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  1. Guerrero

    OnePlus Two will have a Type-C connector

    "dual USB-C" the future is now And since new cars have usb-a ports I wonder what car will have type c first
  2. Guerrero

    OnePlus Two will have a Type-C connector

    He means making usb type c mainstream not the oneplus phone becoming mainstream
  3. I got hit with ransomware and I had to reinstall windows today
  4. Guerrero

    Buying New Router

    I want to buy a new router since my current one has really bad range No more than $75 I'm a router rookie
  5. Guerrero

    HTC's new charger gets your mobile charging upto 40% faster

    Its Harman Kardon not Hardon Kardon
  6. Last night I was running at a park with my friends (8:30pm) and there were two drones. No clue what they were doing but they were creepy, it was completely dark already.
  7. Guerrero

    GTA V PC release in November?

    Repost http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/208594-gta-v-pc-release-in-november/
  8. Why should I get a 60hz tv if everything is 24fps
  9. Guerrero

    so i found this nice website

    I looked through the website, I'll stick with my Harman/Kardon system
  10. Guerrero

    How tall are you?

  11. Guerrero

    Mafia 2 Giveaway!

  12. Hopefully they have some type of insurance for that stuff if you know what I mean like fine the person or something
  13. Sprint 3G is so slow :'( its what I'm stuck with