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  1. Hello LTT community. So I just revived my new microphone (AT2020) together with an audio interface (m-audio m-track 2X2). After going through hours of troubleshooting getting the interface registered in windows I finally got It working. So I plugged in my mic, and put in my headphones and put on some music. Sounded great. Until I paused the music and noticed a hiss (dont really know how to explain it. But a continues noise hiss sorta.) I checked if it persisted when turning the volume all the way down and it did, then tried turning off the phantom power to the mic, where funnily enough, the hiss disappeared. What causes that and what can I do?
  2. So im getting a weird crash when playing minecraft, that i have from looking at the crashlog from java, narrowed down to an incompatiblity between my graphics driver and java. So an openGL problem. But updating my graphics driver hasnt fixed the problem. I really hope someone have some advice on what i could do, or perhaps i need to reset windows in some shape or form. But i had hoped i didnt have to. hs_err_pid7056.log
  3. Zethlon

    JVM crash

    I did a clean install of my graphics driver. No prevail. Still crashes
  4. Zethlon

    JVM crash

    I shall try to reinstall the driver. Because it is the newest there is. Thanks
  5. Zethlon

    JVM crash

    Hello there. So im having some trouble when trying to play minecraft. After realising why i didnt get a crash report, and asking for some help on reddit, i narrowed my problem down to it being a JVM crash. I have both the newest build of Java 8 and newly updated graphics drivers. Specs GPU: Gigabyte gtx 970 g1 gaming CPU: intel i5 6600k Ram: 16 GB ddr4 Here is log from the java crash: https://pastebin.com/KChiX4Tw I find it occuring often at times when i click out of the minecraft window and back in. I really hope someone can help, because im getting annoyed with it crashing.
  6. Zethlon

    Arma 3 Global relaxed Milsim PMC

    Thats my bad. It formatted correctly on mobile.
  7. Hello find people if the LTT community. I just wanted to post our recruitment page for any arma players looking for a unit [A3][Global][Recruiting] G.O.A.T Tactical Unit (PMC Relaxed Milsim) The G.O.A.T Unit is a unique style PMC which utilizes a payment system which is automated by you being on the server. This allows you purchase your own gear and customise yourself however you like through our shop system. We currently have multiple specialities people can learn for each mission, This allows you to learn 2 Specs and use whichever you want on OP day, It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used ACE before. We can teach you. We’re currently looking for people who are willing to be Helicopter Pilots, This isn’t a permanent every week thing, But every OP will need a singular pilot. **What we’re looking for** Ideally, anyone wanting to join us is gonna be willing to be an active member who participates in at least 2 ops per month, and who contributes to the community. **Op Times** Our main operations are Saturdays 6PM GMT, We also host sideops on Wednesdays and randomly throughout the week at the same time. **What we offer** + Dedicated Server + Private Teamspeak Server + Average of 15-20 People per OP + Customised Modpack to suit our needs **Requirements** + Fluent in English + Working Microphone + Teamspeak & Discord + NO DLC Required **Want to join?** https://discord.gg/6euRAsn Join the discord and let any Staff member know you’re interested in joining.
  8. Zethlon

    New Arma 3 players

    If you want, I am part of a group that runs operations every Saturday. We are a Milsim group that enjoys having fun both in and out of the game.
  9. Zethlon

    Galaxy s8 system storage.

    It says system memory 10 GB. Then a folder called other fills 10 gigs though can't see what in that folder would fill so much.
  10. I don't know if Samsung either suck at math, I'm looking in the wrong place or if the OS just is too damn large. I'm checking my storage and my files add up to about 5 maybe 6 gigs of storage usage, and somehow, I don't know from where but it says that 26 gigs are used. What the hell Samsung. Can someone explain this?
  11. Zethlon

    Screen elements jumping around

    what do you mean by maintenance?
  12. Hello LTT community. I have for the last couple of months had a problem with some of my programs on my pc. It appears to be mainly java programs this happens to, but it makes my programmes useless. I dont know if im descriping it correctly. So heres a pic. This is Maplesoft by the way, a CAD program. Hope someone can help, because im really tired of not being able to use the software on my desktop. Thanks in advance
  13. So i am saying "missing" because i dont know what else to say. When i search for windows store in the start menu, instead of the windows store icon, a white file icon comes up with this text "@{Microsoft.WindowsStore_11701.1001.79.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe. This happens to other windows apps too, but right now i only care about the store. I got no idea what to do, i tried reinstalling it through powershell, didnt work. Can someone help me? Thanks
  14. Zethlon

    GoPro help

    Its useful when needing to do something on the fly, without having to take of helmet whereever you have it mounted
  15. Zethlon

    GoPro help

    Well, its about 100 dollars, and wont it inhibit the microphone a use of voice commands?