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  1. phat_cow

    Best x570 mobo for a 3900x

    Stupid question: if I have 2 m2 nvme drives. Will that disable any pcie slots? I know my old motherboard does that....
  2. Building a new ryzen build next month. CPU: Ryzen 3900+ Motherboard: ASROCK X570 Taichi Drives: 9x8TB WD White labeled drives, 3x NVME, 4 SSD Graphics: GTX 980 (Plan on upgrading this in the future) Ram: 32GB 2x16gb or 4x8GB depending on motherboard (Daisy chain or T-Topology) Fans: 4-5 140mm RGB: Maybe Will a 750W 80+ Gold Power supply be sufficient in Watts and Amps? I really don't know how much power these draws when full load.
  3. phat_cow

    input lag - HELP!

    I converted my existing computer over to an unraid setup a few days ago. Before I never experienced mouse input lag while gaming. Now that i'm doing gaming in a VM. Competitive gaming is impossible with this input lag. My specs: Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO motherboard i7-4790K CPU 16GB ram