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  1. nemesis9991

    Tropico 3 free giveaway

    Its free guys just take it from Humble Bundle (you have 1:44 hours to claim it) here is link : https://www.humblebundle.com/store Enjoy
  2. nemesis9991

    statTrack m9 crimson web Field-tested

    hey i got about 2 weeks from phoenix crate M9 bayonet Case Hardend mw,one key one crate so i feel lucky
  3. nemesis9991

    Global Offensive question about trade in-game

    ok dude if its not problem post image or some specific way explain it i think maybe private profile is a key of solution here
  4. nemesis9991

    Global Offensive question about trade in-game

    sorry bro i cannot find that option,only Profile status,comment permission and inventory
  5. Hello guys do anyone knows how to turn off trade in game (when you play a game and some random guy call you for trade,not even your friend) happens to me alot in casual play so starts to be very annoying,if someone know solution answer please write
  6. nemesis9991

    vT August Giveaway

    Nickelback - How you remind me Spec Ops: The Line
  7. nemesis9991

    Tropico 4 Giveaway

    Sweet bro
  8. nemesis9991

    difference between online pay and free user

    I understand your pain,just like steam game The Hunter>Its great hunting simulator (Free to play game) and really realistic graphic but in start you will be satisfied with gameplay and stuff but later you need other guns who you actually buy with a money (all weapons with scopes not calculating different skins or "premium" skins more then 150$) if you dont buy you can only hunt rabbits. it's a lot of money for the game who actually is ''f2p''.
  9. nemesis9991

    difference between online pay and free user

    haha +
  10. nemesis9991

    difference between online pay and free user

    ha looks who comeback,you probably find on google what means sarcasm,you are been fast bravo,no no you are just a fat kid in front of computer who buys online and wait..got everything with money so unfortunately with all that time on computer still suck at game skills and yea you most buy everything in game to be better nice story.
  11. nemesis9991

    difference between online pay and free user

    haha i'm stupid because my statement and you make your self clever because you approved this ? I dont think so,so as free user i still bet i can kick your ass on premium kid,everyone have a right on you cant change that ''smart boy'',sarcasm of course in the end,google it you probably don't even know what its that.
  12. Online gaming rules those days,especially because today computer without internet is nothing technically speaking,so online play start to be in many cases ''Pay to win'' or give to us money and you will have all good shit and whores or be free user and you will be raped by the side of Premium user.A lot benefits with premium side (of course money side).So which one side you guys prefer
  13. nemesis9991


    lol that was intense,congratulations happy winer,you are been lucky
  14. nemesis9991

    Just Cause 2 Giveaway

  15. Steam warning you about other sites,yes a lot phishing those days specialy if you using csgo lounge its better example,when you put your post about trade there you got 3-4 friend request on steam,who ordinary says ''hey i have friend who wanna trade,but he cant add you so here is link'' (spam of corse dont click) so i think personaly that is ok from steam to show those message to people because you can easily lost acc on that way