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  1. I understand, thanks for the info just have to think about it now
  2. I have program files in both drives, won't have any issues?
  3. Will there be problems if I just copy the program files from my HDD to the new SSD?
  4. Thinking of buying a 1TB SSD, but is it possible to clone data from an SSD and HDD into the new 1TB SSD?
  5. Does the Dolby Atmos support on Overwatch mean any headphones can take advantage of it?
  6. The Razer Nari claims it has 360 degree spatial audio, do you know anything about this compared to the G533?
  7. So I've been looking around for a bit today and came across the Logitech G533 headphones, Razer Nari and others but still struggling to decide which is good. I play mainly FPS games like CS:GO and Battlefield 4. I don't really have a budget but I would still consider cheaper options.
  8. I just cracked my Note 9 like three months ago so can relate. Since you don't want to buy the new iPhone you're better off getting it fixed and waiting a few years imo. I bought mine used the cost of fixing it was worth nearly half the phone so it wasn't worth it.
  9. When I'm at my desktop I sometimes use it (Cortana) to play/pause music or check weather or open an app. I don't really use it much other than that.
  10. I have been wondering about this for a while since I currently own a Note 9, and I'm just annoyed that Samsung only supports two major OS updates.