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  1. Ask as many questions as you want I'm glad to give back to the community, next time I play I will check and report back!
  2. I get anywhere from 110-140fps depending on the map and what part of the map, that's with everything on ultra except for AA
  3. im just going to sell my second r9 290
  4. I popped out one of my R9 290's and was getting a very smooth 130fps im very happy with that. staying single! It has so much potential, playing BF 3 with 144fps and nothings wrong then going to BF 4 and this mess, its a shame.
  5. thank you to all that helped me out, atleast i learned a little about overclocking
  6. ok heres the scoop, i got off track and forgot what the main issue here is. I overclocked to 4.3 and played some BF 4. CPU usage around 80% and GPU usage was the same as as it was. all over the place. nothing was overheating or throttling so as i t stand im going back to a single GPU config until theres an update.
  7. yes this helps, so what voltage do i not want to go over? i hear to stop at 1.3 is this true?
  8. here is the highest i was able to get
  9. Oh in the video its desabled but I don't have that option I set it to level one
  10. Could that be why i was getting bluescreens
  11. ok guys so here is a video with my bios in it, i used the same settings as this guys but i set 1.25 volts and i used 45 for the multpilier instead, got blue screens. please look at the video and tell me what settings to use please<3
  12. So The Asrock bios is way different from the Asus one, its a lot more complex and I'm having a hard time finding everything, there's like two places for voltages and idk what's what
  13. I don't think your being rude, I used the bios built in auto overclocking feature and just selected the 4.0ghz option. I'll configure it Manually when I get home