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  1. What laptop do you have? I had the same on my Asus laptop and there was an option in the BIOS for it.
  2. Using a laptop atm, building a pc soon and would love to get a great graphics card for it.
  3. Using a CM Storm Quickfire TK. I like it but I kinda regret not getting a full size keyboard now that I have the room on my desk for it.
  4. Looks really good! Too bad it's $150...
  5. Pretty sure this is about the consoles being better at VR.
  6. No, most times I can't even watch a video without it getting stuck buffering. Went on vacation a few weeks ago so I didn't watch any videos for a week. Now I just watch them on youtube.
  7. How to speed up your network speed in 10 easy steps! Scientists hate him!
  8. Think the rule of thumb is 120mm for each component you're cooling. So you should be fine with 400mm
  9. Would love to get this! Already using an SSD in my laptop but I'm saving up for a pc and I wouldn't be able to live without an SSD in there. Probably getting 2 actually. Once you go SSD you never go back.