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  1. Hi, i’m looking to upgrade my current system (see footer) with a new cpu, motherboard, cpu-cooler and ram. The motherboard, cpu-cooler and ram i can figure out on my own but when it comes to cpu’s at the moment i have now clue which one to pick despite following all the news. I am looking for some advice on which cpu suits me best (please tell me why you think a particular cpu will suit me) The cpu needs to be suited for the following: I want to game on this computer. I want this computer to have the ability to stream to a streaming site at a decent resolution / frame rate. I want the computer be able to run Virtual Machines and / or be able to render a video at a decent speed (probably won’t be running vm’s and rendering a video at the same time.) Computer is also used for software development and web browsing / content consumption. I have looked at a couple of cpu’s but don't know which suits me best. Broadwell-E i7 6850k / x99 (maybe to old?) Kabylake-X i7-7800k or i7-7820k / x299 Ryzen 7 1700 or 1800 / x370 or possibly any other suggestions. I really don’t want to compromise on any features you get at that price level. i don't really have a budget but i am not paying more than 600 euro’s for a cpu and the less money spend the better it is. I hope you have some useful suggestions. Thanks.
  2. this projector would be cool as a on-the-go gaming / movie watching setup.
  3. do you have any info as to why it has been removed?
  4. In the old version of the forum there was an option to clear your notification list. I used that feature a lot because when following a thread you tend to get a lot of notifications and i like to keep things tidy. Over the course of the last few weeks i have been trying to find the clear button for the notifications but could not find it. So the question is: is there still an option to clear the notification list or has that functionality been removed?
  5. If you want to force check for updates because the extension doesn't open. 1. go to the extensions page in chrome. 2. turn on developer mode. 3. click "update extensions now" in the upper right hand corner. All your extensions will now force check for updates.
  6. i really like the keyboard because it is a nice flat black color with nice keycaps.
  7. cool giveaway, my favourite is the Kuhler 1250 because i need a better cpu cooler, i am running stock right now.
  8. I am currently saving for the following, pc upgrade to intel, probably x99 linux box for server experiments mechenical keyboard new mouse upgrading my monitors to 27" all in due time of course
  9. in my opinion Adblock is a necessary evil. You got the evil side that blocks ads and thus disables a legitimate source of income for content creators like Linus. The good side on the other hand is that it prevents you from people who want to earn a quick paycheck by stuffing their site to the brim with popups and other annoying ads. if adblock was not needed i would not use it but as it stands today that is unfortunately not the case
  10. thanks to Darrin Lynch for joining us today was fantastic hearing an insider.
  11. Like everyone said it is just drop dead gorgeous. we need more images. it's my dream to build a system with tubing like this in the future
  12. Yes, speedtest.net results arent really reliable because the testing files of speedtest are fairly small and most isp's give your download speed a boost that slopes down over time so with this boost and the small testing files this results in the speedtest being done before the boost has sloped down. I would recommend test.my for serious tests
  13. the c70 looks beast but i think im going with the define r4 though.
  14. the phantom is indeed a really cool case but i like the look of the r4 over the flashyness (is that a word?) of the phantom.
  15. that is a cool case but i think i like the r4 better