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  1. How much? This looks like a step down from the Novatouch and QuickFire boards.
  2. I have both. With rapid enabled in Magician the 850 is twice as fast as the 960. Over 6000r/5800w.
  3. I'd rather see ghetto sub-zero. Maybe using a case or two of commercial chewing gum remover spray. The stuff that freezes gum off carpet.
  4. Servers have used that dimm layout for eons. Its for cooling/airflow purposes.
  5. @StutteringThetherapist There's bartx in Poland http://www.bartxstore.cba.pl You might find a custom builder on xtremesystems.org or overclock.net.
  6. http://www.under-the-ice.com The only online store in the US.
  7. Lol set the glass pipe down.
  8. Geekbench logs the results and won't delete them so once somebody runs geekbench, it's on the net for good.
  9. It looks like Threadripper is outselling X299 CPUs by a large margin to DIY enthusiasts
  10. Ah yeah I see. That's what happens when (some)research and physicians aren't funded by taxes but paid for their skill/intellect/ability level. Overall I think our health care is looked down upon because it's not "free" socialized medicine but I'm not afraid of poor/ineffective care or shortage of medical supplies, it's not like that here.
  11. The desktop theme will impact scores on certain benchmarks not to mention stripping the OS and tweaks I'm not going to share. This is purely for competitive benchmarking and probably has no effect on video games though I don't know. Hardcore benchmarking is a totally different thing than optimizing a gaming PC or workstation. You also tailor what the benchmark likes. GPU-PI for CPU is a good example. It needs XP to score high. It needs Intel OpenCL for 100M and AMD for 1B to score high. 3DMark01 is the same, XP for an extra 2000+ points but with this one the actual order you run the scenes in has a big impact on the overall score. Some OS tweaks are not allowed, and as recently happened, they break a benchmark and it removes point scoring from it until everything is audited.
  12. If the plate in question is dry it's ok. I'd run it.
  13. That looks like residue all good. You usually have to sand that off of the ihs and cooler if you use it as traditional paste.
  14. You might be ok if it was only on it for a short time.
  15. As long as the pads aren't bridged. If it ate through the gold, not good. If it got on the top of the PCB under the metal ihs, not good.
  16. What do you classify as common? Here we go to the doctor when we have a reason to like sickness and injury. Example: I was working on my car, finger gets ripped clean off - have surgery the same day. My finger is almost 100% after half a year of healing. Car insurance paid for the surgery and gave me minimal financial compensation for missing work.
  17. Actually it's the best but you have to pay. People come from all over the world to be treated, people are actually ordered by their government not to come here for treatment lol.
  18. Some do more than others while some like XTU score the same everytime. If you mess around enough you'll find routines for each benchmark that'll make it score higher, some a few points and some you'll destroy the expected score. The OS you use and how its configured have a huge impact on performance.
  19. X99M-WS. Was bench stable up to 5.5GHz/5820K depending on the benchmark. EDIT: Ran cache at 4.9g as well.
  20. Use his ddr4 for a test. It worked 100% before he gave it to you?
  21. Probably the board. Do you know anyone that can test the parts for you like the person you got this from? What's the story on the parts?
  22. Grey is my favorite color but the Yellow and Giga Orange boards from the past are way cooler than RGB. Having board components actually colored is baller, a tiny lightbulb isn't.
  23. Are you sure? Mine is super stable even with extreme settings.