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  1. You should have just posted the renders and said that the build was complete, no one would know the difference.
  2. So how do EL wires work exactly, do you just pass a current through them? Can you cut them at any point along the line? Can you solder them to normal wire? Build looking good BTW
  3. You should also consider whether or not you want open headphones. This will be just personal pref and depends on your environment.
  4. I can vouch for the HyperX Cloud. Super comfortable, great noise isolation, good sound stage, and the bass isn't overblown unlike many other options.
  5. I know that when I used Showcase to render this (the model has 200+ components): It took me around 4 hours. I did 10 layers of ray tracing and cranked anti-aliasing to the max. I have a potato PC, but I think it would still take at least 1 hour to do it on a workstation.
  6. Can't wait for more progress.
  7. I agree with the colour, but the craftsmanship is extraordinary.
  8. If he is doing proper ray tracing in CAD the renders should take about that long, especially when you have that many components. Subbed BTW.
  9. That's an awesome looking phone, and I really need an upgrade from my windows phone.
  10. HyperX Clouds, Cherry ML4100 and a random E blue mouse
  11. Currently I have an R9 250. I know - it has terrible performance, and that's why I want a new card.
  12. This would be awesome for my room since I have nowhere to mount a a large TV, but using this I could just project the screen onto my wardrobe doors. This could also come in super handy when I go camping since the side of the tent should make a great screen.
  13. I don't think heat pipes alone can beat out a full tank of oil. the pipes only contact the main heat generating areas of the components, but the oil will contact everything. Plus the vast amount of oil also gives you a tonne of thermal capacity, to get the same in a heat pipe you need a significant amount of speed which I don't think is possible via convection alone.
  14. Damn, that colour scheme actually looks really nice, shame about those rough edges though.
  15. Why not add a pump inside the case and radiator outside the case to further dissipate heat build-up? If the pump is in the case there should be minimal sound output, plus having the inside the case will also come in handy for maintenance (draining).
  16. I already recommended this earlier, but apparently he has to attach all the computer hardware to the heat sinks before assembling the sides, so it is not possible to braze the sides together.
  17. The case looks good, but I think you could have used shorter cables to make the cable management a bit cleaner.
  18. Maybe some nice posters or I have also seen some people use canvas prints above their monitor. Maybe also get a proper headphone stand instead of using the lamp. Looks pretty good already though BTW.