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  1. Are these the names of the software you are using?
  2. Well im planning on buying directly from the xbox store. i dont think they even sell the older non-bluetooth units anymore https://www.xbox.com/en-CA/accessories/controllers/xbox-wireless-controller good catch though
  3. Edit 1: My buddy created a plex server with the Define R6 and loaded it with HDDs, and he hasnt had any issues with temps either.
  4. i dont like the price they set for the new Define Cases. IMO temps are not an issue. - i have the Define R5 which has a more restrictive dust filter than the new Define 7 BUT.... Removed the middle HDD cage, have one 140mm intake and one 140mm exhaust set to medium fan speed (case has a switch) and my temps are fine. GTX 1080 doesnt go over 70c and boosts to its max clock speed as rated.
  5. I'm planning on buying an official Xbox Wireless Controller for my PC. My PC already has a Bluetooth adapter four questions : 1. Is Bluetooth all i need to connect to the controller? 2. What does the Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10 do? I'm only planning on using one controller on this PC. 3. Does the Xbox wireless adapter provide lower latency compared to Bluetooth? 4. Will the controller work over a wired connection? Thanks.
  6. if its not hard tubrng, then just take the GPU out of the the pcie slot and let it sit there. that way you will know for sure its not doing anything. that way you dont have to disassemble the loop and you wont mix gpu temps into the loop
  7. it will work - but youre right at the upper limit of the PSU with a RX580 input your specs into pcpartpicker to estimate wattage and everything looked fine until you mentioned the 5 case fans. i personally, am not comfortable with you running a 450W PSU - i would recommend upgrading With all that said i know im completely missing the whole point about AC to DC conversion - so im hoping someone can add to my comment also a little blown away at how high the RX580's TDP is rated at - higher than my evga gtx 1080
  8. i have this really old jpeg photo that i need to touch up in photoshop however every time i try to import or open the file in photoshop, the camera raw dialogue box keep cropping it into some portrait 9x16 ratio and i cant open the full image attached is my screenshot >> on the left is the actual jpeg image , and on the right is the dialogue box in PS.
  9. I have apx 80 video files that i need to send to an editor. the files are currently 60p but i want to interpret them into 24p (slow motion) i know how to interpret the footage into a 24p timeline in premiere pro but i cant figure out a quicker way of applying and exporting to mp4 for all 80 files. Any idea? Adobe Media Encoder? Once i can interpret each file into 24p im planning on running them through handbrake to mp4 (if it isnt already mp4 after interpreting) any ideas? please let me know if you need any clarification, im new to video editing and sometimes have a hard time describing what i need edit: i need to convert to mp4 for small file sizes, i dont care for the loss in quality, its not significant, not a cinematic project. its a very small budget commercial for local business
  10. i7 8700 + B360 mobo + GTX 1060 ...if i add an NVME ssd, will it still allow my GPU to run at 16x ?

  11. the SSHD is probably the only thing you really need to replace with an SSD also consider getting a cheap 60gb-120gb ssd as a dedicated scratch disk for adobe apps
  12. thats really odd. on paper you pc is more than capable, it should be able to playback at 100% resolution are you using Adobe Premiere ? is it a legitimate copy? also what camera is the 4k footage from? and what format does it record 4k footage to?
  13. i personally have avoided running the latest nvidia drivers at the moment as i was getting instability. I used DDU to uninstall all video drivers and have been running 417.71 for some time now
  14. i would also check your RAM usage during BF5, i dont think 8gb wil be enough What resolution are you playing games at?
  15. https://www.amazon.ca/NGFF-SATA-Adapter-SATA3-Convert/dp/B00J4HF17W that NGFF adapter would only run SATA drives. since it interfaces with the imac via SATA you also need to clarify, are you planning on using a Samsung 970 (NVME) drive or Samsung 860 Sata drive
  16. a stable overclock would mean that it runs without crashing in ALL applications. I would recommend lowering the OC to see if it works
  17. Has anyone ever purchased something from Power Top in Canada? thoughts?

  18. m0k

    Gpu upgrade

    get one more stick of 8gb ram and if your psu has a 6+2 pin gpu connector then get a used GTX 1070 or a new RTX 2060
  19. some difference in i/o some difference in sata ports layout on the board the VRM heatsink on the z390-a looks like it has SLIGHTLY more surface area but would make a very marginal difference mostly just aesthetics
  20. which resolution can your system even support with such high framerates 2560x1080 or 3440x1440 .... 4k ??
  21. just buy the cheapest pair of 3200mhz ram with good reviews, and call it a day just be grateful your buying ram right now - i paid $210 CAD for 16GB 2400mhz a few months ago
  22. A USB3.0 Flash Drive is supposed to be faster than a USB2.0 5400rpm HDD right?? 

    1. minibois


      I sadly often still see USB 3.0 drives with a read/write of 45/10 MBPS respectively, so sometimes no I guess

    2. m0k


      i wont be buying any more flash drives or SD cards from amazon. consistently terrible and most likely knockoffs with replica stickers and branding

  23. Alright so i have gone back and re-installed three of the previous BIOS version and played with every possible setting related to turbo boost and boost behavior and multipliers. even though every monitoring app reports 46x multiplier as being the highest for my chip. it doesnt seem like i will ever be able to reach 4.6ghz again. Even Intel XTU no longer allows me to change multipliers even though i used to be able to when i first put my system together...i can only conclude that there was some sort of microcode update to the CPU or motherboard that no longer allows for these changes to be made. TLDR: i'm SOL
  24. so i guess thats where im a little conflicted, the bios updates i did were mostly because of the descriptions provided " Update Intel Micro code for security vulnerabilities"