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  1. Hey guys, Verizon/Samsung had me do an update the other week on my S4 (my phone is 2 months old). Not sure if it was firmware or an andriod update. But in any case after the update I started to notice some things: 1 - the wake screen will flicker the brightness/contrast levels of the screen 2 - Certain apps (noticed it in snapchat first) will flicker when animating between screens (swiping left or right) 3 - Swiping through my main screens also causes the screen to flicker (barely noticeable) It seems to only happen during animations. I did a quick google search and some old posts would suggest this is a battery issue from charging with 3rd party chargers. It seems to be wide spread. Any solutions or opinions on what I should do? Posts I've found (but don't necessarily trust): 1 - article 1 2 - year old article 3 - Video of the problem, mine is not that bad though (worried it might get that way) sorry if this is a well known problem with an easy fix and I'm just being ignorant.
  2. msikora

    PCIE x16 Slot Failed?

    Thanks for replying. I did more research and came across some posts that described my problem with the 16x slot. Apparently for some intel chipsets the 16x slot is reserved for graphics. If anything is populated in that slot the internal graphics will turn off and give the slot priority over graphics. I find it strange that I couldn't even post, but I will be borrowing a card soon so I can confirm all of this (and if my card is really dead).
  3. msikora

    PCIE x16 Slot Failed?

    I've been using an MSI 760 in my rig for close to 6 months and now I believe the card has failed. I did a fresh install of 8.1 and tried it on my pcie 16 and 8 slots, neither will detect the card. I will be testing it on a friend's rig soon. However, I plugged in a wireless adapter (x1 slot usually) to my pcie x16 slot to check if it was working... and my system wont boot when the adapter is in this slot (fans spin up but no BIOS and then it shuts off, and repeats this). My system will boot if the adapter is in any of the other slots. Is there a way to test the pcie slot other than with hardware? I'm thinking this is why my 760 failed. Thanks
  4. msikora

    Asus VS239H-P Pixel issue (screen feels hot too)

    Thanks, I was worried I'd have to go through all that but it seems like the only solution.
  5. msikora

    Asus VS239H-P Pixel issue (screen feels hot too)

    yes, maybe 5 hours a day on average.
  6. msikora

    Not sure what this critical process died is!

    Sorry for the bump, but I just found the error logs for my blue screens. They all involve different drivers. Any idea as to why they are all different?
  7. I've had my Asus IPS monitor for about 6 months. Out of the box it had one stuck pixel that goes away after about 30 minutes of use. About an hour ago my screen flashed and I developed a whole new issue. Now the right side of the screen is very dull compared to the left side. When I feel the right side of the screen, it is very hot compared to the left side. Also the taskbar icons are burned into the screen (image below), and can clearly be seen when my screen is black. Any ideas what this is? It seems like more than just stuck pixels!
  8. So I've gotten several "critical process died" blue screens in the past day. When it has happened I've usually been doing something related to graphics (1st time was with borderlands 2, 2nd time I was watching a youtube video). Upon restart of the initial blue screen I would lose access to my second hard drive (a WD blue 1TB). The hard drive still appears in BIOS, and is working ATM. The WD drive has my games and chrome installed on it. Some troubleshooting I've done: - Removed the graphics card: I did this and my system works fine for the several hours I kept it like this. - Detect WD drive in BIOS: This works too, after i go to BIOS and make sure its there the error doesn't happen. - made sure my drivers were up to date. I'm going to try a new port on my MOBO for the WD drive. I'm backing up all my data just in case this is dealing with my HDD. The 2nd time the blue screen appeared was about 6hrs after my computer had been on, I'm pretty sure the issue is not temperature related. It happened with my GPU installed. I know this is very general but if anyone has experienced this I'd appreciate the input! Specs: - Windows 8 (not 8.1) - i7 4770K (no overclock)... stock cooler ATM - MSI 760 2GB (no overclock) - Samsung 840 120GB (OS drive) - WD Blue 1TB (secondary drive) - 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
  9. does each card have its own monitor?
  10. msikora

    Monitor Recommendations?

    i would go with the asus as well, the VESA mounts are an advantage if you ever decide to do a multi monitor setup. No need for an IPS if you're gaming (even though I highly recommend IPS over TN because it makes a very noticeable difference).
  11. msikora

    H80i 40 Degree Idle?!

    No, you're right with that. Generally the cpu header will be optimized, but in your case it could be set at 50% or 25% of the maximum speed instead of optimizing itself. Try seeing what the temps are under load. Reapplying the thermal compound could help too.
  12. msikora

    H80i 40 Degree Idle?!

    With your gigabyte board you can go into the BIOS and see if the CPU header is working at a certain percentage, versus being optimized for the performance. Have you tried seeing what it does under load? Also using a program like SpeedFan you can individually see if your fans are working at their max.
  13. msikora

    H80i 40 Degree Idle?!

    Definitely not right, the stock cooler can do better than that! Could be the pump not generating enough flow, so maybe the mobo is only telling it to work at like 50% or it is broken. The other thing could be the heat fins in the radiator are really bent and air flow is really slow.
  14. msikora

    350D Build - The Terpshell (delayed posting)

    Thank you! Oh yeah I've been using filters on those fans Had them off when I took the picture. Building in the 350d was very smooth (space and cable management are plentiful), only struggle was the radiator but I'll chalk that up to first time inexperience. Yeah good points, I was struggling with that when I initially installed the cooler. I've got two thermistors I was going to use to evaluate the efficiency of the cooler depending on the direction of airflow, so I'm going to be switching the airflow direction soon to test that.
  15. Hey LTT, welcome to my first build. Finally getting around to posting my rig after building it over the summer. You'll see why I call it the "Terpshell," but it's also because I'm a University of Maryland student (we're the terrapins). I only have a couple good shots of my build as a whole, I'll post more when I can get around to taking some quality ones. Let me know what you think. I use this for Solidworks, Matlab, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere/Vegas Pro, and light gaming. Specs: Corsair 350D - i7 4770K (no OC right now) - MSI 760 Twin Forzr (no OC right now) - 16GB Corsair Vengance - Cooler Master Seidon 240M - Gigabyte Z87MX D3H - 1 TB WD Blue - 120 GB Samsung 840 - Corsair CX600M Here are the pictures, had to scale them down quite a bit: Couple things here: 1) There is an awful clicking/whine noise coming from the pump which I am going to send back soon. 2) The fans are facing the opposite direction once I put this into my build. Interesting thing I did, not sure if it hurts/helps/has no effect on my temps. Air comes in from the top and front, and exits the back. Let me know what you think about this.