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  1. madomadsen

    response time vs refresh rate

    This forum is awesome! thx for the infos! I ll probably go for tn then -viewing angles I dont care about and the colors I ll check in reviews. Currently I am on ultrawide 32" IPS with 60 fps(one of the first LGs) - its a dream for strategy or turn based titles but with fast moving fps titles I was never quite comfartable with it - thx to your info though - I now know what to look for - hopefully navi wont be a let down this year to power the new baby!
  2. madomadsen

    response time vs refresh rate

    Hey guys! Apex recently got me - as my aim sucks I ll do what any older gamer would do - throw money at the problem and upgrade! All kidding aside - I am curious on your experience with 144 hz and the response time of 1 vs 4 ms? I d like to stick with IPS but I would regret if 1ms is a gimmick you shouldnt miss playing fps game semi competitivly? Do you notice a difference between 1 tn and 4 ips ms? p.s. what do you think of this puppy Acer Nitro VG270UP 69 cm (27 Zoll) Monitor (2x HDMI, DisplayPort, ZeroFrame-Design, 1ms Reaktionszeit, 144Hz, WQHD Auflösung) schwarz https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07G9J35CQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_BMkBCbHWP9QV3 IPS with 1 ms through vrb technologie - never heard of that - is it any good compared to true 1 ms on tn panels? p.s. any news on upcoming panels with similiar or better specks I should be waiting for? Your opinions are greatly appreciated
  3. madomadsen

    microphone problems

    Yeah thx for the tip - some liberay in privacy settings(of all places) was disabled for some reason. thumbs up for you mister
  4. madomadsen

    microphone problems

    Hey guys! I am looking for some help. My mic isnt working - I tried two different headsets - I cant get the mic to work. it shows up under devices but i dont get an audiolevel. In game(Apex) i am shown as having no microphone. I tried every single audiosetting I could find - the only thing that works is in win 10 if I choose to use the headset as output then I can hear myself on the headset(so the mic seems to be working) - other then that I am not getting it to work - is there a hidden audiosetting I am missing? Additional info: I am running win 10, the headset is a wireless steelseries arctis 7, the normal audio output works fine any help would be appreciatet
  5. madomadsen

    NVME install

    That seems to be the solution - THX man - I hope switching the sataports around doesnt destroy the raid
  6. madomadsen

    NVME install

    Yes two SSDs on Sata! Thx I am gonna check that
  7. madomadsen

    NVME install

    Hey fellow pc geeks... I got a quick question. I just installed a new nvme - since then my raid 0 (2*250 GB samsung) is failling to launch - any chance this is due to the new nvme - one of the two doesnt show up in bios anymore - or is this puppy simply broken? I appreciate any help greatly
  8. madomadsen

    Need Help with SSD Raid 0 plus win 10 SSD

    Man that was quick help - Thanks a lot!!!!
  9. Hey fellow LTT Fans! I could use a little help - I just bought a new gaming rig - to save some money I ordered without windows and wanted to put my 128GB old System SSD with win 10 in it - problem is the 2*240 GB SSD in Raid 0 arent showing up in windows only in bios?! Any help for that - in worst case how can I undo the Raid setup? Regards & THX in advance MadoMadson