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  1. Hello Guys! Long time no reply eh! Firstly, I want to apologise for the appauling state I left this log in. Let me explain myself. I started this log over a long summer, expecting to complete by the time i had to move out for university. This, unfortunately, did not happen. I found that a week before I came to university the project was no where near completion and i needed my money for other things such as living costs. So instead of seeing this through, I unfortunately just left it. Obviously this was the wrong choice, i could of easily taken some pictures and put them on here: but truth be told, the build didnt live up to my expectations, and I was a bit disappointed. Now fast forward 6 months, and I now have a job. Im earning some good money, and am now able to get the parts that i wanted originally. More on that later. So heres some pictures I just quickly took. VERY sorry for the poor quality. So as mentioned above, I now have a job, and money. So I will be able to get the parts that i wanted before. I was initially going to just carry on with this case. But my brother likes how this one looks and I have decided to give this PC to him. So, for my PC ill be buying pretty much all new hardware, including case! So stay tuned for the next build log and I promise it will be complete and will include a fully custom loop!! Peace guys
  2. about 45 mins from my uni haha! i move in on tuesday! enjoy freshers dude
  3. i know, i wasnt bashing you haah! just saying if im on my iphone 3g, i normally dont click! but yea when you have loads put it in the title!
  4. love the case! having picture heavy in the title at this point is a bit silly dont you think? at the moment theres like 10 pictures, may be losing you some thread views
  5. haha thanks dude! just getting the update ready Thanks, so do i hahah
  6. Right guys, ive made some progress!!!!! wohooooooo! so this needs to be basically ready for next tuesday when i move out of my house, to a new house 2 and a half hours away. As you may have guessed i havent got the hardware yet, being a student and all, but that doesnt mean i couldnt build a fucking wicked looking pc with the hardware i already have. I'll be posting all the snaps ive taken over the last few weeks later tonight! But for now heres a little teaser of the front panel almost complete! just got to cut the acrylic to shape. Let me know what you think
  7. the colour scheme is amazing dude! love the chrome accents dotted about! cant wait to see the finished article!! P.S. the copper connectors are so epic
  8. looks pretty sweet! id probably get a laptop sleeve with half linus's face, half slicks, then on the other side half b-roll half diesel haha
  9. natively, none really. There isnt enough clearance in the top for a radiator and fans. Then front there is a hdd cage which is riveted in. You could but a 120 in the front but whats the point in a 120. Now. with a bit of modding, you can fit a 240 in the front, easy. You could also put a 360 in the front if you removed the optical bays. Personally i have modded this case to fit a 360 in the top (at a squeeze) and a 240 in the front. both require a bit of modding but not a great deal!
  10. No no. Hasn't stopped completely! Had a busy couple of weeks! Let me explain. So a couple weeks ago I found out i got into university! My mum and dad helped me buy myself something...that i will not disclose yet. But for a bit its sort of taken my focus off of my pc. but anyway...so for the last couple of weeks i have had work (real, office work) and other work (software design work). Alongside all of that i have been rushing around trying to get stuff together and organised in time for me moving out of my family home for the first time! So i wont lie, i wasnt anticipating on getting into university. But now i have, im a student. So money is going to be a little tight. But the build will be completed! 100% to perfection i may add. Just may take a little longer so i will be updating the thread, but be patient. Im sure you guys understand moving out etc, starting uni and all that is a big thing and I'm gna be partying too much and drinking too much to step foot near a computer. So please, dont be discouraged. The build is still ongoing.
  11. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chrome-Copper-Tube-Pipe-10mm-x-250mm-CCT250-10-/110461722109?pt=UK_DIY_Materials_Plumbing_MJ&hash=item19b8081dfd buy more than one and they ship as whole length i believe http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chrome-Plumbing-Tube-Pipe-10mm-x-1500mm-CCT1500-10-/120576187879?pt=UK_DIY_Materials_Plumbing_MJ&hash=item1c12e69de7 or this is a pretty good length