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  1. Mr Prince

    Show off your latest purchase!

    Big boi I plan on ignoring it for a month before watering it.
  2. They know they messed up and according to law there aren't many things they can't do, there solution is good enough especially considering trading bots that been abused during this whole issue, with many unusuals left untradeable they least have the option to refund those trades, least that's why i think they give the option, as any normal user probably won't choose to refund.
  3. Whats wrong with pia ? what did they do wrong ?
  4. Or AMD finding and exposing Intel cpu exploits finally competition working as intended
  5. I wish Microsoft would drop 32 bit.
  6. Mr Prince

    Hack-proof Skype calls? China's got you covered.

    Does anyone even use skype still ?
  7. Mr Prince

    US tech giants lobby to lift Huawei ban

    I think they should just do business with Huawei and give the finger i mean its not like America can go without them anyway.
  8. Mr Prince

    AMD Is Working On A Monster 64-Core Threadripper

    Will Intel even have an answer to this ?
  9. I see he really life up to he's nickname
  10. Mr Prince

    Quake II RTX is out now for free

    quake champions runs better and looks better then this cinematic experience
  11. Mr Prince

    Ikea gaming products appear

    I bet they collect a lot of grease that is hard to clean off.
  12. Mr Prince

    Quake II RTX is out now for free

    Yeah no i dont think any gamers are ready for rtx features yet, i wait till i can least get 120 fps with rtx on preferably 240
  13. Mr Prince

    Apple continues to sue norway phone repair shop owner

    Honestly hope Apple go's near bankruptcy someday so they are forced to change there way's, if not oh well guess they can go bankrupt, i really think no one should support a company or brand that threats there customers this badly to a point that you pretty much forced to pay up full price of product again even tho its just 1 dollar part that is broken.
  14. No way i run without ads especially not considering the security threats Intel has let alone that i am letting an ad execute an exploit no no not doing that, i be switching of chrome if they force ads on me.
  15. The only issue with freesync is probably that it ranges from 48-240 while nvidia gsync reported displays work from 1-240 probably just 30-240hz as anything below 30hz has probably frames added.
  16. Mr Prince

    Huawei Files Suit In its Fight Against US Ban

    Please let Huawei win this case
  17. Mr Prince

    Nvidia trying to trademark..... numbers?

    If seen a company have a patent the color red soles before so it would't surprise me if they succeed
  18. Mr Prince

    Epic Store Forced Discounts on some Publishers' Games

    I hope this means no more exclusives.
  19. Its cos those that enforce it are to lazy to manually click claim they do it automatically regardless of it being fair use or person having rights to it, there no system to flag your video for fair use or to put in rights for a song so cant be automatically claimed etc, so basically YouTube is making it harder to claim video's fairly so there those that probably given up and just automatically claim everything and let others do the disputes instead, not realizing that this is not ideal either, ofc you also have those that intentionally abuse it cos it makes easy money.
  20. Mr Prince

    Bethesda removes DRM from Rage 2 after just two days

    Im fine with Denuvo if they remove it after its useless cos of it being cracked.
  21. May upgrade next year depending how Intel handles this situation over the year, probably fast AMD cpu with least 12 cores
  22. Makes me wonder if they can suppress apps from reading other app data at all, i assume not else we would't have cheaters in online games Makes me wonder if they can suppress apps from reading other app data at all, i assume not else we would't have cheaters in online games
  23. For AMD sake i hope they don't have these vulnerabilities or vulnerabilities of there own, gives me an excuse to get rid of my 5820k and replace it with something from AMD that is safe.
  24. Now ditch directx and invest in Vulkan