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  1. airdeano

    Now I see that you fall apart again

    please review our posting guidelines here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/234698-posting-guidelines-please-read/ <-LOCKED->
  2. airdeano

    whats your favourite?

    kinda vague question..
  3. airdeano


    welcome to the Linus tech tips forums! we are a discussion forum. make a thread on something with discussional value and it remains, otherwise all others are locked/removed. <-LOCKED->
  4. airdeano

    Are New podcast

    sorry, we do not allow advertising of personal media channels. For the community, this is unfortunately not a platform for promotion of your YouTube channel or other outer content creation platform. If for instance you are posting a build log sometimes representation in video form can be helpful to explain something that is difficult to get across with text. That is fine as long as it is in support of the text.. not the other way around.. and there are no callouts for likes or subscribes or anything like that. Profiles have various sections for listing your Twitter account, Facebook name, a URL (be it your YouTube channel or other site), etc. This is the only section where listing this information is allowed. You are not allowed to advertise this in any post as in the actual links. You can have "reference my profile for more information" for example. All Advertising rules still apply. <-LOCKED->
  5. airdeano

    Memory tier list.

    please do not SPAM/Troll our forums. the technically side of the forums is for serious discussions. <-LOCKED->
  6. airdeano

    guy selling memory

    you can comment/PM within the section, just cannot create a thread to buy/sell/trade..
  7. as from previous numerous threads on this same subject, our forums advocate, buy a license or live with the decision to have the watermark. <-LOCKED->
  8. airdeano

    Hello i am new.

    hello and welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!
  9. airdeano

    windows watermark, i want to get rid of it!!!

    purchase a legit license is your answer. kinda of their way to nag you to do it to rid the watermark.
  10. airdeano

    Best "GPU" options at the moment for 1080p

    <-moved to Graphics Cards->
  11. airdeano

    Unreal Engine 4,21.2

    please reserve this type of material to a status update located in your profile. <-LOCKED->
  12. we do, we do not lend 'hacking' help to bypass security devices. <-LOCKED->
  13. airdeano

    S9 FRP unlock

    yeah, you kinda have the wrong idea of our forums. we do not lend 'hacking' help to security protected devices. <-LOCKED->
  14. airdeano

    Mic Questions

    <-moved to Audio subforum->
  15. airdeano

    Linus Compatibility is important!

    context please.. dunna what you're on about.. context..
  16. airdeano

    Old, Expensive Hardware/ Systems

    sure, we already have a pinned thread on this such subject, here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/90677-show-off-your-old-and-retro-computer-parts/ <-LOCKED->
  17. please reserve this type of material to your status update located in your profile. <-LOCKED->
  18. <moved to CPU/Mobo/RAM>
  19. airdeano

    A little throwback

    yeah, there is a whole library of older LTT videos. hello and welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums! we are a discussion forum and when posting threads, a lot of context is needed to arrive at a rounded thread. a media link and blurb needs more what, why and when.. <-LOCKED->
  20. airdeano

    My Grimoires

    please reserve this type of material to your status update located in your profile. <-LOCKED->
  21. airdeano

    Mouse PC

    kinda need more to validate your video. as per posting guidelines: General: The primary goal of your build log is a written/photographic documentation of your build. If you want to include a video, please see the additional items below. Videos: Videos are allowed, as long as the focus is on the build. No advertising spots for your channel or your sponsors. please adjust your OP to conform to the posted guidelines. otherwise the thread can be removed.
  22. airdeano

    New Member

    hello and welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!
  23. here's another (in beige/white) for $80 shipped:https://www.ebay.com/itm/Koolance-PC2-C-Liquid-Cooling-Built-In-Mid-Tower-ATX-Computer-Case-PARTS/292987969450?hash=item4437719faa:g:B6UAAOSwa3FcUdzD:sc:FedExHomeDelivery!72212!US!-1 eventually you'll find a 'nostalgia' pile will quickly devour any free space intended for real projects.just let 'em go..