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  1. Hello to the forum. After flashing the latest beta BIOS (bravo me!) 4801 for my p9x79 pro using the bios EZ utilty, the first boot showed bios recovery message with directions on how to proceed using the flashback bios feature (and was the last thing I ever saw from my computer) Obviously the flashing failed, so I followed the instructions to use Flashback from the manual: 1. Formating usb to fat32 2. Renaming file to P9X79PRO.CAP 3. Copying file to root folder 4. Putting the drive to the specific flashback usb port 5. Pressing the flashback button for 3 seconds. EVERY time I tried, the same behavior. The system seems to be reading(?) the bios (Both flashback light and the USB drive light are flashing) for around 30-40 seconds, then the flashback light stays on and the USB drive is off (disconnected?) According to every guide and video I saw, the flashback light is supposed to turn off after a successful flashing. Trying to boot the error code is "00" meaning the motherboard doesn't post at all. Tried booting with CPU installed also and it gets hot (weird/hopeful?) What I tried: Disconnecting EVERYTHING (including CPU, fans, RAM etc.) only power to motherboard connected (Flashback is supposed to work on bare mobo also) TPU, EPU Switches on and off 3 different flash drives Fat32 and FAT (i dont think its the drive problem anyway since it seems to read it fine) 5 different versions of bios from asus, plus 1 modded for NVME I found online (YOLO) Exact same result every time. It seems to read the file for 30-40 seconds, then solid light, boot code 00. Seems my only option now is to buy and resolder a BIOS chip, but maybe I am not seing something or doing something wrong, so please help me guys.
  2. What is missing from the old videos and I failed (miserably) to explain, is not the actual "craziness" but in a more correct word, the "charm". Yes it was a shitty-shaky camera video, bad lighting, bad sound, barely edited, but watching it made you feel fulfilled and safe. Fulfilled because you learned something or had fun and safety because you didn't doubt for a second that what you are watching is true and honest. When watching most LTT videos lately I feel confused instead. I am thinking "did Linus really wanted to give a positive review of the OnePlus 6 or did he have to because of all the sponsored content by OnePlus before?" "Is Linus really having fun doing this crazy thing or is he just pretending because he HAD to make a sponsored video?" "Do I need an ifixit kit or an LTT shirt in my life to be happy?" I know you already addressed these "accusations" on the "How does LMG make money" video but it made no difference to me. I believed you were unbiased before that, and i still believe it. But as the sponsored content increases, it gets harder and harder not to make these thoughts. When thumbnails changed and clickbait titles appeared I said "its ok. Money needs to be made, new viewers always needed" When sponsored content started to appear and became more regular as time went by, I said "its ok. Money needs to be made, at least he is saying its sponsored" but the amount of ads is currently at peak. The 5/6 thing just made me post this, because I expected to see a topic here already, but I didn't. I know people are "durable" against ads and always seem to be able to take "just a little more" but there is a limit to the amount of ads a person can take and not feel like a victim. It worries me that you don't want to make any commitment but I will keep my fingers crossed for 1-2 sponsored videos per week. I understand that things can't be like the old days when you have so many employers depending on you for a living and yes, Τhe stress and the agony you have to please everyone (viewers, sponsors, employees) shows in your face and your voice. Watch older videos. You were like a hippy with not a care in the world. I appreciate your hard work but I also feel bad for poor Linus. I fear the day that Linus retires because he can't take it anymore. Ask yourself if its worth it to grow financially and as a company if its going to put you on the spot of viewers/sponsors/employees all the time? Sorry for being so touchy-feely and rehashing old, already addressed topics, but I just worry about the future of my favorite channel. Not it's success/growth, that's a given at this point, but its integrity and ingenuity. I was covered already when you agreed it was not ok and you will try to make sure this wont happen again, so I need to thank you for taking the time to discuss it in more depth, since you didn't have to.
  3. Thanks for replying. I was (almost) certain that it was a coincidence about the latest videos, but how about the not-so-near future? The duration of sponsor clips inside videos AND the sponsored content gradually increased over the years. Any commitment about limiting the ratio of normal/sponsored content? What you try to justify as "extra" content, is still content. It still pops up on subscribers boxes, "Sponsored" isn't always on the title, so I will click it, I will watch the ad-sense ad for it. PLEASE don't turn LTT into another giant ad channel (e.g. Unbox Therapy). I know its like asking Apple not to "Apple" and you can both reply by showing me the increasing numbers of viewership and follower-ship, meaning you do things "right", but could it just be the increasing number of people using the internet/technology? Could those numbers be even greater with better content? I know we are way past the outdoor reviews of "every-motherboard-released-this-year" but I am sure there is still audience for the good old LTT videos. With Linus willing to make an educational or entertaining video, no matter how low quality production, ghetto, or ridiculous it was going to be, driven by his passion for technology and not profit (member whole room water cooling?) I respect that you try to make the sponsored content videos interesting and "crazy LTT style" but when you are limited to a specific product and have an embargo timeline its hard to be creative and 9/10 of the times it just ends up as see-through, labored and cringy "craziness" For example the Intel Optane (cache and standalone SSD versions). You were harsh on their reviews (thankfully) but 7 total videos were released about it. 2 on Techquickie as presentation and setup guide (still indirect ad IMO) and 5 on LTT. 2 reviews, 2 previews and 1 ridiculous use-case scenario that "could make you want it" plus some appearances in other videos. Its obvious that Intel is pushing sponsorship for it because it sold only 8 units in 3 months (personal estimation) but how many videos until you tell them "just let it die already" and find another sponsorship? Trying to squeeze more Optane content out of nowhere just for sponsorship hurts the credibility and image of the channel more than whatever Intel is paying you. I subscribed to LTT because there was nothing else even close to what you were offering on YouTube and I am sure most of your subscribers are here because of that uniqueness. Nowadays I will just LISTEN TO your videos while I am doing the dishes, just to have something on the background and not get bored. Make videos like the old days, when I would pay my FULL ATTENTION to it because I knew I would learn something or at least be entertained. Make videos that people will go back after years and still enjoy. If you have to put sponsorship(s) inside the videos, do it subtly not taking up almost half of the video's duration. If you need to upload sponsored content limit it to 1-2 videos per week and do it for products that you actually BELIEVE IN and will make an interesting video, even if its not about technology. You are LTT, I am sure you have many companies begging to be sponsored. Its time you started being picky about them. Sorry for the long reply but man.... My heart is breaking.
  4. Even those videos being "pre-review" embargoed are under special embargoes. Steve on GN talked about companies giving embargoes about unboxing, external characteristics, setting up, criticizing it as ridiculous and "free advertisements" for the products. The point is not what or how the sponsors are in the videos, but how much/often. Does it really matter if the ad is for a phone or a vacuum? Its for the company to decide on which channel they will get the most audience for their product, for the youtuber money is money and unless its something offending, it should be ok. My whole point is: What we want the LTT channel to be? mostly sponsored content with the occasional "normal" content or mostly "normal" content with the occational sponsored video?
  5. I know there is money to be made, bills, salaries, equipment. But when enough is enough? and what ratio of normal/sponsored content is acceptable? I prefer 7 videos a week with 1 being sponsored than 12 videos in a week with 10 sponsored. Its not like the companies send them the videos ready to upload, they still need all the usual resources even on the sponsored content. Breakdown of an LTT video: 1.AdSense before video starts - Intro - (2.Video Sponsor, if not Sponsored Content) - main video - (3.sometimes repeat of sponor-or other sponsor) - outro - 4. LTT sponsors (affiliate, merch etc) Where does the ad-ception end? As I said i know Linus videos need A LOT of money to be made, but lets be realistic. There has to be some kind of corporate greed here. Its not like they are going bankrupt and they NEED all these. Please no childish answers like "if you don't like it don't watch it". I am entitled to criticize anything I paid indirectly by watching ads. And A LOT of them. I love LTT videos, but it seems they become more ads than actual content as time goes on. I really think they should re-evaluate whats more important. Is it worth it to have crazy content, with thousand dollars worth of products, shot and produced with VERY expensive equipment, if it means the majority of the videos will be sponsored content?
  6. Noticed a theme on the latest uploads of the LTT channel: OnePlus 6 Leaks Confirmed! - Hands On = Sponsored by OnePlus OnePlus 6 Quality Control EXPOSED = Sponsored by OnePlus Save Money on RAM.. with Optane?? = Sponsored by Intel CUTTING OPEN A LASER KEYSWITCH! - Bloody Gaming LK Switch Showcase = Sponsored by Bloody Gaming What the heck is an AI Phone?! - Honor 10 Showcase = Sponsored by Honor One Plus 6 Review = NOT Sponsored (I guess) I mean come on Linus.... That's 5/6 Videos in 4 days. I know Linus called them "Extra Videos, beyond the 1 video per day" but are they really? Its 4 days, so there should be 4 "normal" videos. Instead its only one (WAN show doesn't really count) I hope this was just a coincidence, and the sponsored content will be spaced out again. I think its ok to have 1 sponsored video every week, even if its not "extra" or 2 at most, with 1 being extra, but that's just my opinion.
  7. I am interested because its small........
  8. Only thing I would like on my mice is that the middle click button never breaks. Guess that's too much since both sidewinder and deathadder eventually broke for me.
  9. Good luck on your new platform! Vessel Username: lambrosgg 2 favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy Shares: https://twitter.com/LambrosGeorge/status/580346131718107136