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Tony Tony Chopper

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  • Birthday 1984-11-27

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    You guys have jobs ? https://imgur.com/ZYsU9nn


  • CPU
    i7 5820k @ 4.2 ghz 1.120v h2o
  • Motherboard
    asus x99-A
  • RAM
    4x DDR4 2400 vengeance cl14
  • GPU
    GTX 1080 founders h2o
  • Case
    Really old and crinchy coolermaster case
  • Storage
    1x m2 samsung 970 evo 500 / 2x samsung 860 evo 1 tb / 1x mx100 512 gb
  • PSU
    EVGA 1300 G2
  • Display(s)
    XB252Q + cheapo LG 22 inch
  • Cooling
    360 Radiator
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Hyperx headset and a acient 10 year old z5500 that has't broken down yet
  • Operating System
    windows 10 pro X64
  • Laptop
    amd phenom x4 2 ghz with ati mobility 5650 and 525 GB mx300 ssd

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  1. They should stop acting like they are justified to get all that money lost, no matter what they not gonna earn more money, because they keep hanging onto exclusivity deals and such.
  2. Firefox is not default browser.


    Wait wut ?

    1. D.U.F.F.


      Firefox should be your ONLY browser

  3. Visually windows 10 is in the year 2019, under the hood however windows 10 is in the year 1995 outdated by near 25 years

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    2. Murasaki


      I remember watching a video of someone trying to run Windows 3.1 apps on 10. WIth a bit of tinkering some of them still partially or completely work. Shows how much calls/routines havent changed since then!

    3. LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo


      Well what do you expect?


      NT dates back to 1993 (NT 3.1), over the years they've just improved on the same technology. You know the saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it. 

    4. Tony Tony Chopper
  4. This wouldn't be a problem with the Logitech g903 since you can just move the buttons on the left to the right Heck you can even have buttons at both sides, maybe Razer should just copy Logitech, nvm just Logitech think even Corsair has interchangeable buttons that can be moved from right to left etc via magnets.
  5. Microsoft when trying to reconnect network drives at startup.


  6. Types feedback to Microsoft, feedback window vanishes cos of change of focus by app that started up during boot, go's back all typed feedback gone proceeds to type it again, change of focus again, gets angry types feedback in caps change of focus again, proceeds to type feedback again and again and again image.thumb.png.6bae249e7bc15a454ddad8bdc24ee1d6.png

  7. Why does recaptcha always thinks i am a robot its starting to piss me off

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    2. Tony Tony Chopper

      Tony Tony Chopper

      Think privacy badger is just blocking recaptcha so they can only assume i am a robot 100% of the time.

      Decided to start using firefox since chrome keeps breaking everything.

    3. Levent


      Thats probably it.

    4. Tony Tony Chopper

      Tony Tony Chopper

      Glad i know a site that always asks recaptcha to verify its working, just hope privacy badger wont ask me on every site to allow google.

  8. Not everyone has friends and family some of us are
  9. Writes script to ping adres until it succeeds then executes task, proceeds to executes task still fails because cannot establish network connection to the nas that literally just got pinged.

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor flip table

  10. Think Samsung servers crashed a drive cos there servers are providing corrupt nvme driver

  11. I'll wait till its fixed then if not when i got better hardware, by that time its probably on sale for 10 dollars.
  12. Windows does't detect ip from lan until at login screen or after logged in, so network drives from my nas won't connect and just have red X on them even not connecting after it got an ip until after a minute, because Windows seems to forget where its located untill i enter host name of my nas in explorer. In task planner you can make a task and delay it until it has connection on network / lan, the way network drives are setup is to ignore any of that and just go thru a door before opening the door.
  13. They should close the site and re open it as payed service that is actually better then the site offered before
  14. It's also 2019 why is windows still forcefully trying to connect network drives before actually connecting to a network, it should wait for network connection and then connect network drives instead of giving an error instantly without even trying to retry. We life in a world where we use a key to open the door not bang our heads repeatly skyrim npc style at the door cos door is locked, im getting so annoyed by every day issues and feedback is completly ignored by Microsoft clearly have to resort to other channels in hopes that some one might agree.