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  1. @Khoomn OC won't damage "dp/hdmi port" it could damage core,traces etc but that would be a rare case for it to damage a part of functionality. It is either damaged or we're missing something here.
  2. @Khoomn List of question suggesting what to check basicly : . Did you try a different DP cable on that GPU ? 2.Did you try this DP cable on a different device ? 3. Do you have a known good cable from another device that could be used to check this gpu ? 4.Did you try different monitor on this gpu+dp cable ? 5. Nothing weird in Nvidia panel? 6. Did you try a clean install of nvidia drivers ? 7. Is it working normally on dp/hdmi without OC?
  3. @Khoomn Did you make sure that monitor is not set to auto or hdmi instead of DP ? Some monitors when set to auto can pick signal source at random(predefined order) if multiple cables are attached.
  4. @Ship1617 even without ssd/hdd you should be able to get into bios without gpu ? it depends if you have a cpu with inbuild graphic and monitor is connected to mobo output auto-reboot usually is not due to lack of disk/os as it would just wait for a drive/command etc Maybe start with listing your parts
  5. You mean you got partitions that use only a part of disks ? Your post is kind of all over the place When not sure of what was done etc and having a copy of data a wipe is a good thing because you start with clean slate and setup everything from scratch as it should be.
  6. shark103


    Use manual for your mobo - they can be found on mobo manufacture website
  7. That can have a lot of underlying causes so it doesn't say much. I'm of out ideas sorry, it's either RAM or PSU. edit: last one tiny thing. You tested RAM module individually but did you try to run the system with only one for a bit to see if it crashes - then switch modules and try the second one this way. You could call it battle testing not with synthetic loads/tests.
  8. Did you try putting only one stick of ram at the time ? Make sure you put the ram in correct slot when putting only one stick. Did you try min setup to check if you get into bios at least - min setup I mean mobo+cpu+one ram+psu ofc but no gpu, no drive etc. Did you try to reset bios (i know you got new mobo but we need to make sure that's it in default setting.
  9. Simplest things first : are all the power cables plugged all the way in (especially 8pin for CPU)? How frequently is this happening ? When did it start ? Only under load or even on desktop/web browsing ?
  10. Hi, With what did you test ram to get such an info ? For RAM testing always use MemTest. Is the RAM still under warranty ? Is this a new, store bought PC ? How long after building/buying this system crashes started?
  11. Hi, First things first- are you getting into bios / monitor gets the signal but stays black or nothing at all (only fans)?
  12. Hey, Kinda looks like either a psu problem with powering the mobo or mobo itself. Is the system working at all (os, bios anything?) when put altogether or is it only powering on prebios and stuck ? You wrote that all parts were tested individually ? All of them even mobo with different cpu/psu/ram/gpu ?
  13. If you have at least 10gb on windows partition and updates up to date(no 10gb+ updates in que) then free space is not an issue for sure. Randomly when it's on for more than aprox 4hours or randomly and 4+ hours is aprox from a day/two ? Is the psu under warranty ?
  14. Still almost only crashing on those 2 games ? Did you try with updating chipset drivers etc via snappy ? Did you tried anything with peripherals ? Did you look at drive health - eg Crystal Disk Info ? Beside what's above all all earlier things - I'm out of ideas and leaning fully to PSU fault as it may not be able to handle spikes in load, problem with it only havving one 8pin
  15. Can be anything higher (in power) than those if you can get it cheap enough. Example if you can get a GTX950 (or higher) in the same price or lower than 750Ti then go for it. Nothing lower as 750Ti/7850 is an optimal pair with your cpu - lower one and your new gpu will be the bottleneck for the cpu. One additional thing as you might not now this a 670 is more powerful than 750ti and those you probably could also get cheap. Nvidia gpu power you could say that if you take their number from gtx family as XY0 then X|Y+2|0 >> X+1|Y|0 what i mean on examples 670 >> 750 660 around the same 750 650 << 750 XY0 << XY0ti
  16. Get a new PSU for sure. @cbigfoot gave you a nice suggestion with that. You can also look at this list if you can get a modular cheaper - suggestion look at tier A and PSU with long warranty like that Seasonic. Getting a RTX 2060 now make zero sense, there is absolutely no point in that if you plan to keep current rig with upgraded GPU for 2-4 years. After that time 2060 could be a bottleneck for new CPU or could just be dead and you would never even use 50% of it's power. So you need more RAM, ok probably best way is to just buy that in shop as DDR3 should be cheap as it's older gen - 60-70 bucks would get you 2x8gb from Patriot, Mushkin or G.Skill. Sata SSD is obvious that's why I didn't even mention it. You'll be upgrading psu, gpu, ram quite a bit under your budget so you can spend that 35-50 bucks for a WD Green, Kingston A400, Crucial BX500. Later on when you will be building new rig you can take that ssd and throw it into cheap usb3.0 external enclosure. PSU+RAM+SSD+GPU would on total be around 300-350 bucks from what i see online. PSU will be moved to new rig later on, SSD could be used as external.
  17. @Winnah5 Hey, Upgrading this machine hmmm... I wouldn't. That CPU is old and weak as hell it will be a bottleneck for any modern GPU. If don't want to buy a new rig just yet but feel the need to upgrade GPU then I would suggest getting a used GTX750Ti/AMD Radeon HD 7850 or something a bit more powerful that will still be cheap. 60fps on medium in GTA5 no way with that CPU, maybe 60fps on low. RAM 16gb with that CPU is not worth it if you don't use memory hungry programs - you won't be using it in new future rig as it's DDR3.
  18. What about disk usage ? Some programs/processes could use only a fraction of cpu/memory available but have massive disk usage.
  19. After fixing lose cable, crashing at max load and what would I do ? That's simple but probably not what anyone looking for help wants to hear - get a new PSU. With the current one you could "fix" the issue for a bit by going back to stock (zero OC) on both CPU and GPU or even undervolt CPU a bit but that would only be putting a bandage over a hole in a wheel - won't fix the problem only hide it for a bit. Get a new PSU asap and while picking it look at the tier list Anything tier A or higher will be good (don't go for S instead of A as it won't give you anything, only do that if you can get it cheaper that lower tier one). For wattage use a psu calculator < this is the best one I know as it also allows to input OC, AIOs etc (don't buy recommended psu just use this to calculate how much W you need).
  20. I've seen all that on MS site - that's why I wanted you to hit it with synthetic load and wanted those logs. From what i see there it doesn't seem like PSU fault but I cannot be sure in 100% as you PSU is on the lower side on quality for such a system. One problem with synthetic load compared to games is that the load gradually increases and in game it's a sudden spike. edit: Idea of unpluging all usb devices and using different ones is based on one of the errors from event viewer - "Error setting traits on Provider" if you would google the id after this text you would stumble on a lot of information about this being a problem with usb devices, usb controllers etc. One more thing you could try is to get best possible drivers for chipset, usb controller and things like that - for this task i would use a small piece of software called Snappy Driver Installer. I've used it with good effect on a lot of system, to be safe always install max 1-2 drivers and one time and create restore points.
  21. Looks like GPU drivers problem or GPU temp/power problem. Did this start recently or is this new machine ? Any driver/windows updates before this started, any hardware changes etc ?
  22. shark103


    First step unplug and replug every power cable PSU <> mobo, PSU <> GPU, PSU <> drives If that didn't work take out gpu from pci-e slot and plug back in, if that didn't work do the same with ram, if that didn't work do the same with cpu. If nothing from above helped we'll think some more.
  23. Ahh so it's from an older system, that's why it was paired with those component. Lose power cable a bit funny and good that nothing more serious Smart Pro RGB would be border line but could be if system would not be OCed and pushed to the limits. That's why at first i wrote that ony DPS G is suitable from "Smart" Thermaltakes.
  24. all 3 ram "combos" ? and all of that always attached to system ? ditch mousepad and headset for start and test later if you can use different keyboard / mouse edit: make sure that all power cables from PSU are connected all the way into mobo in both placed, gpu etc - different topic someone just found that he didn't have one cable plugged all the way