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  1. Why do people jack off to underage-looking cartoons? Is it that good?
  2. The IHS on the CPU is nickel plated copper. It used to be popular to lap it to the copper with a mirror finish. If your heatsink is aluminum and gouged I'd replace it. Even extremely cheap aftermarket coolers have a copper or nickel plated base.
  3. You can get new 2TB Ultrastar 7200/64MB's for not much more. The 8TB Helium HGST drives are $250. Unless you need redundancy right now those are awesome.
  4. They're down $150 from a month or two ago and it might not be done dropping in price. Maybe another $50-100 off after 8700K who knows. You'll get higher on the 5960 for sure but probably not 5g.
  5. Yep works https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-HERO/specifications/
  6. I know it takes work to get Win7 running and updatable on Kaby lake CPUs but im not sure if the Z270 boards do with no work. If theres Win7 drivers for a board you're good.
  7. You could get a 1 port for temporary use then. Intel nics work the best/easiest with pretty much everything.
  8. I suspect the memory controller on the CPU is very weak, you're using the XMP voltage now that 4000+ sticks use. Bum luck I think.
  9. Intel. 2 port would be the best for use case https://www.amazon.com/Intel-1000-Dual-Server-Adapter/dp/B000BMZHX2/ref=pd_sim_147_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000BMZHX2&pd_rd_r=H3GXBRXKF6GWMT3NY540&pd_rd_w=UuAIL&pd_rd_wg=XW9dW&psc=1&refRID=H3GXBRXKF6GWMT3NY540
  10. If youre using CPU-Z it doesnt show double data rate so 1600 = 3200. Youre good if 1600.
  11. Not until you get up into super high clocks on both.
  12. All of the best dies go to Threadrippah and EPYC chips instead of going to the R7 line now. At launch the chips weren't binned as tight as they are now either so 1700/X rarely do 4/4.1. Someone has binned a lot of R7, I dont believe there's any chance of the details being in an article or youtube video though.. I dont even get the full details and testing procedure lol.
  13. Auctions will discover what they are worth to people.
  14. I think when the 8700K drops, all older quad i7s are going to take a hit on the used market.
  15. They'll be in for a surprise when the older chips go higher. Its not like at the R7 launch where the chips clock the same anymore.
  16. Lol i don't know if Id want it back after service time as the dreaded Dad's Basement PC. I paid $90 USD for a QX9650 EE with the right batch/stepping recently lol.
  17. You find what your RAM will do first and then add the CPU OC afterward. There is also the cache, which you find the max for after the CPU is clocked, as you can see in the memory tab here at 5.3GHz (NB Freq)
  18. It works and is actually a better choice for the slot over an NVMe drive. The slot is actually pcie 2 x2 so barely faster than sata.
  19. No. People have hit 4266+ on the Z270 Maximus Apex and Kaby chips (better IMC) at a rate worth mentioning, thats it.
  20. I want one too Expect in the $800 USD range for a used one. A lot of these were overclocked super hard for years so be careful.
  21. This dude ordered me to edit a post in another thread because I said it was OK to use more than 1.35V on DDR4 then quickly edited his own when I smacked em down with proof. He's wrong all the time and a dick about it.
  22. I used a PCIe adapter card with the 960 EVO. Onboard M.2 is only 2.0 x4 I believe so if it's a fast drive like the EVO you don't want to use it.
  23. Are you on the latest BIOS? That cound be holding you back if youre on an old rev.