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    i7 5820k @ 4.2 ghz 1.100v h2o
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    asus x99-a
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    4x ddr4 2400 vengeance cl14
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    gtx 1080 h2o
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    1x m2 samsung 970 evo 500 gb 1x mx100 500 gb 1x mx300 500 gb 1x 4 tb wd
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    EVGA 1300 G2
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    xb271hu + 22 inch screen
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    360 radiator
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    windows 10 pro x64

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  1. Asus to release a freaking OLED PSU, made by Seasonic

    Wall meter does't show whats used but pulled out of the wall only usefull to check efficiency
  2. Asus to release a freaking OLED PSU, made by Seasonic

    It better have realtime display of wattage consumed and realtime voltage rail voltages etc why else have a display on a psu tbh im totally fine with this if it can do that as long it remains reasonably priced.
  3. As if you need that app anymore these days those functions are available now under windows, and other functions are just placebo BS
  4. Just create laws to enforce it it kinda already happens but you don't have to proof that your 118 years old aka born in 1 januari 1900 *cough* steam since you don't have to identify yourself, heck perhaps digital payments should play a role in it, and perhaps game devs should be forced to disallow connecting paypal account or save payment details unless ages is verified with an identification card or sorts, that way parents know there kids cant buy stuff behind there backs, and if they still let them well that's there choice.
  5. I already play during school times or at night when kids are sleeping 🤪 just to avoid them 😁kids ruin everything even loot boxes 🤪 Credit card should only be allowed if your 18+ anyway its fine if kids can play games like Over watch as long they cant buy loot boxes, kids should't even need to buy lootboxes they have there whole childhood to spend on playing the game anyway so they unlock everything much more easily then those that have work.
  6. Its fine if EU steps in as long they do it right, there acceptable standards and there is EA no one likes EA, just don't straight out ban loot boxes actually make them replace loot boxes with something is is accepted as standard like direct in game purchases, if they don't there always be loop holes anyway. Anyway it annoys me greatly that Belgium customers cant buy lootboxes anymore in OW for example and Blizzard has't done anything to let belgium customers get there contents directly or any other form that is accepted in Belgium, altho honestly i hope they change the whole thing to be accepted everywhere and just be done with whole lootbox debate.
  7. What kind of parent would't let payment details on there kids account tho for kids to do whatever they want, at some point tho if your kids would buy loot boxes and credit card got charged you would see the extra payments and investigate tho, but yes i do agree those warnings should be there, but parents should pay attention either way almost everything has loot boxes these days, if not loot boxes then in game purchases like cosmetics and sometimes both. Consequences are for there parents tho even if they are not aware of it, however they should be made aware of it, heck im quite sure creating an account pretty much anywhere already requires age verification, but i guess some parents just share there own account with there kids, i never would if i had kids they would get there own account im not gonna be this guy.
  8. Kids should't even have acces to in game purchases at all heck in game purchases should require id and age verification or parent approval, i can't imagine any parent tho that would be like hey have this credit card go wild with it, unless there parents are like super rich and have wealth that everyone else can only dream of then who cares, eitherway games should require logo for in game purchases that require age verification and all the logo's warnings you would expect.
  9. Can't kids buy pokemon card packs already those been around for as long as pokemon it self, if you gonna deal with lootboxes deal with that kind of thing also, i know they won't think you can even still buy card packs in hearthstone in Belgium correct me if i am wrong.
  10. As long its not getting banned i am happy, if not they should least force them to make contents directly avaible for cash which then gets approved as acceptable standard, else they just create loopholes anyway not only that everyone wants its contents anyway, if you gonna ban lootboxes customers them self will find loop holes, heck i already found loophole my self for Belgium customers, im sure Blizzard is already aware of this loophole heck they been prepared for it already way before china started regulating it.
  11. RIP intel server cpus.

    But can you play games on it ?
  12. Finnish police investigating legality of loot boxes

    If they gonna do a law to ban lootboxes it should require game devs to replace that system with one where you can directly buy contents that is normally in lootboxes for cash, for the value of what it would normally have aka 50 lootboxes 40€ value so all the items from 50 lootboxes have a value that is combined 40€ so for example 3€ for a skin 1€ for emote few cents for voiceline etc.
  13. Finnish police investigating legality of loot boxes

    This is why i hate reddit so much you just get downvoted and censored, if bought many lootboxes my self but i am at the point now that i don't have to anymore but sometimes i still do because i don't wanna spend 30 days playing Overwatch to unlock everything because i have plans to play something else for example in the meantime, while now i have more time to play Overwatch again, i really wanted to level my character for wow bfa launch, speaking of which now i can just buy a token convert that into currency and buy lootboxes that way without spending a cent, technically i am getting my payed lootboxes for free that way.
  14. Finnish police investigating legality of loot boxes

    I know how it used to be, and we got a lot more these days then we used to, and you have the same chance not buying lootboxes in OW, the only difference is time and if you have plenty of it and aren't easily burned out you never even have to buy lootboxes even if you want every single cosmetic. Anyway lootboxes going away is not enough if there no standard for doing it right like being able to directly purchase cosmetics some games have been doing this for years already.
  15. Finnish police investigating legality of loot boxes

    What worries me most right now is that they get rid of payed lootboxes but we don't get anything better in return or even worse we get nothing at all aka we forced to grind for anything and there wont be as much cosmetics added ever again to games, this is a huge turn down this thought alone makes me depressed, game critics aren't even talking about it but they all know lootboxes are gonna be replaced with something much worse and they completely ignoring it.