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  1. What exactly should I Google then? And the last time I checked it was kinda vague.
  2. I still can't find real evidence pointing out 'real' spyware or whatever bullshit you want to come up with. It's not a big deal, my gosh...
  3. Yeah, it's the bezel, but I can't clip it back on, sending it for repair today. Good thing it's still under warranty but uh the lid can barely even be closed...I'll see what cheap HDD I could get. Ummm...okay! It's even worse now https://goo.gl/photos/2iRYSkFwrtiUVZEx9
  4. Last year I got my first laptop (Dell Inspiron 7537, specs listed in my signature). It was great but I had some issues with the machine not turning on at all and it started to feel a little weird a few weeks back (more fragile so to speak). In the last 10 days, this happened: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8hzasms9p0pr2yn/AACfrjCorwczA3wtKxcReJFVa?dl=0 As you can see one portion of the screen is coming apart. The only thing I can do is send my laptop to the repair shop, the fourth time, which is also going to be a stretch because when I tried to close the lid it just made a bigger mess. Well shit. Obviously I need a computer, any computer really and since my old rig's (specs also in signature) HDD died I can't really use it, not even for a damn week or two. Oh, and everything else is also slowly dying, Right now I don't have the cash to update this entire ancient rig, I thought just buying an SSD (this one: https://www.avitela.lt/prekes/standieji-diskai/kietas-diskas-samsung-850-evo-250gb-sata3-540-520mbs-iops-97k ) would be enough but I also haven't actually changed any psychical PC parts. Any advice?
  5. Host Gator is a bad example let's use ... umm ... Google and those web host comparison things! http://www.cloudwards.net/best-web-hosting/
  6. I'd rather use a 21:9 1440p IPS slim bezel monitor instead I don't game much. Unless you call Minecraft a serious game (LOL)
  7. Most of the folks here covered the most important stuff. You're spoiled, your attitude is unapologetically childish and gross, English isn't your strong suit but after you think about that for a long time you'll need and you should come to a conclusion that makes you, your parents, your wallet and everything else happy. Distinguish between a need and a want. Make some limits. Practice how to be a responsible human being and not your mummy cat LOLZ. 14-year-olds don't need smart watches, they don't need triple monitors, but if it isn't hurting you then go ahead and buy it. Don't sell what you have, that's just stupid and a waste of your money. Unless it was a waste of money in the first place. Now think ahead. Do you want to spend all that money on PC hardware or save up for university. a nice apartment or whatnot, mate?
  8. Nah, wait 'till next year. There are too many issues (or at least for me) and it feels too unfinished
  9. I visited my aunt a while ago and found that their old Core 2 Dou laptop (4gb of ram) had a nonworking screen or trackpad and was apparently "too slow" and "needed more ram". For ... a freaking web browser with Adblock? Oh and the computer was full of spyware and other junk. I offered to fix it (or at least partially) but they declined because they don't use it that often. Even though that spyware probably has compromised their bank accounts. LOL
  10. Use common sense and prioritize. I don't even calculate how much time I spend on my PC because it's my free time. And learn to just stop once in a while and do something else.
  11. Image explains everything: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F535157FA466583A!6664&authkey=!AMEeCZEe9WfYN_4&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng
  12. It's simple. The compact version is a bit too crowded for my tastes, though. But it's nice.
  13. Trump is just a dick. Hitler is an evil dick. There's a difference