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  1. I originally posted this in the Phones & Tablets subforum but didn't manage to get any useful replies. Maybe Troubleshooting will have better ideas.
  2. Tad Bittoomuch

    High CPU Usage not in Windows Remote Desktop

    Yes. Oddly I can still use the VM normally when connected with RDP. I transferred the VM from Virtualbox to VMware Workstation and it still exhibits the same behaviour. EDIT: Interestingly the CPU usage jumps back to 50-60% when RDP is either minimised or not the active window. It seems this only happens when I'm looking at the remote connection.
  3. Tad Bittoomuch

    Random FPS Drop

    I was under the assumption that you were referring to a desktop, but no matter: If you have a laptop then the only thing I can think of without you needing to open the machine is to clean out the vents with compressed air and/or invest in a notebook cooler such as this:
  4. What is the deal with the terrible image compression in Android Pie's text message application, and is there any way to improve it? Here's an example of what I'm talking about. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android Version 9 and One UI Version 1.0. If I take a picture with text in it, and send it to myself via text message, this is what I get: Original (perfectly readable) : Text Message Compression (Utter garbage) : The problem is, this only began occurring after I updated to Android Pie. Is there some setting I can change to tell my phone to not compress text messages? Believe me, I've looked. I also send a lot of pictures with small text in them as part of my job, and this is an inconvenience to say the least.
  5. Make sure Windows is not listening to your Microphone (this setting causes the microphone to be played back through your speakers). To do this, right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar. Click Recording Devices Right click on your microphone Click Properties Click the Listen tab Uncheck "Listen to this device" Should fix it if that is the problem.
  6. Tad Bittoomuch

    LCD panel goes ON / full-white / ON / full-white

    Sounds like the display is toast. I'd get the new one before it kills something else in your laptop. Soap makes water extremely conductive so I'd say something inside the display has died or is malfunctioning, possibly permanently shorted, which could be why it's making that clicking noise.
  7. Tad Bittoomuch

    Anyone here know where this traces go to?

    It's a bit hard to tell exactly which chip the photo is of given the limited surrounding topology, but I managed to find a PDF of the PlayStation 3 Service Manual, which could be useful, particularly pages 29 and 30. Good luck - just note that the PDF is enormous and might take a while to download depending on your internet speed. Also the Playstation 3 Developer Wiki could also be useful for looking up ICs.
  8. Tad Bittoomuch


    Windows should recognise that it's failing to boot and automatically throw you into System recovery after 2 (I think) failed boots in a row. From there you can perform a system restore and everything should go back to how it was before you changed MSconfig. Just out of interest, did you change anything else? There's an option for a No GUI boot which just displays a black screen while Windows is booting, which you may have clicked by accident. Generally you don't need to touch any of the advanced options in MSconfig if Windows is already working properly. For example, this is mine (I haven't touched anything in here in the 7 years since I've last reinstalled Windows 7)
  9. Tad Bittoomuch

    Random FPS Drop

    CPU temperatures in the high nineties for extended periods of time is definitely not okay, despite Intel (I'm presuming you have an Intel based PC) claiming the maximum safe temperature is 105°C. This: is is the cause of which is indicative of thermal throttling. Sounds like you need to either: a) replace your CPU cooler b) reduce or remove any overclocks you may have applied c) reseat your CPU cooler d) replace your thermal paste e) improve case airflow f) all of the above
  10. Tad Bittoomuch

    Low 2950x cinebench R15 scores

    When you perform the stress test with Aida64, try testing just the CPU (i.e. just CPU, FPU and cache) and then just the memory. If the CPU fails then I'd recommend reinstalling the CPU (if that doesn't work you might have to RMA it). If the RAM fails then try the same system memory test with only a single stick installed at a time. This should allow you to isolate the memory stick with the problem. I understand how this might be frustrating, after all if I'd spent all that money on a 2950X then I'd damn well expect it to perform as advertised.
  11. Tad Bittoomuch

    PC Stutters/Hangs Occassionally

    I helped someone else out with a similar issue, and this is what I suggested: Have you tried: - Reinstalling graphics drivers? - Reinstalling affected games (just back any savegames up before starting) - Clean/dust out case (could be thermal throttling, particularly if this is the case) - Check Windows Event Viewer for more details (if it happens again, immediately exit the game and look for anything pertaining to the game you were playing in either the Administrative Events or System tab in Event Viewer), the event could be listed as Information, Warning or Error. It might not explicitly reference the game you were playing, but the game engine, i.e. Unreal, Unity, Source, OpenGL, etc.
  12. Tad Bittoomuch

    Anaconda Navigator doesn't work.

    I had to install Anaconda Navigator for a physics class at university last year, and I know how you feel. It's not the most reliable piece of software, and there are some things you need to do when installing. Anaconda Navigator is a big package. It takes a while, and when you think it's finished installing it may in fact not be finished. It should be fine to install it to the default directory, but try running the installer as Administrator if you haven't already. I'd give it a while to install, even longer if it's installing to a hard drive. Here are some additional tips provided by the Installing Anaconda Navigator on Windows Guide: To prevent permission errors, do not launch the installer from the Favourites directory Install Anaconda to a directory path that does not contain spaces or unicode characters. (I know the instructions say don't install as Administrator, but give it a go)
  13. Tad Bittoomuch

    Fails to display the output. Or fails to boot

    Try removing all your RAM except for a single stick. Try removing your graphics card and plug the display cable into the motherboard. Unplug any devices you don't need (USB devices (except for mouse and keyboard), disk drives, any HDDs that aren't the boot drive, etc.). If you manage to get the PC to boot, restart it and slowly add the components back, one by one, starting with the graphics card, RAM and storage drives to isolate the problem. I had a similar thing happen to me whereby a failing hard drive prevented Windows from booting - I removed it, and Windows booted immediately with no problems.
  14. What file format/codec is the unrendered footage? Maybe you need to pre-transcode the footage to a more premiere friendly format. Have a look at Adobe's Premiere Pro Support Page for the supported filetypes. This should give you the best timeline performance.
  15. Tad Bittoomuch

    AMD Drivers slow

    Did DDU not work? If it didn't, I'd suggest retrying DDU, in safe mode. I'm presuming you're using Windows 10, so here's Microsoft's instructions on how to boot into Safe Mode. If you're using Windows 7, restart your computer and mash F8 when the system posts. Select 'Start in Safe Mode'. Then reinstall the AMD drivers. If that doesn't work by some terrible misfortune, it could be an issue with incorrectly configured video adapter settings within Windows itself: Here's a solution that worked for someone else with a similar problem: If that still has not fixed your issues, try disabling Radeon Chill or the Frame Rate Target Control (Radeon Settings -> Gaming -> Global Settings). Radeon Chill is a setting within Radeon Settings that will limit your GPUs framerate to save power and improve thermals. I tried it once, then disabled it immediately because any game I played resembled a powerpoint slide show.