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  1. deusvult

    Good place to start learning code?

    Code academy.
  2. deusvult

    Good games I should get?

    Besiege. Oh, and Atilla Total War.
  3. deusvult

    Vacuum CLeaners

    I'd have to ask my minority. Moment.
  4. deusvult

    Just a tad annoying?

    Okay Bjorn, i'm going lay it down slowly.Try to keep up. My remark was intended as parody. I'm merely jesting you see, poking holes in your crossed arm baby gap t-shirt persona, your hardest man on the internet bouncer of LTT roleplaying. It was all a ruse, a riddle of sorts. Aimed at your expense, as I find your self-assumed forum bouncer fairytale laughable. All in good sport, you understand that right Olaf? You're doing Gods work keeping the undesirables out. By no means it's a pitiful attempt to be liked by your e-clique.
  5. deusvult

    NCIX a good place too shop?

    Hell no. They ain't getting anymore of my hard earned shekels. Good intentions sure, friendly sure, blatantly incompetent. Yup.

    1. Sauron


      Except Linus, he actually PAYS to do it

  7. deusvult


    This is just about the least effort one could put into filling out this form.
  8. deusvult

    The corsair cx series.

    It's not too shabby. Mostly fuccbois parotting bogus. PSU wise i'd only listen to johhnyguru, every other opinion is null and void. http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=416
  9. deusvult

    850 EVO vs 850 Pro?

    Not at all. Bluntly put.
  10. I got a paper Gigabyte VIP card and a certificate of unmatched stability and reliability with my premium board. Totally worth the 50 bucks extra.
  11. deusvult

    GTX 980 / 980 Ti Enhanced "Metal" Edition in the works

    Kitguru's slope sources are a slippery one at that. Clickbait. They sling way too much shit rumours into the world.
  12. deusvult

    GTX 970 Gigabyte VS evga superclocked acx 2.0 FTW

    I'mma call you on that.
  13. deusvult

    GTX 970 Gigabyte VS evga superclocked acx 2.0 FTW

    Because it has a lower clock rate to start with.
  14. deusvult

    GBP to Euro best place for money exchange ?

    That was kinda what I was referring too.