my comp turns it’s self off, the motherboard has an on button on it that lights up, the light is still on and the OC genie light is on, when I press the power button on the case or the motherboard I hear a click and then nothing happens if I press the button a few more times the cmos button comes on, but the comp does nothing the fans don’t spin up the gpu fans don’t so I don’t know what has happened. Any ideas please!?
  14. HI I just got my new laptop MSI GE72MVR 7RG Apache Pro but the cooling is worrying me. as seen on attached image. I have it on Auto fan speed, and I'm only updating things with EasyDriver. that's it I really don't know why it's doing it. I can remeber a video Linus did where he said theirs a setting where it showing you the wrong temp in dragon center or something. Please help! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them :).
  15. Hi so i want to get a laptop, I'm not sure what to get. Spec wanted 7700HQ/6700HQ 16GB RAM or more 1060 6GB MUST BE 6GB 17.3" 256 GB SSD & 1TB or more HDD/ SSHD would prefer SSHD. I would be using it for VR, and going to college and using it there, I would be using it for game dev and software dev so a good keyboard will be help full and the spec for what i will need out of it. I have had a MSI laptop before but it had a bad GPU but i know 1060 would be perfect for what i want. and recommendation would be so helpful.