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    asus x99-a
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    4x ddr4 2400 vengeance cl14
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  1. Twitter purge backfires...

    lol they keep thinking i am a spam bot they demand you to tie mobile number to twitter they are so rude
  2. Optane + SSD to destroy HDD

    Cloud is nice but hdd aren't going away soon unless we can buy like 2 tb ssd least for 200 dollars.
  3. Thousands of websites hit by cryptocurrency mining malware

    More and more reasons to never disable adblock ever again.
  4. Don't rely on one anti virus, that's asking for trouble, always asume the devs of your current anti virus is sometimes slow to add something new.
  5. Im being watched :D

  6. Overwatch Screen Tearing

    Do you have gsync panel ? if so make sure vsync is enabled in control panel to while limiting fps 5 fps below refresh rate least so vsync does't kick in, without vsync enabled on gsync panel you could still get tearing in the last portion of refresh rate in the 140 - 144 fps range there no extra input lag unless fps exceeds monitor refresh rate, since vsync will only enable above refresh rate range, that is assuming you have gsync panel ofcourse and gsync enabled.
  7. So when are they dropping 32 bit ? guessing it does't really make any sense anymore especially for gaming and current gen games.
  8. Ubisoft be smart just drop denovo untill better alternative is found that actually works, protection that does't work is just waste of resources.
  9. Hope for big crash personally, think there lot of bad sides to crypto currency that give plenty of reasonable reasons to ban it.
  10. The only lootbox i consider gambling is tf2, who would't wanna unbox a burning team captain worth 15k $ lol. But any lootboxes you dont really gain any profit with like cosmetics that have no resale value at all i don't consider gambling, also think its unfair to start denying game devs a way to make extra cash, we would not have Overwatch probably if Blizzard did't buy them self out from Vivendi, and what else could happen if Vivendi acquired Ubisoft for example.
  11. They have to make money somehow vivendi is breathing down there neck, even Blizzard did't like them for a reason much would change to Ubisoft they would have no free will anymore on how to do stuff, this will hurt them even more then the things they done in the past.
  12. Im pretty sure they can handle the demand but aren't doing so to make a bigger profit, look at the hdd shortage before due flooding, think its greedy cos those workers that make it aren't making much or any at all.