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  1. nokel81

    Looking into creating my family's NAS

    Okay makes sense re drives. I am looking at also it being a PLEX server
  2. nokel81

    Looking into creating my family's NAS

    I was planning on doing RAID 6. As for OS I was thinking freeNAS or unRaid. I haven't looked too much into either but I am leaning towards freeNas. Thank you very much. However, if I wanted to do something like RAID 6, wouldn't multiple smaller drives be better?
  3. Hi I was wondering if I could get some advice. Things that the NAS should be able todo: Backup for local computers Remote collection for pictures (iPhoto, currently on many different drives) PLEX server I am currently looking a buildup about the following: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/vhX4dX How does this look?
  4. If I want to post a comment (mostly for the FPC) it will always redirect me to the page with my comment. It would be really nice if there was a checkbox to prevent that from happening so that I can pause the video, comment, and then go back to the same spot.
  5. This is what is called an inline function or lambda programming. This means that the Methods "Where" and "Select" can take a generic function of one parameter and returns some value. In the case of Where, a Boolean, and Select, an Object. The notation => is just that, a notation, that can roughly correlate with bool private IsProperty(<T> val) { return val.field > 1; } In-lining is very useful and can make a program much more readable instead of righting one function for every time. In C# these lambda functions (or reference-less functions) are called delegates, they can also be called like this: var greaterThanTen = someCollection.Where(delegate(int x) { return x > 10; });
  6. @Nuluvius I me that using "var" instead of type int or Int16/Int32, I would say that the program looses some of the memory control
  7. So the foreach should read like this: foreach (ControlledObject element in ControlledObjects) { element.ExecuteCommand(); } What the stack over flow posting means is that the ArrayList container object stores object references (or pointers, I don't quite know how C#'s memory management works) instead of `<T>` pointers if you did `System.Collections.List<T>`. The above works because foreach will cast the element to the given type at run time or throw an InvalidCastException. The above loop is equivalent to: foreach (var __o in ControlledObjects) { (ControlledObjet)__o.ExecuteCommand(); } I know Microsoft does not have very much about the `var` keyword. It is used like in javascript it infer types. Technically it is the standard for helper variables but I don't like using it since it is less descriptive and you loose some the controls.
  8. This seems to be either a casting issue (namely casting the object which is returned from the ArrayList) or trying on an undefined item. I would suggest an List<ControlledObject> if thery are all the sme
  9. nokel81

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    That is one cool projector. You say that it is light, must have very good construction too. It is also one of the best looking projectors I have seen
  10. nokel81

    Apacer AS330 Panther Giveaway

    Currently I do not have an ssd in my computer but what I do have is 3 1TB drives in Raid for faster performance. Too bad that is only for my linux box, by windows half sure could use the speed.
  11. nokel81


    Questions: 1. Will there be ever more than 1 LTT video per day, on LTT not including one of the other ones? 2. When will you be expanding again, hiring? 3. Will there be a dedicated skit channel? 4. Can there be another meet up? 5. Can there be another show like the WAN show but some other time but about a different topic? 6. With LCT ever come back?
  12. nokel81

    Streaming To Local TV

    So any camera with an HDMI out can stream instead of recording?
  13. nokel81

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    Small form factor gaming pc's are awesome because they let you have a clean desktop and more room for your legs under a table
  14. nokel81

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    My favourite is the keyboard, the cherry brown switches are awesome and I really like the sleek design.
  15. nokel81

    Streaming To Local TV

    How would I take a camera's output HDMI and send it to a system of TVs? Would I need a capture card or just a straight HDMI cable? Thanks