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  • Birthday March 29

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    Somewhere in Australia
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    I first smoked a weed in a womb
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    Intel i5 4440
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    don't ask (it's embarrassing )
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    8GB (Generic)
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    Nvidea GeForce Gtx 960 Strix (asus)
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    Deepcool Teaseract SW
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    1 tb hard drive
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    Cougar SL 500
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    idk some Acer thing and a some other generic brand.
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    I know forgive me but Intel stock cooler
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    G502 Proteus Core
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    Random Sennheisers
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    Windows 10

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  1. I am doing a school project to create a solar car. We need to use specific motor and solar panels. i can get voltage when I connect a multi meter but as soon as I connect one or two of the solar panels nothing comes from the motor.
  2. I've got a gtx 960 and I want a polaris 11 card so it can be better at make vr
  3. I need game-maker studio for a school project and I have it on steam on my home computer but I can't have steam on my school computer and I have downloaded and installed the non steam version and I tried to log into my account but whenever I do it says that my account has no licence attached and the only other option is create account which just takes you to the website. I did make a new account and it still didn't work.
  4. Cool I was googling and it just came up with reviews thank you
  5. I was just wondering the weight of the Strix 960 if anyone has one. I bought one for present and the box seems really light
  6. I don't know I thought a CPU would only die at 150C if it is on. But I don't know
  7. me want mouse because I want color changes 4 lyfe
  8. In linuses latest video (Delidding an Intel Core i7 6700K) Linus explained that Intel used crappy thermal compound rather than solder. I was wondering if you could solder a CPU to a heat-sink?
  9. I think I will wait for pascal I couldn't live without shadowplay
  10. I am currently in the market for Gtx 970 but I wondered wether I should hold until nvidea releases its newest architecture. I was hoping someone could give me some pointers. Thank you, Kane
  11. I want those headphones or laptop, but anything will do. Vessel username: Kane2044 I put comments on the LG 34UM67 Curved gaming monitor and the Gigabite 34W video! Linus if you are reading this I love you content bro