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    i7 5820k @ 4.2 ghz 1.100v h2o
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    asus x99-a
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    4x ddr4 2400 vengeance cl14
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  1. If you think this is the last security flaw they find you are mistaken there probably least another 100 security flaws left to be discovered
  2. Boycot them seriously why even play on console, they gotten way to greedy these days.
  3. EA ruins everything they ruined lootboxes and they will ruin battle royale.
  4. Suggest me a Corsair mechanical keyboard

    I got new key caps now that not suppose to wear, time will tell.
  5. You should see game cost in Brazil due gambling laws
  6. Happens everywhere and its stupid.
  7. Can we put an end to region lock BS instead so those outside the US don't have to download the series due stupid region locks on netflix or other services i mean come on, it is 2018 and we still are being racist towards most of the world putting in region locks for content everyone watches all over the globe, i would love to watch one piece on crunchyroll for example in the Netherlands.
  8. Suggest me a Corsair mechanical keyboard

    If you are playing fps competitively you could go for a k65 and a 90cm mousepad while at it so you have more surface area for your mouse, k95 is way to big and who needs numpad these days tbh anyway, get pbt doubleshot keycaps with it also while at it the standard keys wear within a month atleast mine did, especially the w key.
  9. Inc hack that allows online play without paying for it calling it now.
  10. Just nail there stupid demands on a wall of shame.
  11. Next we are banning games cos peta hates the animal abuse in them, are we seriously gonna take this crap ? just put a warning on it like a nsfw label or whatever and leave it alone.
  12. There scam software on steam that has fake reviews and stuff and is't being removed at all how about we remove that and leave these games on steam i mean come on.
  13. 4K vs 2K?

    Just get a 2k screen 4k ain't worth it anytime soon higher refresh rate > higher res.