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  1. vessel saker https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1
  2. MG2 here, add me if you are looking for Comp MM players. I hope you take the game seriously. How to you start as DMG and go to Silver 4, just curious?
  3. I am currently MG2, I used to be Badge but like you friends can ruin things for you. I made the smart decision and bought CS again during the sale and added them all on that account, those sad silver scrubs. PM me if you want.
  4. Good awper here, I sent you a friend thingy (SkN Saker)
  5. Hit me up with a PM, I only play MM when CEVO goes down.
  6. I took a 6 month hiatus from my ESEA team simply on the fact that I needed a break to freshen up the game. I ended up getting dropped for that team and have relegated back to playing Volvo MM and hate queuing up with randos. Due to my hiatus from CS I had to rerank and got my DMG back luckily, though I quickly lost that due to hackers and trolls. If you want to play with me, please have a mic and be fine with the fact that I record my matches (just a habit I picked up from dealing with certain ESEA mods). Let me know and I'll PM you. I also play other games. So yeah...if you wanna play other games with me, sure why not.
  7. I can assume this is a frequent question and plea for help. Currently since the first week of December my down/up speeds went downhill. I pay for an advertised 50d/50u. It use to be 125d/75u but after they change their pricing model they reverted everyone in my area to 50/50 with a jack up in the price (yayyyyyy). Right now I have a speeds that are tested from varies sites staying around 9d/45u. Well my download speed is fucking great. I wonder when I'll every need more then 15 up. Since I make a small amount of my living from the internet as a content creator I would like to maximize my down speeds. I like my Netfilx/Twitch/Youtube/etc. streams. Verizon just like any greedy ISPs they will not help me. What do I do? Any other people from NoVA that may be able to help?
  8. After frying my last rig and being on a college kid #ramennoodle+freewifi it would be nice to cut the price of a new rig be nearly $400.
  9. Like I said I own the Freelancer just like you and I as well would love to own a connie. Though my idea of having NPC is that they will not be able to operate like an actual person. Yeah you can have an run sensory scans and monitor stats, co pilot, but for gunning I feel they will balance the ai just like every other game out there when it comes to ai/npc.
  10. As a person that has a Freelancer (standard version but I have the DUR upgrade) and has no friends (sad life) I can say that it will be very difficult to manage multiple positions especially with a ship with multiple manned guns and turrets. If you own the Aurora (the one with cargo) yeah you will be able to man it solely on your own. As for ships like the Cutlass, Freelancer, and the awesome Constellation you will have no fun trying to fly these without atleast one other person. The Constellation needs 4 minimum. Try joining an organization to meet up with people. Of course everyone will have their own ships but most of the time people will join together and just alternate on which ship they take that day.
  11. I own the Freelancer and have the DUR upgrade and Have been trying to come up with a reason to purchase the Cutlass. I primarily see the cutlass as a small light cargo ship that can encounter a few dogfights here and there. As for the variants, the Red (Medic) Cutlass is a one of a kind and I can see in the PU that you can make a shitload of money with it since you know many people aren't gonna play the medic role. The Blue (Police) variant is honestly really good and the best so far for what it does. The Avenger is honestly not capable of completing with the Cutlass. Cutlass has more holding bays, and the two closets by the back door could be used for a weapons rack and the cutlass as the topside turret. Avenger is just more cost effective. The normal Cutlass is strictly for pirates. The amount of cargo area and the weapons and speed add up for a good pirate ship being able to quickly do small grabs and with a group of these, you can do a lot.
  12. I didn't know about this. But I love Star Citizen so far. I bought the Freelancer Package, sadly not the MIS variant. And Am going to purchase the Cutlass soon, don't know which one yet.
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Yes 20 hs' for emphasis)
  14. I'm kinda like Slick and am trying to stay away from LG becuase they seem to not understand privacy.
  15. After lloking up the dimensions, it seem that the OPO is only .2 inches taller and wider than the HTC One.