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  1. If its 94$ I would go for it, the 750 is closer to the 660 performance wise
  2. Idk, I heard the zotac cooler is meh, personally I would go with the Asus strix or gigabyte G1
  3. 7970(R9 280x) or GTX 770, I see them on sale today sub-$300 (Canadian)
  4. Well, i know that, but I would think that if your on a budget, crossfiring a 280 non-x is more cost efficient. Doe you might lose that 4 percent of performance vs a Full 7970 xfire.
  5. You could also try a different PCI slot, just incase its your mobo.
  6. Whats the speed of your fan when it ramps up? If it's a low percentage and RPM, it might be coil whine.
  7. How bout the performance of a 7970 X R9 280 (non-x) vs a GTX 970
  8. I have a General idea what does each setting mean, but can someone help mean with what these settings mean and give advice for the most optimal settings for each one?
  9. I'm using Teksavvy's 28mbps down with 1mbps up, so you think that's bottle necking my pc?
  10. So does that mean I can remove the bottle neck by adding a Network card or do I have to get a new modem? I'm using the rogers SMC3GN modem and using the onboard ethernet.
  11. Funny thing is, my sister has the exact same config but she can run Dota or SMITE fine and shes using a power line connection. But I wonder, a few days ago a storm happened at my place and the little LED on my ethernet port is fried because lightning knocked out something, I wonder if that's the cause. Also a bonus question here: I'm trying to clock my ram at its rated speed of 1600mHz, but the mother board refuses to do it properly (Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3) the only way I can clock it to 1600mhz is to turn up the bus speed but it ends up heating my pc along with my original problem.
  12. It happens regardless if there's a lot of people on that day or not, this problem also happens in another MOBA call SMITE, but in that game my fps drops gradually as the game goes on. The only game that's a exception to my problem is Battlefield 3.
  13. I've kinda notice when doing network/internet intensive-r things my cpu (a FX-6100) heats up a bit, or when playing games singleplayer like Dota 2 I would get frames above 100fps in but when entering a pub game my fps would drop to about 50fps. I'm wondering if I got a network card or something it would help with the frames and the heat but I don't know if that would actually fix it. Thoughts?