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  1. cammerv8

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    i really like the desing of the Nascita, this mouse looks so sleek and premium. that mouse it very stealthy witch is a rarity among gaming mouses. very clean products. definetly premiun.
  2. cammerv8

    Linus' Sub-Zero build: RAM

    The answer is simple, Intel puts a limit on how fast the memory can be, right now all Haswell have a limit of 1600 without overclocking it, but all the memory's manufacturers put profiles in he memory to make them faster that is called XMP, and the motherboard manufacturers allow those profiles to be used without problems
  3. cammerv8

    My Node 804

    Pretty nice, and a non z series build I dig
  4. cammerv8

    HP Pavilion Revamp: Plan B

    Wouldn't the oil eat the tubing and rubber pieces?
  5. cammerv8

    Scrapyard before twas cool

    I love this types of work logs. The is kinda what I've been doing. Get a part her and there and moving up, I started with a celeron D single core 775 and a 8600gs now I'm with a g3258 and a 280x
  6. cammerv8

    Painting heatsinks

    I think hi heat paint( automotive or BBQ/stove) will no hinder the performance of the heatsink that much.
  7. cammerv8

    So! New Mods to my System!

    OP, Where you planing on using the on board GPU and then getting the GPU or you planned to get the GPU in the first place?
  8. cammerv8

    Project: Node (Scratch Build)

    props for using SOLIDWORKS
  9. cammerv8

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    i really like the overall looks and performance of the laptop. and the fact that it was at highLANder
  10. cammerv8

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    my favorite thing about the LG G3 is the knock codes and the back button design
  11. cammerv8

    Sizzling Summer Giveaway! [CLOSED]

    this is my entry!!! playing megaman revolution1!!
  12. i would like to win one of those HTC phones!!! htc are sweet phones Twitter share with Twitter handle @Cammerv8: https://twitter.com/Cammerv8/status/349052011183996928
  13. cammerv8

    AMD Based Build so far

    im loving this budget AMD build. keep it up!
  14. cammerv8

    AMD Fan Day Build. Nicknamed Justice Diamond

    thanks it looks like all the games are at a playable framerate. is there a better card for dualgraphics?
  15. cammerv8

    AMD Fan Day Build. Nicknamed Justice Diamond

    do more game Benchmarks :D i love AMD builds, they are kind of specials :P