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  1. Sorry lol does are my old specs anymore...
  2. i tried it i don't see any improvement. It's still between 22-23 seconds..
  3. It is enabled i haven't tried that yet.
  4. After i installed it. I ran the benchmark, and i didn't get any new performance boost.
  5. I recently purchase the. Samsung evo plus 1tb nvme. I noticed that the boot up times were much slower than my 250gb ssd. After i reinstalled windows 10 on my nvme it's not using it as a primary boot. So, it's scanning for windows 10 and it's keeps picking up my sata ssd for some reason. I apologize for my english.
  6. You're right on ! So i can't use a moca bridge ?
  7. i checked and it's not connected to the ONT Box because, otherwise Verizon will not be able to use their moca splitter right ?
  8. true i really don't know how my cable is lay out. so that's the splitter i have outside my house. Then i have one of those cable going to room where the router is then another splitter then that goes to the router and modem. I'm not sure what the black cable is.
  9. My cables aren't running Directly from ONT box for some reason.. they seem to have a direct line from the street then into the house.Verizon is using 2 2way moca 2.0 splitter "MMC102HA". In two parts of my house one outside and one inside the house where the router is. one going to the modem and one to the router. then would it still work if i use a moca bridge ? or would i need to remove it.
  10. okay so first i gotta make sure no other moca device is been used in my network ? then buy an adapter if they're not been used ?
  11. Then let me get this right. I have the coaxial cable isolated. For me it would be the one connecting to my cable box. So then i would connect the moca one leading up to tv and the other in ?. Right then i would connect the router with the Ethernet cable ?
  12. no no that it's because i have coaxial cable in my room ass well
  13. right i will give it a try. Can i do it through coaxial cable ?
  14. right , and that would mean it would only work for devices connected through lan cable?
  15. I want to install a second router in the second floor of my house because the connection is really poor. Is there a way to bypass coaxial cable to install another router? I noticed that Verizon has an option but it seems to be too over priced. Also, I have a WiFi range extender but no matter where i place it the range. The extender would end up with speed of up to 20 Mbps max. Is there anything i can do? Thank you !