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  1. Anonymouse

    Server connection

    This is the model
  2. Anonymouse

    Server connection

    Hi everyone! The other day I got given this server but I am unsure what the back connectors are and what do I need to get this server going?
  3. Anonymouse

    Project server

    My Budget is about $1000AUD or less I will check them out, Thank you!
  4. Anonymouse

    Project server

    Hi All, I am a software developer and I would like to get into server side of it all, I would like to buy a rack server for my home a have a server with a lot of cores so I can use Unraid and run a few versions on Ubuntu so I can use software like Docker Swarm. Don't have much knowledge in server hardware so was wondering what people suggested, I am happy to use used hardware as I don't want to spend a crazy amounts of money for it! Would like to get the best dollar to performance. I live in Australia, Not to sure if that changes hardware availability. Thanks All Who read!
  5. Hey everyone, I have only recently started using Premiere Pro but when I go to render my 3 minute video with Cuda enabled, The gpu only sits at 3% load and it also takes 45 minutes to render the video. My guess is that the gpu load should be higher and it shouldn't take so long to render, Am I correct about this and if so what can I do to fix this? Thank you,
  6. Anonymouse

    Cat 5 A B

    Just tried to check the other side but its glued into the wall an cant check it I have a FTTP box in the garage and a patch that goes from the garage to the center of the house, currently the router is in the garage and is having trouble getting to all parts of the house. I believe that line was used for some VoIP system if that helps. And I currently dont have a crimper or a line tester
  7. Anonymouse

    Cat 5 A B

    I've only checked one end but I cant get a link so I'll check the other end, any other suggestions on why I'm not getting a link?
  8. Anonymouse

    Cat 5 A B

    Hi guys, I've just moved into a new place and they have cat 5 going from the garage to the center of the house but they have wired it In Cat 5 A form while data like routera use Cat 5 B, I want to get a router on the other side of the Cat 5 A line. My logic says that if I make a cat 5 B to A cable and a A to B that I can run a router on the other end, any ideas on how to get this working?
  9. Anonymouse

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Anonymouse https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY