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    okotoks, alberta canada
  1. OK so I have 1000$ saved up in Canadian and i was wondering what the best computer for gaming i could make. ~as long as it doesn't look like a toaster and a cereal box duct taped together, I don't really need a fancy case ~as long as it doesn't sound like a power drill I don't need noise insulation ~as long as it doesn't it isn't 400 degrees above, it is ok if it is hot. ~i need at least 12GB of ram for 3D rendering ~i want a dedicated graphics card ~would be nice to have a SSD but not needed. Thanks if you were able to help!
  2. Username- pieterre300 I already did this 2 days before the new link was given and I have to go and won't be back for 6 hours. I hope it still can count
  3. Hello everyone, I don't know if the contest got closed because the video talking about it was taken down, but i hope it is still going on and the winner is hasn't been chosen because I have don't have much of a setup. actually i only have a 250$ laptop which cant run any games at all, i end up playing browser games that aren't intense so i dont crash my computer. my only decently good thing my razer naga epic. all I am saying is that i just want the contest to continue and i hope i win! GOOD LUCK
  4. ooooohhh! can't wait for the winners to be announced! GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!!

  5. OK so I think the giveaway link is down so i will do this here: vessel username~ pieterre300 5K Nvidia Geforce Titan X SLI Preformance Benchmarks~ https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy 4K display + Alienware 18 + i7 4940MX at 4.0Ghz = Awesome~ https://www.vessel.com/videos/dDXYfUdfZ Fingers crossed and I hope I win! Thanks!