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  1. So you want to sidegrade because of one early dx12 benchmark? Little bit premature don't you think. By the time dx12 is relevant in games you will have bought a new card, for which dx12 benchmarks will exist then. Choose then( in 2 years) , there is no benefit right now. Besides the performance, gtx 970 has a lot less heat output and thus can operate more silent than a 390, depending on the cooler of course. And the nvidia software is pretty great with shadowplay etc,..
  2. Guys why is this even being discussed? The 980ti is a mile ahead of the 390x! That will be the best extra 50 dollars spent in your life! It is faster than fury x which is 2 tiers above the 390x! Really do it or regret for ever! The 980ti has the price/performance of a 970, about double the performance for about double of the money of a 970. If you don't need the power however I would recommend 970 and then upgrade again to the equivalent tier when Pascal comes. You will have spent about the same, but probably have a more powerful card in a year. Plus you have an extra 970 for a backup rig or you can sell it then.
  3. Guys, on the fence here. Great deal for a ducky shine 3 with mx blacks and green leds. 100 euro, so tempting!! But I already have a ducky mini with reds...
  4. Hi everyone. I am interested in a simple plain good TKL keyboard with mx blacks. I have the kul es87 and ducky shine 3 easy available here. Which one would you guys pick? I don't really need the backlighting. The kul es 87 is pretty expensive here though. 150 euro for KUL vs 120 euro for the ducky shine 3.
  5. Pok3r as mentioned already, ducky mini, KBP V60. 60% will be more comfy to carry around everyday.
  6. How do you like it? I am also interested in this mouse. I have small hands so I like lower profile mice. Can you give some impressions about feel and comfort?
  7. You wouldn't have any problem with the key feel itself which you probably like more than laptop keys but the actual physical height of the keycaps was quite the change for me. But this can be changed by changing the keycaps for a set in cherry profile.
  8. One of the reasons I went mechanical was because they are of much higher quality and more durable than your average non-mechanical keyboard. The keys and switch mechanic will last a lot longer plus you can change the keys if they wear out. Also you can remove the keys for easy cleaning crums and stuff that fell beneath the keys. Last plus for me is the aesthetics. There are many types to choose from like 60%, TKL or full size each with different looks from understated class to something more remarkable. Last for me was the switch feel as I never had a problem with laptop keyboards. When you do switch from a non mechanical to mechanical I felt the height of the keys causing a lot of errors because my fingers got stuck on a key dragging them from key to key. This changed when I bought keycaps type cherry which are lower than standard keycaps type OEM. When I spent 1500 euro on my first rig I wanted input devices that match the qualities of the components inside my computer. These are the things that you touch everyday so they better are of top quality. Same with monitor. Do not skimp on keyboard, mouse or monitor IMHO. They will last you a lot longer too than your average computer normally.
  9. Do I sense a Roccat kone pure military review incoming? Good job Edzel, now please review the kpm.
  10. You gotta give us omething to work with, measure your hand from base of palm to top of middlefinger. What is your grip? What things are important to you in a mouse? Number of buttons, look, click feel?
  11. Fellow Belgian, I looked into it and I think the small shape would suit me but I don't like the cheap look at all and not sure about sensor performance. I have decided a tossup on the G302 and the roccat kone pure military, both seem plenty small and kind of good looking. Roccat Kone pure military seems to have the better sensor and safer shape but the G302 looks a bit better(with lights off) and the clicks are supposedly amazing in feel so there's that.
  12. Yes I have looked into the m45 seems quite ok, kind of smallish and no nonsense look. Do you own it? Fingertip grip as said in my first post. First sentence is I don't like the deathadder. Thanks for reading. Not really interested in razer as I was not pleased with the deathadder. Wow really helpful thanks Do you own the mouse? Do you have small hands, how does it sit in your hand?
  13. Hello guys and girls, a few months ago I got myself the steelseries rival after not being satisfied with the deathadder 3.5G(too light and flimsy,LOD too high, unsatisfying clicks). Now the moment I got it I felt it was a bit too big so I tried to return it but the scums wouldn't let me unless it was broken(I was tempted for a moment...). I endured it for 3 months now, did great actually: good clicks, no nonsense design, good grip and texture. However: lately I have been getting a horrible pain in the wrist of my mouse hand. Using the extensor muscles of my hand and wrist is very uncomfortable and borderline painful while using the mouse and now typing. So I am guessing this is due to the height of the mouse which brings my wrist in extenstion too much. So I definitely need a new mouse and I want it to be lower profile than the steelseries rival. I was thinking about logitech G402 or G502. I am leaning towards the latter because of the better sensor as I like FPS(borderlands, battlefield, bioshock, portal, metro far, cry,...) and towards the former for the simpler look. I am also considering the corsair sabre optical because it looks really low so it won't irritate my wrist and also pretty stylish looking aside from the corsair logo. Other info about me: I think I use a fingertip grip and I have fairly small hands, around 17 cm from base of hand to top of middlefinger. I am mainly looking for responses that are based on experience with the mice in question or people that did their homework properly or just helpful comments are welcome too Thanks for reading and trying helping me out in advance.
  14. Would your girlfriend/wife find this emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?
  15. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-long-can-humans-stay/ Humans can stay awake for a pretty long time apparently. And I'm sure he went to the bathroom couple of in 24 hours so it's not like he didn't move at all. But yes thrombosis chances rise high. But still I think this person was predispositioned for this to happen. Get hundred people to do this and only one may die. (just a guess).