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  1. As she sits right now Rig--- I7 6700k cooled with a h100i with undervolted sp120 performance edition pushpull ,16gb of kingston predator 2800,Asus maximus hereo VIII,Gtx Titan XP,Kingston hyper x 3k 120gb ssd,Wd caviar green 1tb,xfx 850w pro lighting---Nzxt hue Peripherals---Razer deathadder blackedition( sadly my second one to break,First one developed a double click this one has a scroll wheel issue),Filco majestouch 2 ninja with blues,logitech g35's,Xbox 360 controller Sound system---600w kenwood receiver,kenwood left and rights,Polk audio sub and tweeter in the rear Monitors--- 3x acer h236lBid Cup coaster---Evga geforce 256mb 6600le
  2. Signature plastics quoted me 750$ for a single set of custom doubleshots last year.
  3. ^ We cant really say without it actually coming out first.
  4. There's nothing there just want people to know there may be spoilers in this thread
  5. SPOILERS I want the universe to go back .How do you guys feel?
  6. Amazing build.I at one point plan to change the springs to lighter ones in my switchs
  7. Slick explains it pretty well here. There's nothing wrong with abs I just want to build an AMAZING keyboard
  8. This is the set ordered off ebay only to be out of stock.Also out of stock on geekkeys.
  9. So I just ordered a filco majestouch 2 ninja and some o rings with a blank full set of pbt keycaps.To only have the ebay seller tell me that there actully out of stock atm I can wait two weeks or get a refund,I opted for refund.I cant find anywhere else that has them for sale.. Black on black or blank black. Sorry for the typo in the title.I've typed so many blacks and blanks that I'm getting mixed up haha